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Caroline Kim
Chicagoan at heart. Producer, editor and social media aficionado
Chicagoan at heart. Producer, editor and social media aficionado


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Nice tip!
Say "Come visit!" like you mean it; share a  #GoogleFlights  URL with a special someone :)
1) Go to
2) Do a search for flights to your home airport
3) Copy and share the URL

This works because the Flights URLs instantly update whenever you adjust your search.

Feeling geeky and popular?
Share a "Come visit me!" hint with a group of friends by altering the URL to remove the "from" airport part:



In the updated example, people who click on that link will see a Flights Search from their local airport to LUV (Langgur) airport on the specified dates (assuming we're able to detect their location).

Wishing you many wonderful visits!

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Check it out! Learn some great tips!
Google Flights - Ask Us Anything on Tuesday, June 9, noon-2pm Pacific Time
Hosting a Reddit AMA along with some teammates from Google Flights ( 
--> Add to your Google calendar:

What's an AMA?

We'll tackle questions about how we handle the crazy complexity of flight searches, when you should book a flight (the answer may surprise you), and much more :).

Per Reddit tradition, we don't yet have a url to point you to, but will open up one about 30 minutes before the start time, and the link below will redirect to the live AMA:

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Pretty cool
A wireless service from Google. An experiment to see what innovation can be brought to something almost everyone on the planet uses. Happy to have played a very small part in it

Update: sorry guys, I have no visibility/influence on invites. Best bet is to signup at and cross fingers

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Quicklock supports both Bluetooth and NFC, so you can unlock it via a smartphone app or various NFC accessories.

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23 connected cameras for a safer smart home:

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Our annual "Where to Eat" issue is out! Here's what we recommend in 2015:
#wheretoeat #food #restaurants

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This Christmas tree in Sydney, Australia is made entirely out of Legos. Photos of Christmas trees around the world:

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Some cool new features are available in Hangouts

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I really like the new version!
The new Google Calendar, with Schedule View, Events from Gmail and Assists, is now on Google Play for all Android 4.1+ devices. 
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