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Indulge a proud momma... SHE GOT THE LEAD ROLE!  (yep, she's 8 ;)
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wahoooo...she's 8 so that's a lot of songs and lines...but she is VERY driven :)
A dream roll for her I'm sure. Congrats and have fun rehearsing!!
Isn't this part of life so much fun.  Gobble them up Carrie the time just fly's by.  :)  Smooch to you for being such an incredible Mom and giving her a voice that lots of parents don't see in their children.  She is blessed and you are too.
thanks y'all and +Deborah White  you are so right...I look at the 17 and 15 yr olds and wonder HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?
In the "olden days" we used to say they ate their Wheaties now we say they ate their fiber bars!  LOL
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