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Trying to get my hands on one too
What's not to like about the Raspberry Pi? The bargain basement credit card-sized computer went on sale this morning with a tremendous amount of goodwill behind its mission to give the next generation...
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I WANT one, but i can wait until the initial rush is over.

I am not understanding the panic i am seeing on the social media tubes, it is not like there won't be more of these in the (online) stores soon!
I guess it's true - "haters gonna hate"
yeah I can wait too, but i was hoping we'll get something for our next Qt meetup in March.
As I have read it, there are 400 reserved for the QtonPi project, so at least ONE should make it to TRE ;)
Great, interesting, ... no time :( will have to pass
no rush, I'm sure it'll be around for a while!
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