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Are they the real deal??? :-)
Want!  (and the glasses are nice too)
I do want this...but in version 2.0 of Google glass, I'd like to see the HUD integrated directly into the lens itself with dual GoPro III quality camera(s) on either side of the frame (for 3D recording) and dual mics for stereo (or 360 degree) recording of sound. 

If it takes a belt worn assembly (small footprint box) which communicates with the glasses via Bluetooth or other dependable tech to bring it all together, that's fine by me. This is also where a SSD card would insert.

Phone must be integrated.

In version 3.0 I want 5K HFR movie theater capabilities in those same lenses. To market by 2016. :)

Just saying! :D

PS - Do I win a free pair of the prototypes for an intelligent comment of more than five words? 8-)
Must try and see what the UI looks like by looking at the small shaded area on the glass!

Two boxes in the upper half of the screen and a shaded section below?


I would hope that they use something like Liquipel or one of the other nano-coatings to weatherproof them.

The one thing that would kill +Project Glass is if you could only wear it in dry weather.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still want them, I just think it would be a major impediment in large scale adoption.
I sense someone else will be winning the battle of the cool gadgets at the next beer get-together.
It looks like someone got a late Christmas present. :)
does Glass work when your eyes are that big?
+Caroline McCarthy Damn, +Sergey Brin 's keeping security tight (understandably)

Hmmmmm, gadgets, secrecy...more evidence he might be Batman. (Although Tony Stark seems a better fit)

Although we can, at least, discern that the prototype versions can take pictures with the UI off

So. Much. Jealousy :)
+Antony Jackson Just FYI, this photo wasn't actually taken with Glass -- I took it with my phone's front-facing camera, cropped it, and added a filter. I just happen to be wearing Glass, which were turned off at the time.
Even more damn! +Caroline McCarthy I'll just have to watch Ironman again and try and get clues there.

Will just have to wait.....
She looks a bit stoned to me!
Are those the GOOGLE GLASSES?  Holy mackerel!
please post me comment next 2020 vision
How did you get that? They don't post to Australia.
your lips and your eyes sooo... beautifull :)
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