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Happy Birthday +CT Social​!

Three years ago today, +Greg Trujillo​ and I started on our entrepreneurial adventure.

It's been a stressful, crazy, exciting, amazing journey.

First let me say that I couldn't have walked it without Greg. A more creative, smart, collaborative business partner I could not have asked for.

No doubt he would join me in appreciating the constant support (emotional and otherwise) of our respective families -- +Jennifer Melear+Mike Capern+Donna Capern+Kate Capern

And I think he would agree with me in saying that we couldn't be more grateful to have gotten to know so many amazing people along the way.

People like you: +Chef Dennis Littley+Marc Ensign​​ +Mia Voss +Christine DeGraff​​ +Les Dossey+Tina Willis+Wade Harman+Krithika Rangarajan+Thomas E. Hanna | Auer+Jen Vargas+Adam Avitable+Kristin Drysdale+Ergin Kocyildirim+Sara LaMothe+Sherrill Duce+DENNIS N. DUCE+Rhonda Green+Kathleen Colvin+James Fierce+Robert Ryan+Nicholas Cardot+Jason T. Wiser+Mike Allton+Dustin W. Stout​ and so, so many more than I can continue to name without wearing out my keyboard.

As we celebrate our company's birthday with this delicious cake, we raise our forks (and our happy hour glasses) to each one of you. Here's to the future!

#HappyBirthdayCTSocial #happybirthday #birthdaycake
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WooHoo! Happy Birthday +Carolyn Capern and +Greg Trujillo on your endeavors! It's been great knowing you guys and here's to many more years of future success!
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Do you struggle with writing titles?

I know I do. It's one of the biggest challenges I face (and hope to overcome) in my #Blog365  project.

I loved +Nicky Pasquier's "bite-sized" insights -- super helpful! 

Favorite quote:

There are all sorts of ways you can draw attention to yourself in person.  Try singing the Marseillaise down a megaphone on a crowded railway concourse!

But you can’t do that online.

#bloggingtips   #blogging  
  The key to WRITING attention-seeking blog titles The Internet is crowded with content. There's information overload! You're a small business; how are you going to draw attention to your blog? The...
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Haha, I'm glad you liked the quote +Carolyn Capern ;)  Thanks so much for the generous share, it's much appreciated xx
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How cute is this guy!

Pet hyena, anyone?

h/t to +Greg Trujillo for tagging me in to the original post.

#noseboop   #gotthesnout  

Hyena nose boop
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It looks like it wanted a kiss right on the snout!
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Carolyn Capern

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The Value of the Slow User Experience

I'm late to the party on this post -- but +David Kutcher has outlined a masterful argument for the slow, long-form website experience over a fast-paced conversion-centric design.

There's a lot of value to this point of view -- especially from a reader's perspective. Simplicity is a good thing, and long form content is not dead online. They go together beautifully to create an atmosphere where trust and relationships can thrive.

Of course, faster-paced websites have their place too. Next time you have a redesign in mind, it's worth considering what you want most from yours. 

#simplicity   #slowweb   #readers  

P.S. Congratulations, David, on this post being included in the Moz Top 10 newsletter!
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+David Kutcher I was very pleased to discover it in Moz! I can believe that average read time-- it is the kind of post that invites reflection and challenges the reader to act on what they are reading. (Plus, your site practices what you preach.)

+Aaron Wood I bet it helped! :)
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Specialization is for insects, Robert Heinlein once wrote. Yet smart folks like +Ryan Hanley​ are observing that Google is killing the generalist (in terms of search and content marketing success), and this thought - provoking article is pointing out all the ways we are separating ourselves by specializations.

And yet, as the article also discusses, history has hinged on the people who were able to answer questions differently, looking at problems in a different way...which I would argue requires a degree of interdisciplinary education and awareness.

What do you think? What is the role of the generalist versus the specialist in the modern world?
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+nabil mohammed عادة، و نأمل!
 ·  Translate
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Are you paying attention to +SlideShare​?

If you aren't, this article explains why you probably should be.

H/t to +Demian Farnworth​ for sharing

#slideshare #powerpoint
Superb piece by Mr. +Kevan Lee. As always. 
The most efficient SlideShare tips for creating presentations that are beautiful, viral, and effective.
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Write with Your Intuition

+Gina Fiedel has created a lovely piece worth reading slowly, aloud, to yourself, in a moment when you deeply need some reassurance about your continuous quest for your next great idea.

Hint: It's not as complicated as you think.

