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A continuation of the file syncing issue. This article has some good things to say about SugarSync> I've re-installed SugarSync to have another play with it, but before paying any money I went looking for reviews, and I found this one, which say:

The files aren't automatically synced to your phone but are available on demand.

I like that I can sync specific folders instead of moving the files to a separate directory, like DropBox and Google Drive. But it's automatic syncing that I want, and it seems I can't have. If I have to download the file when I'm out and about then the problem is tha same.

Am I asking too much?
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My phone is an HTC Legend. It's my tablet I'm more concerned about, it's an ASUS eeePad Slider. Photo backup is possibly a different thing than synchronising documents. I can see why they would be hesitant to automatically upload more documents than a tablet's SD card can hold.

I guess I'll just have to go back to a netbook.
I have been reading reports that Ubuntu are releasing an Android version of their OS. Apparently both Android and Ubuntu can coexist due to the shared Linux core. Wonder if you run your sync software under Ubuntu on the tablet it would think the tablet was a desktop app?
So favorites in Dropbox didn't work to auto sync the files? That's too bad. I don't know about Sugarsync. It wouldn't stop syncing after I told it to multiple times and had to delete it from my laptop. It never made it to Android. Drive doesn't auto sync either?

Well, again it sounds like Android is letting you down, but if you want to try one more thing, there are apps that say they will auto sync folders with Dropbox. Dropsync is one. The free version will sync one folder. I bet there's a fancy way to insert the link in here, but I would have to look up the code.
Interesting idea. Possibly too complicated for me to consider; my days trying to make hardware do unusual things are behind me. Are you considering this?
I use Dropsync. Perhaps I'm not using it properly, but I still get the network error when I try to access a file that hasn't already been downloaded (or even if it has in the past). I haven't revisited Dropbox favourites, I've been out giving a talk this morning on land research.

I'm giving up on Sugarsync a second time. It's nice to be able to sync specific files/folders without having to move them but it's too clunky and unreliable and I already hate it. Again. As soon as it's removed my files from its web interface (I'm not expecting to see them disappear altogether) I'm uninstalling it. Now I remember why I didn't like it the first time I tried it. The icon in the system tray doesn't even show me what it is when I hover over it like all the others do, and yet that's where I have to go to do basic things like deleting files from the sync process.
To anyone reading who might be interested in Sugarsync. I noticed a setting on my Android tablet that meant it was only syncing when plugged in to the power that I obviously missed. Perhaps that was the reason for the files not being there that I expected.
Too late now, I've uninstalled it and deleted my files, and I'm not going back
I've checked my DropSync settings and fixed the problems (battery power, files being downloaded...).
That's a pity it's been so buggy. It's theoretically what I want and I actually don't mind the interface - but I really want a seamless experience once set up. Hmmmm.
I've gone back to Dropbox. It reinforces a feeling I've had before - that it's easier to see what's being synced if I have to put it in the Dropbox folder in the first place, and then set it to synchronise on the tablet. I've got 14.75GB, so that's another incentive to stick with it!
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