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Boats, Geometry, and a Lovely Day on the Harbor

+Jordi Arias surprised and delighted me by mentioning geometry in his comment about the last image I posted. The reason for this is that I am someone who would happily become a charter member of the Diagonal Appreciation Society. Geometry is my way of simplifying the complexity of the world around me. So when I was exploring Boston Harbor when I first moved to this area, I combined my love of boats with my love of all things diagonal when I saw these sailboats lined up on a dock. As I sit here with the image before me, I still feel the happiness of that moment when I felt compelled to stop and make this image. When two of your favorite things come together, is that not a reason to celebrate?
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I'm with you. Straight lines, symmetry, vanishing points, it's all good. Great capture!
We think alike +Carl Pettypiece. Those three things are enough to make me happy. It's nice to know you are a fellow geometry lover. You are one of the people who makes this such a remarkable community.
I think that the reason I am so drawn to geometric forms like diagonals, +Jordi Arias is that they provide a way of simplifying a complex world. They are unchanging in a changing and uncertain world. They are the same now as when the Romans built their beautiful buildings in Catalonia. Your kind comments are always a challenge to me to think further about what makes diagonals so attractive to me and I greatly appreciate it.