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While waiting for gDrive (if yours is not ready yet like mine), remember to upgrade/lock in your skydrive storage!

"You’ve been with us a long time, and through a lot of changes. We appreciate you sticking with us, and we want to make it easy for you to keep using your 25 GB of free online storage. All you need to do is go to the SkyDrive storage page and choose Upgrade my storage. That’s it—you’re locked in for 25 GB for free."
Go to the SkyDrive storage page and choose “Upgrade my storage” to lock in your offer.
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Sadly neither of them supports Linux. Would expect Google to give some love to Linux as well.
I'm afraid the only proper method to use free cloud storage (read - financed from other than your pocket sources) is to make insulation by encrypted file system. But for gadget lovers it means more electrons will be burned for encrypt() and decrypt() which usually are CPU-intensive and hence intense in power consumption. I tend to think more towards coop-style DIY but indentured servants of MSFT and GOOG also has alternative with Wuala which even accepts #bitcoin for payment
ah yes i know about Wuala, am considering using it. didn't know that it accepted bitcoins though (or that bitcoin is still around!)
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