#creativity   #inspiration   #writing  
Stalking The Wild Idea- The Wily Idea For Writing Content
The Fastest, Easiest Way To Find That Elusive Thing

This has happened before. I’m plagued with an unrequited hankering to write in a way that would be somehow intimate and personally nutritious. It sends me on a search for an exhilarating concept; one that will stimulate my imagination and hopefully yours. My wily idea.
But at the moment I'm describing, it's narrowly escaping my grasp. All of that is accompanied by a desire and a need to find the perfect route to that special, uncanny place where I am delighted by writing content. One that will also transport me to something that will serve our business blog [and you].

That’s me ^ quoting myself from the latest blog I published up there and down below, also.

Lately, I’ve been noticing there are as many moods to spur how I’d like to pursue a topic as there are types, styles, formats or techniques. Most recently, it’s been captivating to tackle bigger things, researching and mixing various media in to support the written text. But I was missing a certain something and that needed to be rectified. It was time for a change of pace. I longed for a deep dive into play, wishing for an atmosphere were it was right to roll words around on my tongue, hear them out loud sounding edible.

It’s not always about the destination. It’s about the trip along the way.

My mind was busily scanning options that I continued to reject, on a walk through stunning landscape with views of the hills, mountains and a good long look down the coast watching the dogs gallop through very tall grasses and yellow mustard flowers. I was listening to pretty music and feeling wide-open. Saturday morning; every possibility still thriving, the day ahead, some enticing meanders to explore.

Here’s What Happened

Picture me out there. Blue sky. Not one cloud. Warm temperature. Slight breeze. My mind is still busy skipping to an uneven rhythm towards this and that idea and then I suddenly realize it’s simple.

There is one true place that I occupy today.

With that realization, I feel like Dorothy on the return trip.

If you’re curious about that return trip please click through and read all about it:

wil·y ˈwīlē/ adjective
intriguing, full of clever tricks, dodgy, sharp, astute, canny, smart, crafty, artful
Middle English, first known in the 14th century

Post shared by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development 
[Heavily] Pre- remixed photo: iStock Photo

If you’d like me to add you to my Notification Circle, please let me know in the comments.

#writingcontent #contentwriting #blogging
You might find it in surprising places - the value of what you already know when writing content. The illusive nature of your wily idea can be put to use.
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Absolutely fantastic +Gina Fiedel​ -- and thank you for your gracious share as well! I truly appreciate it!

You painted a wonderful and thought provoking picture in your article -- I look forward to continuing to read your posts!
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I am a misfit. Are you?

I remember how bad it felt to not fit in when I was a kid. 

Even when I was happy with the decisions I made, a little tinge of guilt or jealousy often intruded, reminding me that something was wrong.

I never regretted my decisions -- I was just always aware of the difference in social status.

Today I wear the misfit label as a badge of honor.

It's gotten a lot easier to do, frankly, since I've become acquainted with others who claim the label like the wonderful +Wade Harman who authored this celebration of marketing misfits.

I'm honored to be included with these others, because being a misfit, ultimately, means doing things in a way that is meaningful to you, which you believe add value to the lives of others. 

When you're dedicated to making an impact in your way, it's worth it.

So fly that misfit flag.

#marketing   #marketingmisfits  
Calling All Misfits!
I'm looking for the weirdo's, the unconventional marketers, the Freaks as +Chris Brogan puts it.  

You have a particular type of marketing strategy that no one understands.  You don't fit in with any certain crowd, and, as a matter of fact, you weren't meant to fit in with the crowd.  

You are your own person.  A legend in your own mind, silently winning the battle of attention online like +Ryan Hanley talks about.  No one notices, because no one cares.  They laugh at your techniques and snicker at your attempts at success.

Are you shooting too high?  No way.  It's never too high.  But when someone else sees you coming and they know that the way you're doing it isn't the way they got there so they feel that you're doing it wrong.

Misfits Unite!

Be proud of the way you do your marketing, your writing, your relational attempts, your engaging, etc.  There will always be those people that are ready and waiting to put you down.  You will never be in their group or their list, and they will probably never pick you.

Here's how you pick yourself, and end up getting the respect you deserve.

My Fellow Misfits

I want to take special mention of these fellow misfits in the marketing industry:
+Thomas E. Hanna | 
+Carrie-Anne Foster 
+Nicky Pasquier 
+Carolyn Capern 
+Robert Ryan 
+Anna Godfrey 
+Alisa Meredith 
+Jason Mathes 
+Gina Fiedel 
+Ian Anderson Gray 
+Andrea Beltrami 

Honorable Mention of Misfit I Respect
+Andy Nathan +Kristin Drysdale +Neil Ferree +John Chvatal +Luis Galarza +Shannon Hernandez 

Get in the Circle!
If you would like to be in my notification circle here on Google+, let me know in the comments and you will be notified, both here on G+ and in your email every time I publish a post.  Usually once a week.

