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Editor, gamer, newbie RPG designer
Editor, gamer, newbie RPG designer


The Lockrz app seems to not be backing up today. I made several changes to my data this afternoon (Feb. 1), but the file in Google Drive hasn't changed (still shows Jan. 30). I tried doing a manual backup (I assume that's what the circular arrows do), and then also exiting the app, but the file hasn't updated. The sync log for the Google Drive account says that a sync was started this morning, but the data were unchanged, so no sync was required. That was before I made all the updates to the data this afternoon. Have also tried restarting the phone, but no luck. Galaxy J7 Perx, Android 7.0. Thanks for the help!

Another G+ user is trying to invite me to her community, but she says "your google settings are blocking invites and direct adds to the group." What setting(s) do I need to change?

I've set "Who can send you notifications" to Anyone. I have both a Hotmail and Gmail notification delivery address associated with my G+ profile; I've had her try to add me with first one and then the other address selected. I have "Allow people to send you a message from your profile" set to Extended circles. I'm following her, but she's not in any other circles of mine. I don't know whether the group she's inviting me to is associated with the profile of hers that I'm following. 

I've already asked her about 6 times to reinvite me, so I would be thrilled if someone could give me an answer that's sure to work on the 7th try. :)

Hi, folks! I came across Night Witches via The Warren and had a question.

Does it ever happen that the GM can directly prevent a player from achieving an advance? For example, the Pigeon/Protector uses her Bedside Manner to try to patch someone up but misses the roll, and the GM chooses "Have death collect what is due," thereby preventing her from earning an advance by saving someone's life. 

Just curious whether this might happen frequently, rarely, or not at all.

Hey, everyone! New member here. Missed the Kickstarter (drat!) but looking forward to buying the book. One question: how well do the moves like Hopeless, In Over My Head, and Bullheaded work at the table? (These are in the files on the AW Hacks forum.) Is there a limit to how often a player can use the move and mark xp? I can see my munchkiny players trying to abuse them. Thanks for the insight!
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