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Caroline McCarthy
Writer, runner, reader, explorer.
Writer, runner, reader, explorer.


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In case you missed it... here's the recording of our #UltimateShowroom Hangout with +Best Buy! Now if someone will please fill a panini press with bacon and give it to me for Christmas I'll be very happy.
Thank you everyone for hanging out us last night for the #UltimateShowroom shoppable hangout! If you didn't get a chance to join in or want to see it again, we have it recorded here for you.

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Make sure you tune into tomorrow night's #UltimateShowroom Shoppable Hangout! If you have questions for us, tag them with #UltimateShowroom -- not only is there a chance we'll answer it on-air, there's also a Best Buy gift card involved for one extra lucky question-asker. Join us!!
It's almost showtime! At 8:00 pm EST on Tuesday, December 17th, get ready to dim the lights, grab some snacks, and raise the curtains on expert tips in the #UltimateShowroom . Featuring +Caroline McCarthy +Marques Brownlee +SoldierKnowsBest +Machinima +Austin Evans and our own Blue Shirt, this Best Buy Shoppable Hangout is your front-seat ticket to screening great last-minute gifts.

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Hey everyone! I'm hosting +Best Buy's #UltimateShowroom  Hangout on Tuesday. Join in as I lead a discussion with people who are much funnier than I am.
Of course you haven’t completed all of your holiday shopping!  That's a given.  But what’s the latest and greatest in techie and electronic gifts? How do you get them and what are our best deals?

Come hang out with a group of passionate, tuned-in (and self-admitted techno-nerd) consumer electronics enthusiasts as they check out the coolest gifts for the holidays.

Join +Caroline McCarthy   -- author, speaker, former CNETer, former CBSer, and former Googler (‘course) as she leads a Hangout focused on plugged-in fun.  Riffing with her are +Austin Evans  (tech reviewer extraordinaire), +Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), +Machinima, +Mark Watson (Soldier Knows Best), Dan Duvalian (Best Buy Blue Shirt guy), and…..+you!  Join the party by asking questions at #UltimateShowroom – and find great gift insight and in-the-know info.

See you Tuesday, December 17that 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST!

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For the #craftbeer  crowd: My friend Mike has a new line of handmade mash paddles that can be customized with any text of your choosing. Check him out at Kitten not included.

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I wrote this for +Contently about some lessons learned from one kind of very very shareable content.

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Really psyched to be working on this project with team +Contently 

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Not only did I actually like "The Internship," I think it did a pretty good job of picking up on subtle Google cultural quirks.

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I'm writing again! In the wake of the "Princeton Mom" controversy, I had this published on Date Report (most of what I write is on +Quartz, but this didn't have a ton to do with global business news...)

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Thanks to everyone at Google. I've had an incredible two years here.

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I'm so excited to be in this +Social Media Week talk with +Daria Musk! Leave a comment if you want to be part of the Hangout and we'll choose a few people to join us live.
Hangout with me & Google's +Caroline McCarthy live on stage!

It's New York City Social Media Week and I'm hitting the stage on Wednesday (2/20) to sing and speak for an official session called Social Media and The Rockstar!

You can read about it on the #SMW site:

You're the most important part of my story so I want you to be a part of the conversation live on-stage! Here's how to be included:

★ Comment below with a question (or G+/Hangout story) for me or Caro!
★ We'll pick a few of you to join and ask live!
★ Join the Hangout this Wednesday, Feb 20th at 2:30pm Eastern Time!

Ready... Set... Comment! :)
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