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#Trumpcare is GOP sponsored genocide of the American middle and lower class to provide lower taxes for their wealthy GOP sponsors. This NYT reader's sarcasm matches my sentiments as well: "As a 62-year-old with an unsubsidized ACA plan, I am looking forward to seeing my rates become unaffordable under the Republican replacement.
You see, I'm tired of having protection against catastrophic health care costs. It violates my God-given American right to risk poverty and death. Freedom, I say, to cough my lungs out! Freedom to go blind and sell pencils in the street!
I pray for the day when I won't have to go to bed feeling sorry for the noble Koch Brothers, whose balance sheets are negatively impacted by subsidies given to poor people with fancy phones."

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Count me as part of the deep state that will #resist the Trump administration. Read this article to understand some of Trump and Bannon's objective to destroy American democracy. I like this one glimmer of hope from the conclusion: "But Dr. Saunders saw the administration as shooting itself in the foot. Treating the bureaucracy as an adversary, she said, had mostly served to mire Mr. Trump in controversies and weaken his ability to put policy into effect.
“You get the feeling that Trump doesn’t understand that working invisibly through the bureaucracy would strengthen him,” she said."

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I am soooo tired of the Trump administration lies. Please read this entire editorial. The main point: "In a reality-based world, people bringing wild claims of widespread lawbreaking should carry the burden of proof. With voter fraud, it’s the opposite — fact-averse Republicans have for years been hawking the idea of large-scale voter fraud and then daring others to do the real work of proving them wrong."

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Another excellent Krugman editorial for the NYT AND a very good reader's comment: "Reality often gets in the way of people whose very existence depends on denying it, but the president takes it to another level. He builds enormously elaborate castles in the air, and then stiffs the contractor.
This should come as no surprise, since the entire run-up to his imponderable victory was built on transparent lies that were hard to defend against because of their sheer audacity. Once in office, he immediately surrounded himself with counsellors who fed his delusions, and with aides who were willing to be surrogate liars, repeating absurd untruths with gusto and responding with hostility when challenged.
Now the country is going in circles, which should come as no surprise. It’s what happens when you try to row ship of state with one oar.
It’s not the president’s fault that he’s too stupid to be president. It was our job to notice the signs, and to prevent a confabulating narcissist from rising to power. But it turns out that he resonated with a large swathe of reality-challenged Americans who were resentful that they weren’t getting ahead. Maybe now we know why they weren’t doing so well.
The same media folks who reveled in the ratings that resulted from covering this nincompoop are redeeming themselves somewhat when they challenge his henchmen on the national news. Ridicule is also an effective tool. It may fall to John Oliver and S.N.L. to save us from ourselves. If we don’t survive, at least we’ll die laughing."

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My favorite reader's comment: "I agree with Leonhardt. There must be consequences for what happened to Garland. Otherwise, they will have learned that they can get away with that behavior.
They are already trying to grab and consolidate power in every area of government. The Democrats must hold together and block, delay, obstruct as much as possible until the 2018 election..."

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A good Krugman NYT editorial but an even better reader's note that calls for Americans to #resist DJT's regime: "You are right that we are "better than that". Unemployment is down, crime is low, health coverage is high, wages are up. But the reality is that the opposition can't run a campaign on that. You can't just praise the incumbent and the potential successor from his party. So DT chose to address his campaign to a set of people for whom this was not all true- the ones who lost jobs to automation and other environmental changes; To the ones whose work was exported to cheaper labor sites. And it is true, that if he tries to change those accomplishments then things will get worse. It is also true that if he does not satisfy his base then they will be on his case and perhaps he will accomplish nothing. So, he has the famous gordian know- what now? It is also true that he is making things worse by acting like a child, and saying NAH-AH.
To say his base has to live with the consequences is short sighted- we all have to live with the consequences. For the rest of us, a good slogan is "we are better than that, and always will be". Focus on not letting the government undo 50 years of progress. If they defund Planned Parenthood, let's all donate. If a company is not producing goods and services that enhances our lives, that violates the environment for us all, that is acting against our values, then divest their stocks, stop buying their goods. He is the president for now, we can't just say we are doomed- ACT; not just complain about the what has happened- let's work on the future."

