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Ok... now I'm REALLY going to bed ROFL --- Yes... I'm addicted to G+
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I think we need an intervention. Then again, screw it I'm addicted! 
Ati br
yes... I'm addicted to G+!!!
am sorry but G+ doesn't have anything to be addicted at !! :))
oi Elsabet...would you please add me as a friend..
por favor, me add...
not addicted, i just need it :D
not at all! its super boring! jst come once a day hardly! jst because of f1! :D
My name is alison.. And I'm addicted to g+.. ( need a 12 step program)... Lol
I'm certainly getting there. Trading one drug for another! Lol thanks for this.
can't take my eyes off G+ anymore... so yes, I am addicted :)
Seeing as though, we access G+ at school and then seeing as though I don't have classes with most of my close friends and this is the only means of contact with them...
I am addicted and without G+ I'd go insane.
The Google is one of my favorite companies, I believe will take over the world however, my addiction comes from all new media and the great shared experience with awesome peeps like yourself.
I was, for about 2 months running up to Christmas, but then I switched to Tumblr and progressed to WordPress. On WP people actually read your blogs and comment. Tumblr is fun.
The user interface here is boring by comparison. No option to tailor or theme. WP and Tumblr allow you to create your web presence.
theme-ing is precisely why myspace failed
I am trying to get friends and family on board too. So far, no one. Come on people, let go of Facebook and join Google +.
yes, am addicted to freedom actually
well i m getting addicted here
Not addicted to G+ just yet only because I haven't totally taken all the time to get my stuff up here. but as a recent Android convert on my phone and tablet, I'll happily admit my new-found Google addiction in general!
facebook has only one effect while g+ has FOUR!
As every other good junkie I must say no.
iv been on it since i have been able to type
We live in a liberal country, its gonna effect the public domain...
+kelvin morales david , the point about G+ is to make new friends. As someone said, Facebook is for the friends you have, G+ is for the friends you wish you had! :)
Ao Soca
I believ all that you do and injoy kan make you want it over and over again hope it wil not effect you or oders
Yep I can feel myself getting hooked
It runs through my veins everyday so like a true addict I'll deny that I'm addicted!!! +Rajini Rao said it best! +JT Orielus you just have to interact with people's public post more and make sure you have content yourself and trust'll come!
yes i am in every single way hahahahahhahahahahahhaha
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. You are half way there!
G+ is my #1 place to come and find news, art, opinions and to comunicate with people of the world.

I'm addicted!
Ade Nan
I don't addict
Same Here, Much better than FACEBOOK!
No I'm not and I'm finding it hard to spend time on here over facebook!
That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen! Good job!
I'm just trying to figure G+ out & people are addicated??
I used to absolutely love twitter and I still have over 40,000 followers. But since I discovered G+ and the improved interaction with followers and friends Twitter and Facebook in my opinion just can't compete. However to answer the question yes I think I'm addicted.
It's taken Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds all together in one place. Of course it is addictive!
I know I need help... So when I want to stop I will! :D
omg yes i am tooo bad i cant find any of my real friends.
The only thing I use facebook for is posting my g+ link on my FB wall. Friends don't let friends endorse Suckerberg.
WOW THIS POST YOU GUYS LIKED HUH? TALK About being addicted LOL +Michael Lee Johnson I didn't know you created this image but it's AWESOME!!! we're all addicted!!! Got any more? Tag me when you share!!! Ha ha I read all 200 comments everyone has hilarious reasons... especially those of you who can't tell you're addicted yet... for the rest... therapy coming soon!!! LOL <3
LOL How many shots of G+ have YOU had? LOL
Craig W
Addictive and refreshing.
i dont really get it how can they measured a average number the user spent on here is 3.3 mins... lol ...
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