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Carol Phillips
Learning to paint with a camera
Learning to paint with a camera

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Hi Stew! Welcome to G+!

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for #floralfriday  
in case there's not enough weirdness in your day

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Help raise awareness of the dangers of Roundup Ready, GMO food crops!

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As a full-time digital arts student, I have to say that the Creative Cloud option was a life-saver!  For $20 a month, I have the entire suite - good until I finish my degree. It would have been very difficult to pay for that up front, not to mention the upgrades. 

Thank-you for the invitation - I'm really enjoying all the beautiful photos here!

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Hi! My yard isn't quite as exciting as some - but sometimes it just needs a different perspective.

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Added photos to Canon Users Share One (1) Shot Event.

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Added photos to The Canon Users Share One (1) Photo event.

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For anyone who enjoys collage or creative photoshop pieces, this is a very interesting opportunity! 
As a pilot, the National Gallery of Denmark is using the Creative Commons license CC BY 3.0 on digitized high resolution images of 159 highlights from our collections.
All artworks are outside copyright, and we therefore allow you to:
    Share the images – copy, distribute, and transmit them
    Remix the images – adapt and reuse them in new contexts
    Use the images for any purpose – for instance teaching, research, presentations, publications,  film productions m.m., also for commercial purposes on the single condition that you attribute National Gallery of Denmark as the source of the image.
The correct attribution of the source is:
Artist, Artwork title, Date (year), Statens Museum for Kunst/National Gallery of Denmark,
We would like to ask you to help other users know where the original artworks can be viewed, and where high resolution images of them are available for download. You do that by linking back to
We appreciate your help, and wish you a good time using our common cultural heritage!
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