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You could wait until the holidays to buy a PS4. Or you can (kinda) build one today. 
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For some things you may not have gotten in the Sony event, see EETimes' coverage:

Sony is going with an 8 core AMD X86 CPU with integrated on-die ATI Radeon GPU.  Being able to put CPU and GPU on the same die in applications like this is a major reason AMD bought ATI.

The bigger news is that the PS4 uses an incompatible architecture that is not backward compatible, and your PS3 games won't play on it.  There's some concern over this, but I don't think it will matter: will you throw out/sell/give away your existing PS3 when you get the PS4?  Not if yuou still have valued games that will only play on it.

Sony is making a big bet to get developers on board for the new platform, and hoping for new games compelling enough to spur PS4 sales.  (It might also be attractive to game developers to make it relatively easy to produce games for both hard-core gaming PCs and dedicated game consoles, because the same architecture will be used.)
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