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Great little video exalting youth in farming.
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In my blood. Mother born on a farm and I was the first gen not. It all changed once my family migrated to the West. Now we farm for our homestead.
Nice clip
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There is a real consumer push towards better and more ethically produced foods.
Eating habits are changing across the country and food companies are struggling to keep up.
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Most years we do not go below 0 F, but range from single digits to low
30's. Two years ago was brutal and Michigan suffered the highest loss of
colonies. Last year was less cold.

I have wintered colonies without wraping.
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We've been updating the farmhouse a bit.
And in a few weeks, we'll be able to show you a new roof.
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Our home state, North Carolina. Watch this full-screen.
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Amazing just one word needing! Christine West-Cape 
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The Carolina Bee Company

Science News (Pop Sci)  - 
We don't even remotely fund science adequately. Alas extremely limited studies like the one referenced in this article and many others  in the realm of nutritional research -- also burdened by significant outside non-science influence, though probably not in this case -- really hurt the credibility of both the discipline and science in general.

If you want a fantastic (if a bit academically dense) review of the train-wreck that is the world of nutritional research, check out "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes:
Almost everything we “know” is based on small, limited studies, and the limited conclusions are often overblown.
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Google Translate failed us. Even when we said specifically "from Swedish". :)
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There is a balance, but we really need to bring back our vast grasslands. Required to do that? All those large herbivores that maintained them.
While 20 million bison were a vital part of grasslands eco-system, today cattle herds fill the niche bison once occupied
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We're not sure that we'd consider "disingenuous" as being the same as "walking a fine line", but...

#BigAg #CCD
Bayer walks line on honey bee die-offs
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At least they state now that "Agricultural Practices" may be a factor in colony loss. They used to not say that. And of course, they will not openly state that pesticides may be a contributor. #Disengenuous But it is a step forward. Perhaps.
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We just love hearing this feedback from our customers!
[edited lightly]

Subject: A sincere hearty thank you!!


I just wanted to send you a sincere "thank you" for your product.

I bought a jar of your Sweet Bee Body Butter[1] this past weekend at the Christmas Show.[2]  I know you've met a billion people at that show, but just in case you remember, I told you [that] I'm a massage therapist and [related] how my fingertips were cracking from all the hand washing. [...]

I've used your body butter for only 2 days. And WOW! My painful fingers thank you so much! My fingers have almost completely healed in 2 days! [Now I'm] looking forward to 2 more days from now! Ha!

I don't usually write glowing reviews, but you totally got this one. I'll be keeping your product in stock from now on.

Again, many thanks! Namaste'!


No! Thank you, for the glowing review! :)
-todd and monica
[1] Sweet Bee Body Butter:
[2] Southern Christmas Show:
Your skin will be delighted!
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Ducks on the pond! :)
3630 Charlie Grissom Rd, Kittrell, NC 27544
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As of this week. The ducks are FINALLY SWIMMING!!!!!

YAY! We are proud parents. They have been living at the pond for two months now. Until this past week, they have been pretty darn nervous about all that water. Now, they seem to have overcome their nervousness for the most part.

When we saw this, we let out a huge sigh of relief. Now we know they have a better chance of escaping predators by taking to the water if need be. This also expands their food diversity as they can eat fish, bugs, other water critters and plants.  And finally, they can simply settle into a suitable home. A duck-topia if you will.
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Just a reminder: All of The Carolina Bee Company's line of products are, of course, paraben-free.

Our only quibble with the article is that parabens have long been considered of questionable safety. I.e., This is a re-enforcing revelation, not a new revelation.


All of our products are also hand-made, containing no artificial scents, colors or preservatives. All ingredients are of the absolute highest quality, three of which are sourced locally. Two ingredients of course come from our honey bees: beeswax and honey.

How many other companies can take you out into the field and point at the sources for the base ingredients for their products?

Thank you for your patronage! :)
Parabens, which are chemicals found in personal care products, may not be as safe as once thought.
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"The lip balm is fabulous too!"
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Teresa R
3 years ago
I've purchased many products from The Carolina Bee Company and have never been disappointed! The soaps are especially nice for anyone with troubled skin because they are all natural. The lip balm is fabulous too!