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Excellent NYT article and even better reader's comment: "I was deeply hurt when a lifelong friend (over age 70, BTW) who I hadn't seen in a long time came for a visit and he could not stay off his phone for more than a few minutes at a time. I had only a short amount of quality time to spend with this person, and at one point I was pouring my heart out to him about how my life had taken a turn for the worse in many ways over the past year, something he wanted me to get off my chest. But while I was on the verge of tears in telling my story, he reached into his pocket, pulled out the phone and read a text he'd just received, then said "oh good" and smiled at the phone... then began to respond to the text! I stood speechless, dumbfounded. He realized his faux pas within a few seconds, tried to smooth it over, wanting to change the subject to what the text was about (someone he knew got through outpatient surgery OK, not a life or death situation). But the damage was done. I lost all respect for this guy. And the sad thing is, many of these addicts don't get it, they don't even realize they are being rude to others, and apparently don't even care. It's a form of narcissism... people are trying to reach me! I must so important!"

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I have purchased Obamacare since it was available and it has allowed me to start my own business. I await the details of the Republican replacement with trepidation. Please join us in #TheResistance to this change. Read this NYT editorial and reader's comment: "Anyone who thinks this ideological battle is about health care is delusional. It’s all about the disdain Republicans have for the poor, combined with the outrage they feel whenever they find themselves giving rather than taking. It makes them feel that something is wrong with the world.
It would be a yuuuge mistake to think that the rich will be content to kick in a few shekels because they’ve got money in piles, or because it would relieve untold suffering for those who have nothing. The idea that our new president will go easy on us because he’s already got more money than God is a pipe dream.
You know Republicans are up to no good when they pretend to want to help all those disgusting old poor people, or make their insurance-company friends sad because they can’t drop people who get sick, or have to cover pre-existing conditions. Nobody thinks of the plight of poor billionaires.
In the Republican worldview, poor people are a vast resource that can be tapped, much like oil shale. They seem to be tapped out, but if you put them under enough pressure you can squeeze enormous amounts of money out of them. The poor power whole swathes of industries, from car title loan companies to furniture rental outfits to ambulance-chasing lawyers.
No matter what they say, the Republican replacement for Obamacare will be called DontCare. The tricky part will not be how to pay for it, but rather how to blame Democrats when millions lose their coverage."

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I am a very happy ACA insurance buyer and wonder what the next step will be from the "Greedy Old Party". Please read this NYT editorial and reader's comment: "Obamacare is not understood to be the success that it is because it was not properly marketed to consumers. There should have been advertisements in many different media that showed success stories. Billboards, radio, TV, and Internet advertising all should have been used to publicize the person with a preexisting condition or the young adult living with her parents or the child who would have exceeded a lifetime maximum benefit or the poor person with free access to preventative care, all whose lives were saved or made infinitely better. There are probably a million of those stories out there. We could have literally had a poster child who is sweet and adorable who was saved by the ACA. We could have made it more clear that Obamacare is the same as the ACA so that people could not be duped into thinking that they hate Obamacare but love ACA.
As usual, Democrats seem to think that their good ideas sell themselves. It does not do much good in a democracy to be right if nobody knows about it. The liars and the con men rush in to fill the void of information."

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I cannot think of a more important effort for #Theresistance to Donald Trump's regime. Please work with us to break down the gerrymandered districts that remain in this country. California and Arizona have completed this effort so there is a model for the rest of the US. A good reader's comment: "It's maddening to have in charge a party that represents a minority of Americans. For many years Republicans haven't been able to win "fair and square" on the strength of their ideas, so they cheat - by gerrymandering, voter suppression, and refusing to do the work they were elected to do in order to steal a Supreme Court seat. They are experts at jamming the gears of progress, then blaming Democrats for it.
Of course the Democratic Party has to share the blame for letting this happen. But think where we might be if Republicans had invested their energies honestly, in coming up with new ideas to stimulate real policy debates, benefiting everyone. Instead, they've cultivated new ways to swindle the rest of the country in their single-minded pursuit of power for power's sake."
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