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My proof that the Earth was flat when the Bible was written:

A synopsis of Ken's creationism argument was that even though there is all this evidence supporting molecules to man evolution, since our origins are in our past, we didn't see it happen, (they're "historical science," a term he made up) so we can't prove molecules to man evolution, ergo, creationism is the ONLY viable exlplaination of our origins "confirmed by observational science." I used the same logic to prove that at any given time that we haven't observed the spherical shape of the earth(pre-Magellan), the earth was flat because it is the only viable explanation "confirmed by observational science."

I have really been disappointed with the phones that the bigger smartphone companies have been producing lately, so I've come up with this list of what I want to see in a phone by 2015 mostly in terms of hardware. Obviously some people are gonna have different preferences, for example the size I chose, so I'd like to see other people's imaginations too.
-Ship with a custom ROM (CyanogenMod preferably) No bloat, etc
-Display: 6 inches or more, hopefully at least 4K with a solar face-plate(Phone charges without being plugged in)
-More than 4K camera(my current phone has 4K, I'd like an improvement). It would be nice to see some real color/lighting improvements too, as people are saying this is more important than resolution, but I would also like to point out that this doesn't mean the camera should have a lower resolution(that's you, Ubuntu).
-Quad core or better with hopefully 3GHz
-3 to 4GB of RAM
-Full sized SD card slot, they used to make phones like this, you can get adapters for this on my Note 3, it should be included in the phone because the cap is increased to 128GB
-Direct HDMI output, I don't care about this MHL or wireless bullshit.
-Stereo Speakers(like the HTC one)
-Reversible Camera(Like the Oppo N1)
-A stylus would be nice, but the phone shouldn't be packaged with stupid gimmick stylus apps.
-No physical buttons, except the standard volume arrows and power button, software buttons are always better because you can customize the controls and you can choose also to use Pie.
-I want a notification light, why do some phones not have this, I want it.
-Square, minimalist build, no curves or heavily rounded corners, no shiny shit either.
-Lots of nice strong metal, once again, not shiny; sapphire crystal display would be nice, but I have a feeling that is super expensive.
-Super thin bezel, even at the bottom because there are no physical buttons, however this does depend on the configuration of the dual speakers, the top would have a pretty big bezel though because of the reversible camera.
-I love Google and all of their apps, but it's better if the phone is shipped with as few Google apps(or any apps) as possible because when they are updated a week after I buy the phone, the APK from when I first bought the phone is still gonna be there doing nothing, so it's really just a waste of space.
-Storage is not an issue for me, 16GB is enough, especially with a removable full sized SD, because those can hold up to 128GB, however I am not asking for manufacturers to put less storage on the phones.
-I am not sure what exactly would need to be optimized in terms of physical specs on android but I started using an SSD on my laptop(2 HDD slots) with Windows 8, and it starts up in 3 seconds, the phone should compete with this, faster storage speeds would help a little I assume.
-The battery becomes less important with the solar screen, so an improvement in that is not so necessary.
-This last one is pretty outrageous but I am gonna go ahead and say it: I don't want my service provider to have any say in the hardware, software, or firmware specifications on the phone, they service the phone as is.

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I would like to bring something up that happened to me last night. I have this really awesome English professor and he spends most of his class time talking about anything, so last night he brought up the problem of evolution vs creationism and he said that "they both involve a belief," and "neither is fact and both have holes." I didn't understand what holes where in the conversation continues and this one guy from the back of the class goes on this rant, (I think it had something to do with slavery, this guy is really weird as he always has something ridiculously irrelevant to say and he never shuts up) but at some point he said "...apes couldn't give birth to humans..." And again another person from the back of the class chimed in "...tomorrow I am going to give a speech [at some location] about this...I'm fine with having evolution taught in schools but students need to know it's not fact...they should teach both sides to it, creation and evolution and explain that it is not fact..."
Now at this point I was an inch away from just leaving because the conversation had just made me so uneasy. My English professor did make some interesting points albeit I think he was confusing evolution with a couple of other things. However, WHAT THE FUCK, people actually think that teaching children that god created man in school is okay? 

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"Michael Myers does NOT agree with the politics of the Westboro Church..."

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Religious people like to stake out here on Halloween, so the locals have come up with a fun activity to involve it in.

Hey I was wondering if there was a way for me to apply an icon from my pack to an app besides the one it was meant for. 

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16GB WiFi Nexus 7 2013 Model

Everyone loves FREE stuff!! I happened upon an extra Nexus 7 so . . . #giveaway time!!

To enter, simply:

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Extra credit for joining the NexTech Community. Not necessary to win but additional NexTech freebies are coming your way.

NexTech is a community that offers the latest tech reviews, tech news, and free stuff. Now that's a win, win, win if I've ever seen one.

Winner will be announced this weekend! Good Luck and happy Nexus'ing :)
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