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Carole Mercédès

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Did some +LightRecycler​​​ crafting the last few days... look how awesome!

My kids love them! And once again we are stunned how long and bright they shine!
!do you still use electric light or did you start recycling it?

And all natural no chemistry...

Habe etwas mit den +LightRecycler​​​n rumbespielt... schau wie schön!

Die Kids lieben sie! Und einmal mehr sind wir beeindruckt wie hell und lange sie leuchten. (Weit länger als eine ganze Nacht) und hell genug um alles zu finden was man braucht!
?brauchst du noch Elektrizität oder recykelst du schon?

Und komplett natürlich und ohne Chemie!

pictures: unedited with phone camera taken (galaxy note 3)
Bilder: unbearbeitet und nur mit einer simplen handykamera aufgenommen!

Buy/Kaufen? Contact me, ich held gerne weiter

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Carole Mercédès

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I really really would love this chair and if not, I'll still be happy for every vote you gave to me!
We might not win but...

They are all little virtual gifts of support for me and my life! Thank you!
Lets keep voting for +Carole Mercédès 
Champions.... what an interesting word. A word that has wings... who doesn't want to be a champion (be recognized, be loved, be appreciated) since January this year I'm paraplegic... hip down all dead... that was unexpected because while I just felt that I had my life all figured out it all tumbled down like a house of cards. The true champions in my life are my husband who hands in there with me even though what he married 17 years ago was ...
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Carole Mercédès

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Greetings from my training...

It's 10am and strength training, physio therapy and soon paracycling are done :) that promises to be a good week ;) or at least a good start ;)
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Carole Mercédès

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Lol yes it's hot ;) 
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Carole Mercédès

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Cheers... to a fit and relaxing Sunday tomorrow

#applebeer #adamundeva #liferocks 
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Carole Mercédès

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Lol I just realized I have only 2 kids eating lunch today --- I really need to learn to prepare small portions again ;)

But at least it'll make nice left overs 😂😂😂 #liferocks 
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Great! Thank you +Craig DeFarmer​
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Have her in circles
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Carole Mercédès

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This flowers are for you!
15000 followers again! Thank you!
After the accident and sharing about life in a wheelchair I lost many fallowers but also got new ones as I just found out...

If we haven't had interaction; welcome to my steam. It's a honor having you here and I truly look forward to interact with you and get to know you a bit or even more.

If we had contact, nice to still have you thank you! I how to hear even more from you!

And for all the old buddies! Wow amazing that your still here and I still didn't drive you away - not even with my wheelchair ;)

As +Google+​ started in beta and I desided to give a social platform a try I never ever thought I would stay... it was supposed to be a one year test - but you guys are just way too cool to stop! You ask rock and I love what I learn and hear from you, the friendships I found and the fun I have!
Thank you! Many of you truly have influenced my life! !!

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+Craig Burton lol see ;) good guessing lol... 
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Carole Mercédès

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"Friss dreck" = "eat dirt"
Becomes a while new meaning in paracycling....
bekommt beim handbiken ne ganz neue Bedeutung...

#paracycling #handbike #eatdirt #frissdreck #ft
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Carole Mercédès

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Today's a day to eat the yogurt müesli frozen ;)

#liferocks it's nice 150ml 132kcal and great taste
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+Fayza Mohamed Amin me too! And frozen they are like Dessert
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Carole Mercédès

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Lol.... don't get burned in the sun today ;)

#liferocks #shadeisgood #takeiteasy #sunburn
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Oh yes! 
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Carole Mercédès

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Make your life your success
I love: 
True smiles
Honest people instead of comfortable ones
Giving it all or nothing
Not believing bud-heads and realists
Staying hopeful and believing in the best even if everyone thinks its childish...
Children and childishness over all
Teenagers and there Believe to know it all and their  unbelievable drive to proof you wrong...
Running through the snowing night
Jumping in a river and flowing with the stream for hours
Playing with kids in the summer rain
Making love with the one and only
Hanging with good friends
Visions and ideas
Start up's and innovations
Hiking to nowhere - empty beaches and mostly creek running
Party and spending time with drug free and fun people all night
The smell of new born baby's 
People who try
When a new human is born
Happy parents who know about they're privilege and fun
Raising kids with visions
Feeling overwhelmed and admitting it
Taking help
Having fun
reaching for the top

And last but note last cool cars bikes and so on, to get me somewhere. Gadgets and technical inventions that make my life easier and make managing a family, a job and many projects possible...

