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Simple and wonderful

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My girls!

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the swinging door
two realities one life, one art when I’m in one, I’m in it when I’m in the other, I’m in that it’s strange when I’m just in life I know art is there I hesitate to go in it feels like a different reality and my reality is life then I pick up the novel I star...

reviving youth

youth awakes from the dead
shakes off the leaves
brushes off the dirt

the light of joy has ignited in the eyes
and the dancing starts
‘cause love is real and not fade away, yo

bringing the swingin’ sixties into the mid teens
is perfect, don’t ya’ think?
think about it, ‘cause it’s yo’ thing, man

I say revive the breakaway
the break from stodgy zombie school
farming minds out to tend well the bullshit

“farm out” took on a new meaning, didn’t it, bro?
as the fucking great music took over
there was every good reason to be high

the generations don’t matter
love and spirits do
we walked outside and welcomed immortality

something stirred from misplaced dreams
we rehabbed the artist
and were as children eternal

now decades later we revive freedom!
with younger generations all on board
they feel it and we feel them

youth and wonder rule
brotherhood, philosophy, spirituality, art
as we celebrate the music masters

Stevie, Dylan, Beatles, Stones
Cream, Zeppelin, CSNY,
Joni, Jimi, Janis, Doors, Sweet Baby James

music of the gods
hail hail rock and roll
poetry harmony color galore

so get naked if you want
swear like a sailor, go hug strangers
we’re all on the same wild ride

we can remember 
we can live, y’all!
we can BE here now

Copyright © 2015 by Carole T. Eddington.  All rights reserved.


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poetry omelet
things on chains things on string around our necks charms, amulets jeweled words engraved sentiments lucky stones hidden poems I wear a poem o’er my heart I am a poem in mirror and mind in photo and memory and imaginings I am a poem I have to be are you a p...

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the welcome
random leaves from green eternities fall with petals to the forest floor and to the surface of the lake with a nod from the trees I wake and walk through fresh vibrancies and there is much to smell and taste as I’m cut free of bodily strings and fill the cl...

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found my kaleidoscope again it gently swept me in, revived me with flashing
see-through hues, with fragmented concepts of living pictures, with star shapes in miniature movement with the secret mechanism unlocking God and the universal child's tinkling peac...

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six stanzas from
the art level “the general atmosphere of art is fleeting like a son of a bitch,” she said airing out her armpits “I wish all my bright young school pals and fine old books of stature would come back in breath of higher life and rich exchang...
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