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Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Love Writers: Love Helping Them Market
Love Writers: Love Helping Them Market

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Yes, authors do need reviews in July!
ust a quick reminder:  The third issue of SPAWN's announcement to reviewers--from bloggers to big writer-oriented media is coming up June 15.  You probably know that my newest book in the multi   award-winning series of books is  How to Get Great Book Revie...

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How-To-Understand-America Book Gets Eric Hoffer Award Nod
What Foreigners Need to Know About America: From A to Z Subtitle: How to understand crazy American Culture, people, government,        business, language, and more Author: Lance Johnson Publisher: A to Z Publishing ISBN:97814681723362 Winner: Reader Views A...

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My husband made me do this! Lots of library trade shows will display your book free. Here's a quick tip with the URL originally from my #SharingwithWriters  newsletter but now on my #SharingwithWriters  blogs--because I always (Ahem!) do what my husband tells me to do.

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Library Tradeshows: Some Display Your Book FREE
Just a quick tip from my #SharingwithWriters newsletter because I think it is such a great, FREE way to let librarians peruse your book. Besides m y husband, author of What Foreigners Know
Need To Know About America From A To Z , suggested
I let my author/ ...

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Award-Winning Poet takes on Kafka
Kafka's Shadlow Author: Judith Skillman Published by Deerbrook Editions, Cumberland, Maine 77 pages, paperback, (c) 2017 $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-9975051-4-6 Available on Amazon at Reviewed by Carol Smal...

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Aussie Bloke Reviews "Guardian Angel"
Title: Guardian Angel Author: Dr. Bob Rich Reviewer: Gary Clough ASIN:  B0711C623T ISBN: 9781521212677 Kindle version 0.99 c Paperback version $10 https:...

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Having You Been Yearning for a Viral Hit?
aren’t going to want to believe this. “Going viral” is a myth. Nope it doesn’t
exist—at least not the way we think it does. I
have been wandering around willy-nilly believing in the term “going viral.” I
have even been actively suggesting we authors rea...

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LA Locals! Free Career-Boosting Presentations
LA's IWOSC and SPAWN Foster Writing Careers Please come! All writers are welcome, not just members.  I will be speaking at a combined meeting of both groups--the Independent Writers of  California (IWOSC) and the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Networ...
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