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Caroline Beavon
Infographics, data and information designer / trainer - available for hire
Infographics, data and information designer / trainer - available for hire

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If you're interested in learning the basics of infographics and data visualisation (+ 3 hours Tableau training). have a look at this one-day course I'm co-teaching next month.

3 hours of Tableau (from Waseem Ali from Cloudstream, a Tableau Master) and a 3 hour information design workshop from me.

Plus free breakfast and lunch.

Sign up here!
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I've been using Bullet Journal (on and off) for a year or so now. The times I've given up are when I've been trying to use it for something that doesn't fit my life/habits.

For example; I now use my calendar app for future reminders and repeating tasks - I simply wasn't checking a monthly or weekly calendar page and was missing things.

I check my calendar all the time anyway, so I simply move the tasks into my daily list when they comes up.

Are there any BuJo basics that you simply couldn't make stick, and have gone back to another method?

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I know this article isn't technically about BuJo but there is definitely some envy-worthy notebook usage here.

You guys may appreciate this ...

My dad saw my Bujo (with post it note tabs, list pages and calendars) and said "so basically you've made yourself a Filofax?"

I had to laugh and admit that, yes, I probably had

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An alternative look at some data visualisation controversies

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Just came across this article online.

Some familiar ideas here:

> The Six Lists You Need To Make Every Day Productive

I'd be interested to see how other people handle multiple projects in BuJo. 

As a freelancer I can have up to 10 projects active at any one time.

I've tried 2 approaches:

1. having a collection for each project and referencing the project name in my daily list when it needs working on
2. having all tasks lumped together in one master list (grouped by project if possible)

Neither suit my needs 100%. 

If I can, I like to spend a day/half-day working on just one project, so then it's great having all those tasks together.  However on days when I'm working across multiple projects, a single list works best. 

Does anyone else have this problem, and a solution?



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I've set up a new Google + business page - I'll be posting over there now so feel free to hop over and say hi!
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I've just added a business page to Google+. I'll be using that more than my personal profile from now onwards, so feel free to add it to your circles! Thanks
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