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Carol Hardin
Older, wiser, and still learning
Older, wiser, and still learning

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Well, I hit that "pause" that I talked about in a previous post. I went down to 203, but came back up to 205 - and stayed there. No down. So.....I did something that I haven't done for a number of years - I walked. Almost a mile. From the marina to...

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Made It Thru The Holidays
Well, I survived the holiday season....and I'm down to 203.

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Christmas coming up, Can I still maintain?
I went to the store yesterday and did a weigh-in. I lost two more pounds and am now at 206. Just six pounds to my first goal, and 9 pounds to my half-way goal.  We've had problems with our refrigeration system on the boat, so I had to put off my morning sum...

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Thanksgiving Weigh-In
On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I did a weigh-in. Success! I lost another pound and am now at 208. For Thanksgiving Dinner, I had a slice of Turkey, green beans and about 1/2 cup of brown rice with 100% fruit juice to drink. NO PIE and NO DRESSING (my t...

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Slow But Steady
So, I did my monthly weigh-in and blood pressure check a week ago today. I lost another 4 lbs. and the blood pressure is still good. That makes it only 14 more pounds to lose to get to my half-way point, and 39 total lost pounds to date. Cool!

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The Bundock Sisters - Kate, Re, Tid, and Lou
Kate, Tid, and Lou Kate and Re Kate, Re, and Lou

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Update #4
I went and did my monthly weigh-in and blood pressure check.  Yippeee.....I lost the 2 lbs. I accidentally gained, plus another 3 lbs. I am now down to 214! My blood pressure is now registering as normal. Since I started my eat-style program, it had been re...

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Update #3
So, less than two weeks after I last weighed in at 217, I was at the store and decided to do it again. I usually wait for a month between weigh-ins, but I figured 'what the heck'. Oh no! 219! How did I manage to gain 2 pounds?  Well, I'll tell you. Between ...

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Update #2
Even though things are up in the air for me right now, I still am trying to find the time to track and report my progress. So, here's an update. Another 3 lbs gone. I am now down to 217 from 249. In four months, averaging 8 lbs a month, I have lost 32 lbs. ...

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Just a Quickie
I wanted to get this recorded - down to 221 lbs. Seven more pounds gone. 76 more to goal weight. Getting there.
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