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Carrie Jeske
Carrie Jeske reviews new products daily! Searching the globe for the Next Big Product Winner. What's Your Idea?
Carrie Jeske reviews new products daily! Searching the globe for the Next Big Product Winner. What's Your Idea?

Quarterly royalty checks going out today! I hope I pay you a bunch of money.

Don't send pieces & parts of your idea. Make 1 comprehensive sell sheet or demo video please.

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The next big product idea we launch, is from you!

Use this technique when holiday shopping. Invent products while you browse the retail store isles or online platforms.

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Always enjoy the annual Holiday Party with our attorneys at Lathrop Gage. This year, Bob introduced us to Christy, who helps oversee Heart To Heart International, a disaster relief nonprofit that we support.
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"It's Not Who You Know. It's Who You Know, Knows." Quote by Carrie Jeske 2000

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Mom wrapped you up; I held you close
In your eyes, I felt your gaze
From that moment, you; I would protect
My spirit, you would raise.

Even when we fought, anger mixed with fun
Duel perspectives waged, from similar side
We’d pass the torch and bury the hatchet
And sacrifice our pride.

The sword of forgiveness swinging wide.

And now, as moms’ and women of faith
Strong forces, we both reckon.
Good men, come at our beckon.

So on this day
I remember your start
A baby sister who captured my heart
Into a trusted friend; if only in part
To a humorous host… you inappropriate fart

I love you more
Then a bushel or peck
You’ve made my life better
You see every speck

By Carrie Jeske
© 2015 Aug

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He had the gift of laughter
To people, he was a chum
A party with Saylor Jerry
Root beer and finest rum!

He connected with the young and old.
Giving time and talent, for free
His zest for life contagious
…Everyone could see

At Pickleball, he was a shining star
A player and a friend
To novice, rookie and professional
An encouraging spirit, without end

His laughter lives in each of us
A memory and a goad
To serve a bit more often
Painting lines on our own road.

In fond memory,
Carrie Jeske

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