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"If it's important to you, you will find a way if not you will find an excuse."
I love Android. I love my 3 miniature dachshunds! Family means everything to me!

These thoughts and opinions are mine and not that of my employer.

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T-Mobile Winner's Circle Winner 2009, 1 out of 4 (formerly 8) in the country "Elite Franchise Champions" to work in special projects with T-Mobile corporate. Featured in myTouch magazine, featured in Android magazine Fall and Winter 2010. Featured in Women of G+ July 2011 and OMG Droid August 2011.
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Miami, FL
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba - Lima, Peru - Bogota, Colombia - Medellin, Colombia - Antioquia, Colombia - Cali, Colombia - Port Isabel, TX - Miami, FL


Carms Perez

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Want to play wet? We got you! Galaxy S 5 water resistant 30 minutes under water up to 3 feet and it takes gorgeous pictures! Come to get yours! 
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That's a good new for me +Ronald Valdes, let's see if mines support it........blu blu blu, lol
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Carms Perez

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes

If you love #strawberries and #bananas, you will be delighted with this refreshing #smoothie. Not only is it mouthwatering delicious but it is extremely healthy. It is packed with potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants. The bananas give you an extra smooth texture coupled with fresh strawberries for a perfectly sweet flavor. A strawberry banana smoothie is the ideal drink for people on the go or a late afternoon snack.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2


1 ¼ cup fresh strawberries; diced (frozen strawberries may be used)
2 ripe bananas, sliced (for extra thickness use frozen bananas)
¾ cup milk or substitute soy, rice, almond or coconut milk
½ cup ice cubes
Sprigs of mint


1. Prepare strawberries, wash thoroughly and dice into pieces
2. Cut bananas (fresh or frozen)into 1 inch slices
3. Place strawberries and bananas into a blender. Note: Reserve a few strawberries for garnish
4. Add ice cubes and choice of milk
5. Mix ingredients on low until well blended. If needed, stop the blender and stir mixture away from the sides and near the blade
6. Serve immediately. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of strawberry. Goes well with cookies, a muffin or a favorite sandwich
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Carms Perez

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Yummy!!! #throughglass  love my friends! 
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Looks like you are enjoying the weekend already
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Carms Perez

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My leg is on fire!!! However, I loved spending time tonight w/my bestie! True lifelong friends are hard to find! I'm fortunate to have such friendships! Goodnight love u all ZzzZzz
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You're wearing high heels again, aren't you?
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Carms Perez

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+Ray Davis splendiferous indeed!!! +Michael Sandiego  holding it safe for u!
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Don’t worry about hard times

English Quotes:
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Is this written over the main entrance at Microsoft? 😁
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Carms Perez

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Saturday #VarietyCircle V7
Now 133 engagers included and growing. You are welcome to join in.
This is a  #GoogleCircleShare  for people with different interests.  These are people that will share and re-post your circles and other content you produce.

I highly suggest adding each and every person in this #GoogleCircle  as they will b sure to interact with you.

If you would like to be a part of my Saturday #VarietyCircle  then please do the following:
1. Add me to your circles, if you haven't done so already
2. +1 this circle
3. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.
4. Leave a comment on this circle so I know you have done the three steps above

#SocialContent #LifePositions #Photography #Fun #Change #Business #Marketing #Inspirational #Motivation #specialcircle   #corsogoogleplus    #topengagers   #circleoftheday     #saturdaycircle #weekendcircle

I am confident that together we can build great new circle contacts.
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Last weekend #throughglass  @ the Mayfair Hotel
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Carms Perez

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Last weekend.....#throughglass at the Mayfair Hotel 
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Goat cheese croquettes, Spice of love and Leche de Tigre ha ha great times with my love +natyluna302
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Must go!! We arrived at 10PM and waited 5 mins to be seated, the staff were very nice and dressed super cute too in plaid shirts and jeans, they offered still or sparkling water, the menu was short but WOW it was delicious! We tried the fried cheese which came with thinly sliced pears over it, we also had the Chicken & Waffles, yes you heard right it's boneless chicken and waffles with bacon strips over it, and Chicken carbonara which was served with an egg yolk on top (I don't like the egg so I moved it to the side) the pasta tasted PERFECTLY like no other restaurant in Miami, it actually tasted like restaurants in Italy. The food was made with fresh ingredients and everything blended so nice! The food creativity in this place is outstanding. Very cozy restaurant, super clean, with excellent food, great ambiance. Highly recommend!
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After a month of workouts at CrossFit CrossFire I have to say that I am completely proud of myself and the changes that I see in my body. I feel like I can breathe better, I have more energy, my clothes fit better. My trainer has taken me to places where I didn’t think I could go. He is totally dedicated to his clients and knows the right workout combination for taking me to the next level. I’m super happy looking forward to what he’s going to do with me over the next couple of months! Words cannot express how grateful I am for having him helping me do this and for pushing me the whole way. Please come work out at CrossFit CrossFire you will enjoy it as much as I do! UPDATE: After 3 months I've lost 28 lbs! Super happy with this box and my results! Highly recommend Lazaro as a trainer!
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Sleep Number m7 memory foam: the Worst bed I've ever had. Do NOT recommend Sleep Number beds. Why not? Bed keeps waking me up from super hot mattress, bed keeps changing numbers on its own, among many other small annoyances such as the remote dying in only 1 month. Needless to say the extra expense on the electric bill from having this bed plugged in as well as the foam getting lumps in different places. This is a GLORIFIED AIR MATTRESS and VERY uncomfortable!! Please save yourself the money and if you're buying a new bed do NOT get a +Sleep Number bed! This has been the most miserable 2 months of my life. I'll be shopping for a new bed ASAP.
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! I've gotten wax on a gown and they've gotten it out, my black washed out work shirts always come back extra dark and crispy and clean, any oil stains come off EVERY time, any stains on my white sheets come off! They have such AMAZING high quality service! Always prompt, and they take the time to call you personally to tailor to your every need! My fave part is the Drive-Thru!! You can drop off and pick up without getting off your car! EXCELLENT service and prices! Wouldn't go anywhere else! =D
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