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Carol Barone

Hey #Wordpress #Theme #Developers! Do you prefer to create your themes from scratch or do you like to use starter themes? #wordpressthemes #help 

So upon reading up on wordpress theme creation, it looks like I can create my theme like I would any site, but they need to be saved as the relevant php files, with wordpress relevant php thrown into the html to help populate (i.e. the loop). I've done similar at my past job.... it can't be that easy, can it? #wordpress   #wordpressthemes   #design   #html   #php  

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Hey tech savvy friends! Can anyone help me with this?

Wow, I fail at this g+ thing. I'm back in hopes that someone in my circle could help me with some jquery code. I'm working on a mouseover that fades with jquery. I've found over 40 different tutorials which weren't what I want. Here's what I want: something that has nothing to do with CSS. Why? Everything I've found is not responsive (and the site i'm working on is very responsive). I found a code that works exactly as a mouseover, but I don't know how to add a fade to it. So here's the simpler rundown: I have set of images. All responsive. When you hover over these images, I want another image to fade in. When you unhover it fades back to the original. I feel like this is actually really simple but there are no tutorials on it. And my knowledge of jquery is well... non-existent. If anyone is able to help me out with this I'd be very happy! If you need my code let me know.

Dying for an imac G3 grape. Which seems to be the least common of all the imac colors. Checked local craigslist, ebay, and amazon. Anyone know someone who wants to get rid of theirs? or have any other suggestions as to where to look?

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Well, decided to take a step back into G+ land. It seems... confusing now. Hoping to use this as a more useful and professional source of social media than my FB account. So here goes:

I'm looking for some good Graphic Design books/magazines. Found this article on

And I'm thinking of The Manual and Typo. I currently have an e-book titled "Do Good Design" but I'm not sure if its really the book for me.

Any suggestions? I'm currently working with web more often than not (I work for an online retailer). But it is my goal to ultimately move more into print as I adore working on my companies catalog.

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First car accident ever... and I totaled my car. Im completely fine, but now its time to search for a new car. I'd love to have a vw bug (not the new ones!) but I'm thinking a Honda Fit is more likely. Any suggestions? (mind you, my last car was a nissan maxima... if you haven't noticed the trend, i like small cars)

You know you need to move when you're too scared to go back home.... :(

And the apartment search begins again... I am so lost lol
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