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STOP setting goals. STOP trying to be great.

No, seriously, stop it.

Today we talk with +Terry Lancaster whose book I recently read and whose in-real-life sense of humor is just as awesome, about why you need to cut it out with the whole "wanting awesomeness" thing and focus instead on just being BETTER.

A better version of yourself. A better business. Better health. And how do you do that?

* DON'T rely on motivation. In fact, forget about it entirely.

* DON'T set goals. Focus instead on actions.

* DO practice gratitude. Your life doesn't suck as much as you think.

* DO something. Anything. One thing. And then do it again.

It's an important message as we enter into "resolution season" and start making lofty promises to ourselves that we inevitably break. Skip the cycle of ambition and fatigue (or flat out failure). This year, don't be great. Just GET BETTER.

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Let me tell you why producing free content is killing your business...

Let me tell you why free content is making your prospects unhappy...

Let me tell you why you need to stop chasing the carrot and focus on what works for you...

Better yet, let +Blair Glaser tell you because she does it brilliantly!

I'm so happy she agreed to take on this topic because it can only help YOU as you continue on your internet marketing journey. Thinking of pumping out another free webinar? Listen to this first. 

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Thanks to +Marie Segares for having me on her podcast to rant a bit about some of the things that I see wrong in the web and marketing world... namely, ways that developers and marketers can derail your plans by giving you bad info, shoehorning you into a "one size fits all" approach or just generally being less-than-great at what they do. 

We talk about stuff like...

* Do you need an ecommerce website or can you rely on a site like Etsy?

* Should you hire a pro or DIY?

* What kind of things do you need to think about, whichever path you take?

And lots of red flag goodness! 

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Good times with interviews! I took this week off from blogging and ended up in an interview with Nicholas Scalice for his blog.

This is a little bit of productivity mixed in with some thoughts on marketing. There was only one question he asked that didn't make it to the final cut because I didn't have a good answer.... and that's what my favorite marketing book is. I have a few and I'm so terrible at choosing favorites so let me know if you have an opinion!

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Going to be joining +Wade Harman in just a few minutes. Catch you there!
The Epitome of Collaboration
This week I'll be joined in studio by not one, but two great bloggers,+Ralph M. Rivera and +Carol Lynn Rivera and I want to talk to them about collaboration and how a blogger can succeed with another blogger in the same space and why they would even want to.

Ralph and Carol Lynn are two of the best people I have found to talk to about this because when it comes to collaboration, they know how to cross the "T's" and dot the "i's".  Do you want to learn how to build a blogging community around you?  Guess what?  It can't be done by yourself.

Learn more about them here:

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The Relationship Manifesto is available for your pre -order today!  Grab your copy of how you can learn to be a hero to one individual at a time and capture the magic of social through one simple tip here:

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July 31st is the day I'll be doing a free Pinterest webinar that shows you how to capitalize on promoted pins without breaking the bank and spending all your savings but still getting the results you want.  Click here to sign up:

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Haven't read it yet but I KNOW it's awesome because everything Bryan does is awesome. Looking forward to getting my copy. GO get yours, too!
Ready. Set. Go!! My new book is available TODAY, grab #Shareology on @Amazon:

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In today's podcast we talk about tomorrow... more specifically, Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 7:49AM Eastern US when the New Horizons mission does its closest-ever flyby to Pluto. It's a historic moment that we're excited to witness. And that sparks a conversation about what it means to be successful and what it takes to get there. It sounds like a leap but trust me, we actually get to a point in less time than it took the New Horizons mission to get to Pluto.

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Don't we all love it when our fans and followers heap praise on us? And yet sometimes we need a reality check... that's what happens in today's podcast when a listener calls us out on our crankiness. And even though the topic of this podcast is "negative reviews", the point is to show you what a positive impact they can have on your business.

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When +Ryan Hanley shows up on your podcast for the THIRD time you know you've made it in this world.

We're polishing up his brass nameplate and reserving his chair right now, but in the meantime be sure to listen as he drops knowledge bombs all over the place about content marketing, what it really means to provide stellar customer service and building up your super fans.

We're big Ryan superfans here, no question.

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Today we talk serious GTD (Getting Things Done) - how it has changed our lives and how you can use it to help you, too. If you run around wondering how the heck to get out from behind the eight ball and have more time to do stuff - especially stuff you like - listen in and let us turn you into GTD converts, too.
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