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A Little Peep After a Whole Mouthful

I haven't been posting my blog entries on G+ very much. I guess I think they are too depressing. The thing is though, there's other information mixed up in them that could be useful. This poses a small dilemma. So maybe you can skip past the whining and pluck out the parts you like and mail them home to yourself. It's worth a try.

#creativewriting #contemporaryfolkart #artcollector #artistsbooks #workingartist

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Try Not to Care - That's What I Aim to Do

Hi all. I haven't been "promoting" my last blog entries, even though I have three (count 'em three!) blogs now. I haven't cared, or I'm scared, or maybe both. Here's today's.

#Artistsbooks #bookarts #mentalillness #DDNOS

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...I Just Wanna Play on de Drum All Day

Some might say I already "play on de drum all day," but that's not necessarily true. I give myself a lot of stress, partly, for no sane or intelligent reason. Ha!

The following blog post may not indicate exactly why I do that, but atleast it cites how I'm not going to be doing it for very much longer.

#artcareer #retirement #todolists #exhibitingartist

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Up to Now

We are re- releasing this movie in HD, so, you have definitely not seen this version before. Same movie, better quality - cleaner, crisper, clearer. You won't believe it.

Plus, there is a soon-to-come special edition of 20 flah drives with little handmade books included in each hand painted case with some other goodies for only $150. You can still buy the A/Ps for $75 on my site: (but very few are left).

Please comment about this new version of the movie on the Vimeo site after clicking on the arrow to watch it. I would like to try to get it into circulation at Vimeo and get it trending. ;)

#JoshuaTree #Kabbalah #animation #personalnarrative #exodus #junk #yud #Judaica #jonathannesmith #caroles #susanholloway

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Tons of New News and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Pardon me, but I'm awake from the dead again - here to tout off my latest obsessive-compulsions about staying up night after night for the last week+ building websites. For what reason, you got me. But it was something "to do." Now it's time for me to take a little rest and go back to my regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for reading. All four of yous. ;)

#memoir #writing #wordpress #webdesign #artshow #joshuatree 

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A Response to Recent Affairs

Just me, typing out my feelings, sharing views, being an American, and all that. Commiserate as you see fit, or not.

#election2016 #imwithher #notmypresident #womenrule #equalrights 

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Hey Friends!

Please "Love" my entry on ello for the Hi Fructose competition. If you heart me, it will come.

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Fall Newsletter

I sent out my autumn newsletter yesterday. For those of you that would like to read it, please join my mailing list!

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This Time it's For Sho

Last night I finished Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley which means now it is ready for the editor to make pretty. Thanks everybody for putting up with all my anxiety and shenanigans. I really appreciate it.

#memoir #childabuse #artistlife #writing #booktitles #sanfernandovalley

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Hi Bunches of Fellow Cornheads!

Just peeking my head out of the hole to inform you of a new blog post. Have a read. It's all about the book and writing in general. So if that floats your boat, dive in. :) Let me know what shows up in your thought bubbles.

#memoir #autobiography #writinggenres #lifestory #kimflowley #rocknroll 
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