Welcome to Google+ Aspire!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Google+ Collections Community will now be called Google+ Aspire! This name-change will reflect the content expansion of our community, which now encourages members to share and receive feedback on all forms of content, including posts, profiles, and collections.

The Google+ Aspire community exists to help members reach their ultimate goals as content creators and curators. We are revamping this community to provide more resources for all of you to learn about creating and curating great content on G+.

To enhance your experience, Google+ Aspire welcomes you to post not only your collections, but also your posts, profiles, and other G+ content in this community to receive constructive feedback and encouragement. We want everyone to grow and improve on G+, and we are excited for Google+ Aspire to serve as a valuable space. G+ Aspire is designed for everyone who is interested in improving their G+ content and using our platform more effectively.

Our team will be creating weekly posts with tips and tricks to help you continue to take advantage of everything that G+ has to offer. We will discuss ways of organizing your profiles, using hashtags effectively, and enhancing your content with images and infographics. The #CreateConnections initiative will remain a part of this community. If you have content that you believe could be highlighted in Aspire, send it to us using this form: https://goo.gl/SSJVco

We encourage you to share your content and post your feedback on other members' posts. This community will be moderated by our Content and Community Management Team here at Google, with Google+ Create members also providing feedback and helping connect members with each other. The CCM Team would like to extend a big thank you to Create members +Azlin Bloor and +Nina Trankova who have contributed so much to the Google+ Collections Community over the years. We also want to recognize +Alex Lapidus, +Ellie Kennard, and other Create members who have been with this community since its beginning.

To learn more about G+ Aspire, check out our About section, then start posting your work!

Keep creating!
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