#marketingtips   #socialmediatips   #misfitsunite  
Are you a marketing misfit? Perhaps in social media, or maybe content marketing? Here's why it's ok to be different and a little weird.
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Er, Yes. 
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Free the Writer Inside!

I've been hearing rumblings from other bloggers and writers about being scared to post or leary of what they write.

Most of the rumblings are from new writers and bloggers although some are friends who have been blogging for a while, but recently hit a dead spot in their content.

I have been an advocate for anyone to create, write and post. There is no reason to feel inadequate in this world of ours. Write to your hearts content.

So I've been using the hashtag #FTWi  which is Free The Writer Inside. Also the hashtag #freethewriterinside  

You may want to start using this on your posts on G+ and Twitter to get it trending and let's all be advocates for writers to write and post with no trepidations.
The Imperfect Writers of G+
poor writer, good writer, no matter the type this is your home
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+Carolyn Capern I wanted to also say it is not that I am supporting poor spelling, grammar and more with this community or #ftwi. What I want to do is get people to not feel bad about writing and making mistakes. They can be corrected. There are great writers out there willing to help others get better.

So The Imperfect Writers of G+ may not be imperfect at all. Then again like me I am sure there are some in the community. I don't claim to be perfect and never will be.

I wish I could, but that would take the fun out of writing. I know I make some mistakes and I learn from them/

But in the end I feel if you want to write you should no matter what. you should get your feelings and opinions out there.
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Saw this while out on a walk today... couldn't help but think +Wade Harman​ might appreciate it!

#HighTechRedneck could be a great podcast concept...just saying. 
Carolyn Capern's profile photoWade Harman's profile photojd quinitchette (CrazyLikeABOSS)'s profile photo
+Wade Harman , I respectfully beg to differ    
Some of my best friends are rednecks!  Where I grew up, a redneck is a farmer who works alongside his farmhands in the hot sun   .  I also know some "Heritage Not Hate" types who fly the battle flag; I don't love it, but I choose to respect it.  Since my 5-great Euro forebear William Henry Burwell was a soldier of the Confederacy who also crossed the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone, I see no point in repudiating that portion of American history wholesale.  However, dude, I do understand that the term holds different meaning for different people!
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Amen, amen, and amen.

+Greg Trujillo and I give away work on the regular. But we made the call this year to start doing it on our terms.

Why? Because real talent is worth paying for. And we want to pay other people who can do it even better than we can to help us.

This is a wonderful article that describes why it's worth paying for design and development, and paying as well as you are able.

Here's my favorite part:

"3. Most “quick tweaks” are neither quick nor tweaks.

Whenever a friend wants a favor they position it as a “quick tweak.” They don’t say, “I need 10 hours of design,” they say, “It will be easy, you can knock it out quickly.” Here’s the thing though, true craftsmen and craftswomen only have one type of work they can do, amazing. A good graphic designer or developer will feel physical pain if you ask them to “just whip something together, it doesn’t have to be that great.” I can’t half write something, I either kill it or I don’t do it."

#designers   #developers   #creativityhasworth   #affectart  

Just another reason I love reading +Jon Acuff 
I have some friends who are graphic designers & developers. Over the last few years I’ve watched an interesting phenomenon develop. People expect them to work for free. Friends, family members, even some would be clients ask them to donate their time for free. Or they want to pay rock bottom prices because “I just …
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 Your time is one of your most valuable assets. Once spent it cannot be recovered, ever. Nothing wrong with doing someone a favor but when your freebie helps provide them with income, that seems a bit unfair.
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You've heard that content is king.
but if that's all you heard, you missed the truth.

A king needs things to really be a king.

A crown. People to lead and to serve. Nobility who advise.

These are non-negotiables. Without them, the kingship can only be claimed, not recognized.

In today's Internet marketing world, to believe that your content alone will win you an online empire is folly, pure and simple.

Today's excellent post by +Thomas E. Hanna |​ busts the "content is king" myth wide open with the help of +Ana Hoffman​, +Mark Traphagen​, and +Mia Voss​.

Go forth and learn.

#blogging #contentmarketing #contentisking
Content Is King?

You keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Popular advice tells us that, if you consistently publish incredible content, your audience will find you.

It’s a great concept. Simple. Reasonable. Idealistic.

It only suffers from one major flaw: it is utter and complete rubbish.

