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If you thought The Dark Knight Rises had more than a few flaws, you weren't the only one. 
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Before I saw it, I encountered friends who had just come from seeing it.  Asked for a non-spoiler review, one said "It was an emotionally satisfying end to the trilogy that made no sense at all".  After seeing it, I agreed.  The plot flaws were enough to toss me out of the story, and I spent a fair bit of time rolling my eyes and saying "They must be joking..."   Alas, they weren't.  It was hands down the worst movie I saw this year.  This film was what Damon Knight called a Second Order Idiot Plot, that required everyone in the story to be an idiot to work.

What made it really annoying is that it wouldn't have been hard to address the plot holes, had anyone bothered.  I'm not sure whether the producers were too dumb to recognize the problems, or just assumed  the audience would be so they didn't have to care.  Upon release, it became a Third Order Idiot Plot, that required the viewers to be idiots to appreciate it.

Pass the popcorn and the Avenger's DVD, please...
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