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Carolyn Fahm

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Two incredible natural phenomena in one glorious shot: it could only happen on the island of Anglesey in beautiful North Wales and could only have been taken by the very talented nature photographer +Kris Williams.  Please direct your comments to him. 
'Bioluminescent Waves & Aurora' - Anglesey
Sept 7th, 2015 - 10:20PM (UK)

I was counting my lucky stars on this particular evening... A double-dose and truly amazing display of two natural phenomenon that I've only ever dreamed I would capture in one shot together, but this night was the night, these are the brief moments I live for... :-)

As the aurora conditions were looking good throughout the early evening, I headed out shortly before darkness to a local beach on Anglesey, and waited for the darkness and clouds to co-operate and hopefully show me some northern light... But once it got dark enough, I noticed that that the waves crashing onto the beach were sparkling and lighting up in electric-blue light.  I've seen those before and recognised what it was straight away, so I was over the rocks from my original position and onto the beach in a shot...!

While I was walking over, the pebbles under my feet were sparkling from the small dinoflagellate creatures that emit this very brief spark of blue light when they're disturbed my movement, and I watched the waves roll in for a couple of hours sparkling like lightning in the sea, while the aurora danced overhead - an amazing night on Anglesey, the island where the magic happens :-)
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Бб в кон нуну енви ока н но пуутйрррппен
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Carolyn Fahm

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I was moved to tears.  Tallis' music has never been performed so exquisitely.

Carolyn Fahm

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Good troubleshooting!  How annoying the whole thing has been.  I hope you get your refund or replacement ASAP.

Carolyn Fahm

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You have a talent for this sort of thing, Dave.  Acting, comedy, dramatization, creative video editing all in addition to your tech reporting make you a renaissance man in my book. Wishing you much success in 2014!

Carolyn Fahm

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You, sir, are brilliant to put it in a 1930's BBC fashion.  

Carolyn Fahm

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Heavenly light in a landscape worthy of the Old Masters from the very talented +Dominique Dubied .
Farmer at work

It was the end of a beautiful day where the light was warming the landscape. 

I guess that the farmer was too busy to look at the beautiful scenery in front of him, but I could not help thinking that these moments are so delightful and so fugitive that we should take the time to enjoy them!

Maybe it is a photographer's obsession, what do you think?

+NatureArtThursday  curated by  +Trisha Standard +Dane Clingan #natureartthursday
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+Weather and Natural Forces  curated by  +Robert SKREINER #weatherandnaturalforces   #besttopphotographer  
#plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek 
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Beautiful photo ,love country side thanks

Carolyn Fahm

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Some enchanting leaf forms in my neighborhood. Camera phone crop.
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Many thanks +Chi Nguyen.

Carolyn Fahm

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Sending warm thoughts during this frigid time to all my Canadian friends.  If it is as cold as I am hearing in the northern USA, then I shudder to think what you must be going through.
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We have plenty of that +Angelika Perry, but most of it was powdery snow (is it even how it's really called?) so no snowmen for us either... 

Carolyn Fahm

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Carolyn Fahm

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Not only do you make a cogent point, but your production values were remarkable.  

Carolyn Fahm

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Another incredibly useful video.  I never buy cleaning products any more now that you have shown us how to substitute vinegar, baking soda, and oxygen bleach.  And now we have a new member of the cleaning dream team: rubbing alcohol!

Carolyn Fahm

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Never underestimate the potential for heat stroke

I did and I have now become the poster woman for what happens when you feel it can never happen to you.  Normally I never share negative experiences, but I am making an exception in this case because what happened to me is far from unique, although it certainly was for me.  This is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but the same would apply equally when summer moves to the Southern Hemisphere.  What happened is that I collapsed yesterday at a train station in Boston as I was returning from an evaluation for vocal dysfunction.  I had taken a taxi from the station to the Voice Center and asked for one to be called to take me back.  Unfortunately their building isn't one that cabs stop at, so after a 20 minute wait I noticed that I could walk about a mile and get to a public transit station that would take me to the train back home to Rhode Island.  It was very nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius.  I felt no discomfort from the heat so I thought everything was fine.   However upon descending to the underground platform from which the local train left was another matter entirely.  It was hot, airless, and packed with about twice as many people as it could safely hold.  The train was even worse.  As I arrived at the train station stop I discovered that the escalators were out of order so I walked up two flights of stairs, entered the train station, and collapsed.  

I was taken by ambulance to the same hospital where I had had my voice appointment, but this time, to the emergency department where I was treated for shock, nausea, and profound dehydration.  I was under hospital care until late at night, feeling like death for much of the time.  After 1 litre of intravenous saline I was finally discharged, a sadder but much wiser person.  Summer heat warnings are given for a reason.  It is NOT a sign of personal weakness to heed them, as I seem to have thought.  We only have one body and one life.  The rules of physiology apply to all of us, even me.  So I hope this long story makes you think that I was stupid to have forgotten this because you never would have.  But, if not, remember to keep hydrated, know your heat tolerance limits and take shelter before you reach them, and beware of heat prostration and avoid it like the plague that it is.

As a PS I would like to thank +lynn hughes and other anonymous friends who kindly gave me a Nexus 7 tablet.  I have installed an app that speaks for me.  If you can imagine being unable to speak in an emergency situation than you will know how grateful I am to Lynn and my other friends who provided me with a voice when I need it the most.
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Hi again, +Carolyn Fahm. We are home from the UK and Germany (with detours to Austria) ... the heat there was the humid sort. It's something I deal with, but boy does my hubby hate it! I think at one point he was near dehydration, not having had nearly enough to drink. It's a dangerous place to be. Are you fully recovered now? I do hope so!
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