Living in today's world is really challenging but also really exiting and fun!! Let`s to our job!! Take our responsibility and raise Children that are capable of managing the mess they`ll have to deal with - we will not leave them an easy job... even if we`d all do our best!
Let`s enable them for more and better... It`ll be fun!

And as requested here the more detailes one... 

I am first a Girl – trying to make a difference and doing what I can to use my talents and abilities in a way that is productive and helpful.

I am very aware that I am privileged and I believe it is everybody's job as an earthling to try to help sustain and facilitate our Planet. My passion lies within Family and Relationship.

I am a happy married wife, mother of four and temporary mother to teens every once in awhile.
Not one bit interested in a relationship  sex or anything so stop asking... I got all I desire so no chance here - don`t even circle... 

My Career started when I was 16 and left to go to the States . . There I was working as a Nanny for 3 Children. It was a great challenge and made me in big parts what I am now.

One of the Children was diagnosed with Autism during that year and my boy sure did have many challenges waiting for me during that time, but also became a love of my life. During this time a got chances to look into Occupational therapy, speech therapy and much more, being trained by his therapist to the work at home. I also started developing helping tools to Forster him.

Later I became a pediatric Nurse practitioner, worked in the burned unit, neonatal care, with disabled people of all age and functions and dysfunctions, Labor units and gynecology.

I soon learned that I like to dig deep and really learn about the roots, so I keep making courses to enable me to do better constantly. I realized that the most powerful tool on earth is communication.

I did schools and training in, Managing, Communication, Planning  and Coaching and 2001 started my own Company aiming to help parents to enable their Children for a future they are capable of and do give them what they deserve.

Later I added Phototherapy to my portfolio aiming to help Moms during pregnancy and labor. The Products produced are being used by midwives all throughout the country.

Then out of a (still hoping temporary) handicap I studied Kinesio Taping method that resulted in a little company offering sports-taping for Athletes and Families to help and prevent injuries and support healthy muscle-movement and recovery.

I love my live and I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by many great people, now even on here and also to be able to make my living doing things I love and as I also belive doing what I do best.

Very Honored to meet you!

I love being on here and I really love getting to know you better, hearing from you, your story and learn from each other. If you would like me to interact with you, share with me – if I get to know you I am very sincere in interaction.

I am also still looking to meet more Parenting professionals since I would love to grow and learn more and find companionship and exchange. 
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Partner to the best Husband and my 4 Wonderful Kids that challenge me everyday.
Baby-joy International
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    Life coach and Problem solver, 2015 - present
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    Enabling Parents around the world to succeed in one of the worlds Greatest Adventure - Parenting, Marriage and Family-life
  • Sportstaping
    Owner, 2012 - present
    Kinesio and Leuko taping for Athletes, during Pregnancy, Adults, Children and even Babies. Live moves!
  • Savis Solution
    Director and Founder, 2013 - 2015
    Import and Distribution of health related products that help you succeed. KT TAPE, BLACKROLL, FLIPBELT, OHYO Bottles and more... We bring great stuff to Switzerland. Founding Partner and Responsible for accusation, Branding, Marketing, Social Media and Advertisement and Partners.
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THE place to eat in Chicago! Beautiful outdoor sitting area with beautiful plants surrounded. Great food! (Size/ qualiti/ look/ taste) great children menu too! And great prices top the meal as an awsome desert! Shelly the manager is really nice too.
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