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As good as this Low Fat Black Bean and Sun Dried Tomato Lasagna was, I think I could have taken a better photo of it. Critique welcome! 
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I'm just a novice and still taking pictures with my phone, so this looks great!
+Carrie Farias  Could you please share some details about your photo? It is difficult to critique without knowing your shooting conditions and tools at your disposal :) 
The presentation of the food is good, but the plate draws my eyes away from the food. When you set up your next shot try to minimize "distractions" surrounding the main focal point. Some "distractions" are good - as long as they lead the eye to the main point (i.e. the food). Hope this helps.
I'd agree with +Hyrum Rappleye, the plate is a bit distracting, especially since the dish itself has a lto going on. I also think it looks like you used a front flash which really highlights the front of the lasagna but kind of makes the dish and everything else kind of gray. I would consider a more even lighting for the photo.

Finally, you might want to either consider a smaller plate or a larger serving. The lasagna kind of looks a bit lost in the large plate.
Thank you  +Hyrum Rappleye  and +Irvin Lin. I truly value and appreciate your feedback.  I would have to agree that it probably would have "popped" even more on a smaller white plate. I didn't use a flash while taking this photo; however it was fairly bright outside and this was taken near the window. +Alessio Fangano  I was using a nikon dlsr with a 50mm lens with natural light
+Carrie Farias Since it was natural light, you might want to use a reflector (I use a piece of white foamcore) to help bounce a little light in the background and give it a little fill. That or move the dish a little farther from the window or use a scrim to diffuse the light.
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