Great content establishes a foundation. A foundation is essential: without it, nothing else can be built.

But if all you have is a foundation, you will never get off the ground.

Here is how to get off the ground and give your content the kingdom it deserves.

Read The Article:

Shoutout to those linked to in the article:
+Ana Hoffman 
+Mia Voss 
+Mark Traphagen 

#ContentMarketing  #Blogging #Writing
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Thank you for Posts
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Bookworm. Content Writer. Social Media Strategist.
Biographically: I'm a Star-Spangled Canadian, Florida resident, and New Englander at heart.
Professionally: I'm a partner at CT Social. I handle social media strategy and long-term management for our clients, as well as work on business development and general management within the company.
Academically: I studied Political Science and History in undergrad, and am considering going on eventually for a Masters in history or communications.
Recreationally: I love books, movies, music, and food, and love to play board games with my friends.
Religiously: I'm a United Methodist with a deep appreciation for other faiths.
Politically: Bartlet for America.

I share a lot of different topics, but here are some SUGGESTED CIRCLES:

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I'm also one of the moderators of the Google Plus Simplified community, so if you're new and looking for some support (or if you're a veteran who wants to share your own G+ hacks), feel free to stop by!
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In this town where BBQ restaurants are abundant, Southern Moon Smokehouse stands out. Don't be fooled by its strip mall location and unobtrusive appearance-- this place makes some very seriously good BBQ. The meat doesn't need the sauce to be amazing... but the sauce is still fantastic. Be sure to try the grilled mac n cheese sandwich with BBQ meat, and the corn bread with honey butter. Don't get stuck at just 4Rivers or Bubbalou's-- next time you want BBQ in Orlando, make a trip to Southern Moon!
• • •
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
A client took me to lunch there on a Thursday. I went back with a large group of friends that Saturday. That should tell you how much I enjoyed Schumann's. The food was fantastic and incredibly reasonably priced (especially for a downtown restaurant)-- thus far I have tried their knockwurst and their bockwurst, along with German Potato Salat (authentic, hot, vinegary) and green beans (fresh, crisp, and oh-so-buttery). The atmosphere was quirky and very German feeling, the service was friendly and prompt, and (though I didn't try it) the bar menu was extensive. If you're looking for a place with hearty delicious comfort food to eat in downtown Orlando, definitely consider giving Schumann's a try!
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Cafe Murano is among the best Italian food I've found in the Orlando area so far. When you feel like trying out a place that's not Olive Garden, you definitely want to seek out a place like this, with its hearty classic meals. Loved the drinks and the pasta dishes that I've tried-- ravioli and spaghetti. The service was great, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxing, and it was very conveniently located to stroll over and see a movie afterward! Women in the area should also take note of their Thursday Ladies' Night! Great fun.
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
There is a reason this place is one of the best-loved BBQ restaurants in Orlando. John Rivers has brought his amazing taste and innovative cooking style to create a place with incredible food and a fun, rustic atmosphere. Expect long lines almost whenever you go, but it is worth it. I loved their selection of glass-bottled sodas in particular, and I always get the Burnt Ends sandwich-- half pulled pork, half brisket. The sides are phenomenal, from the mac and cheese to the corn to the INCREDIBLE baked beans. This is certainly not a place to go with the vegetarians in your life, but everyone else...go here and seriously indulge your taste buds. (And I've heard, but haven't verified, that the cupcakes in their bakery are awesome too.)
• • •
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reviewed a year ago
29 reviews
Fantastic little burger joint-- a little pricey, but you absolutely get your money's worth (although you may not be able to eat the whole thing)! I tried the Lone Star burger, and was very impressed-- both burger and friends were delicious. Friendly and helpful staff and a cool eclectic atmosphere on Edgewater Drive make this an awesome place to visit for a good meal. Highly recommend.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
If you're looking for a hole-in-the-wall thin crust pizza experience in downtown Orlando, this is a great place to go. Reasonably priced slices with awesome garlic bread, and their full-sized pizzas look awesome too. The pizza is a little greasy, I guess, but it's not at all overwhelming and tastes oh-so-delicious. The staff is very friendly and it's a really relaxed atmosphere with counter service and upstairs dining. I've been several times and always look forward to stopping by!
• • •
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reviewed a year ago
We went to Cafe Annie before taking in a show at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, and I'd certainly recommend it to other theater-goers since it is a rather close proximity. The food was good-- not the best Mediterranean I've ever had, perhaps, but my falafel sandwich was satisfying and delicious. The service was friendly and pretty good speed, too, especially considering that we had a very large group. Just make sure you aren't in a rush; this may be a place better enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago