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I am
also praying for Leslie.
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Carms Perez

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Good morning friends!!! Today is officially the day where you can start putting up your Christmas tree!!!!! What will yours be like??? I can't wait to go pick up mine!! BTW Costco has natural trees 7-8' for only $29.99! 
The force is a bit dark on this one lol I hope you all have an amazing day and Happy #BlackFriday  shopping!
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that a first santa meets dark vada ( saying ) santa i am your father
PS dont give me any shit if i got the name wrong never got into star wars not one movie 
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Carms Perez

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I feel like I'm gaining weight just THINKING about Thanksgiving lol poor turkeys!!
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There's nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves to eat good food with good friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving, chica. Te amo, be safe.
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Carms Perez

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This was me earlier tonight prior to our amazing Thanksgiving Potluck at +DieselFit !! We had such an amazing night!! I'll be posting pics soon!! Super happy to have my CrossFit #FITFAM they're here day in and day out pushing me to be better every day and I'm glad that I can be part of such a great team! Love my box! #ns   #DieselFit   #CrossFit   #Miami   #Fitness   #Thanksgiving   #Thankful  
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Nice D
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Carms Perez

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I wish we could donate body fat to those in need
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Then men would break the windows in ques for taking their favourite parts fat
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Carms Perez

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I have a million dollar idea that I will share with the first million people that send me a dollar/euro lol
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+Nil Ainm lol I accept euros now
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Carms Perez

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Blueberry #Paleo Waffles made with cashews, eggs, coconut flour and vanilla extract. Delicious always! It doesn't matter if you failed, what matters is getting back on your feet and trying again and doing it better next time! #Mondays always a perfect day for #newbeginnings #healthyeats #ns  (The dark spots are embedded blueberries) 
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Hit me up with that recipe, every time I try waffels or pancakes they never come out. My wife has a money "paleo chicken fried rice" made with cauliflower.
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Carms Perez

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He's perfect!!!! Can't wait to come home to decorate it! #ChristmasTree #Christmas smells awesome!
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Nice tree☺🌲
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Carms Perez

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful to be alive today! Thankful for each of my precious family members, for my puppies, for my amazing coworkers because after many years I finally have an amazing team again, thankful because of my +DieselFit  #fitfam  I've met so many wonderful new friends in the CrossFit community, thankful for my friends that although I don't always see them they shine in my life when I need them, thankful for my amazing customers who show me love by being loyal and always coming back to me, and thankful for my amazing e-friends, all of you friends that have me in your circles and show me love all year long and encourage me and enhance me and challenge me. I love you all big and small! I'm thankful for each person that has touched my life and propelled me to me a better version of me! I'm also thankful for those that have given me a hard time in life because thanks to those I can value more the good ones and thanks to hard times I am stronger. I'm thankful for every moment of every day because each experience makes me who I am today. Above all things I'm thankful to the Lord above for watching every step and lighting my path always. Happy Thanksgiving to every single person reading this! XOXO Carms PS. Gratitude goes a long way, always be grateful!
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+clifford buckman
yeah i already know, but i said happy thanksgiving anyway
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Carms Perez

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Worked out this morning at +DieselFit, got a ham which I'm cooking for our Thanksgiving Potluck at the box, got a mani and spent some time with my bestie!! Now off to get an outfit and get ready for tonight!! Thankful for having a best friend as amazing as +Yeni Hernandez was able to feel Abby in her womb for the first time today! Oh, the oven is beeping! :D I hope you're all having an amazing day! #ns  
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+Juan S Iles C muchisimos!
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Carms Perez

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For those of you wanting the recipe for my favorite Blueberry Waffles here it is! It's from the book Against All Grain by +Danielle Walker 
I hope you all love these waffles as much as I do!! Again thanks to +Carole Mercédès for the awesome waffle maker lol it's used daily!!! 
+Des Smith +Daniel Suárez-Bárcena Christensen +Jacob Bowen  try it out and let me know what you think! Tastes delicious!!
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+Eric P not complicated at all!! I put all the ingredients in my nutribullet they liquify and i put em in the waffle maker
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Carms Perez

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Why can't we be adults and do it ourself 
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  • Florida International University
    Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2005 - present
  • Florida International University
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2001 - 2013
  • Miami Coral Park Senior High School
    High School General Education, 1997 - 2001
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Carmen Perez
"If it's important to you, you will find a way if not you will find an excuse."
I love Android. I love my 3 miniature dachshunds! Family means everything to me!
I am a +T-Mobile  sales rep. This is my personal account and is not tied to work. Whatever I post here does not reflect the views of T-Mobile. I am not their authorized spokesperson and all my opinions are mine not that of my employer. At the same time since I do enjoy technology and it's my hobby I am more than happy to give you my opinions on Android technology and phone features I however cannot discuss your accounts unless you're my client and you're at my location.  I am making this public statement to be compliant with my employer's social media policy. If you're interested in becoming a customer please do reach out to me to my work email and we can set up an appointment at my work location to switch you over. I am committed to offering all customers the highest level of professionalism with over a decade of experience at T-Mobile. Thanks to all of you who come to my store and value my service. I’m honored to be your T-Mobile rep. :D #TeamMagenta 

These thoughts and opinions are mine and not that of my employer. 

Things I like (in no particular order):
  • House Music/EDM (except techno) - Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Diplo, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Avicci, Steve Aoki, Dirty South, Duck Sauce. Love to dance! Love dance festivals such as Ultra Music Festival. 
  • Music in general bc I love to dance: Reggaeton, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, some R&B, alternative, classical. Don't need to be at a club every weekend (I've already done that in my early 20s) but don't mind going out for a good time on special occasions! Music = Life! 
  • Theme parks! Love roller coasters & water parks!
  • I CrossFit at DieselFit 
In many ways I'm like the sun, I will be a light in your path and keep you warm when you're cold. I have excellent abilities to lead and meet daily challenges with ease. I am very energetic, strong, and have the will to succeed. I believe that steady wins the race. I can keep calm when everything around me is chaos and act in control under any circumstance. I am stable and determined and I don't stop until I achieve what I set out to do. I'm confident, and self-reliable, need little or no supervision. I am persevering and persistent. I'm never afraid to take new risks in life, I can make a good decision in a short amount of time. I'm very passionate in everything I do. Once I get involved in something you will have my commitment to see it through. I know the value of life and I am well aware of the limited time we have on this earth. I don't like to spend my time on useless things or negative people. I know how to quickly discern what's beneficial in my life and how to let go and move forward onto the things that matter. I am generous and brave, I am impulsive and I do weigh in the facts into all decisions but do have a great use of my gut feeling which is often right!
Bragging rights
T-Mobile Winner's Circle Winner 2009, 1 out of 4 (formerly 8) in the country "Elite Franchise Champions" to work in special projects with T-Mobile corporate. Featured in myTouch magazine, featured in Android magazine Fall and Winter 2010. Featured in Women of G+ July 2011 and OMG Droid August 2011. T-Mobile Frontline Certified Team 2015.
Student, Counselor, Life Coach, Retail Sales Associate, Social Media Consultant, Social Media & Operations Manager
Bilingual - English & Spanish
  • T-Mobile US
    Retail Sales Associate, 2002 - present
  • DieselFit LLC
    Social Media & Operations Manager, 2013 - present
    Social Media & Operations Manager, Public Relations, Human Resources, Sales.
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After a month of workouts at DieselFit I have to say that I am completely proud of myself and the changes that I see in my body. I feel like I can breathe better, I have more energy, my clothes fit better. My trainer has taken me to places where I didn’t think I could go. He is totally dedicated to his clients and knows the right workout combination for taking me to the next level. I’m super happy looking forward to what he’s going to do with me over the next couple of months! Words cannot express how grateful I am for having him helping me do this and for pushing me the whole way. Please come work out at DieselFit you will enjoy it as much as I do! UPDATE: After 3 months I've lost 28 lbs! Super happy with this box and my results! Highly recommend Lazaro as a trainer!
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I'm from Miami and visited this location last night to have dinner at 10PM after leaving Cirque du Soleil Varekai with my best friend. It was raining a LOT and my friend was provided a restaurant umbrella to help me get out of the car without getting wet. As we arrived we were quickly approached by the hostess and seated in a booth and immediately waitress Bobbi who was cleaning the area nearby came to help us with a super sweet friendly smile. She offered us drinks ( I don't normally drink wine) but Bobbi suggested a Moscato and she instead we tried it free that it would be amazing. To my surprise she was correct and it was perfect! My friend on the other hand was feeling very sick and just had some hot tea, she came with a box of options for him of tea to make him feel better and at home! She quickly took my order and got it perfect instantly, showed constant attention and concerned for me and my sick friend! The food was delicious and so was dessert! Since we told her we now had to drive home 2 back to Miami 2 hours she brought my friend mint leaves for him to smell on the way home and feel better. This kind gesture goes to show that this waitress really loves what she does and she should definitely be replicated and there should be more people like her! During our dinner manager Kevin came by to check in on us and we couldn't help but also let him know how we felt that Bobbi has been the very best server we've ever been helped by and we eat out a lot! So please Olive Garden ensure she gets properly recognized! This makes me want to go back over and over again! Thank you for having excellent people like Bobbi! By far this is my favorite Olive Garden location! Best, Carmen Perez - Miami, FL
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! I've gotten wax on a gown and they've gotten it out, my black washed out work shirts always come back extra dark and crispy and clean, any oil stains come off EVERY time, any stains on my white sheets come off! They have such AMAZING high quality service! Always prompt, and they take the time to call you personally to tailor to your every need! My fave part is the Drive-Thru!! You can drop off and pick up without getting off your car! EXCELLENT service and prices! Wouldn't go anywhere else! =D
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Must go!! We arrived at 10PM and waited 5 mins to be seated, the staff were very nice and dressed super cute too in plaid shirts and jeans, they offered still or sparkling water, the menu was short but WOW it was delicious! We tried the fried cheese which came with thinly sliced pears over it, we also had the Chicken & Waffles, yes you heard right it's boneless chicken and waffles with bacon strips over it, and Chicken carbonara which was served with an egg yolk on top (I don't like the egg so I moved it to the side) the pasta tasted PERFECTLY like no other restaurant in Miami, it actually tasted like restaurants in Italy. The food was made with fresh ingredients and everything blended so nice! The food creativity in this place is outstanding. Very cozy restaurant, super clean, with excellent food, great ambiance. Highly recommend!
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Sleep Number m7 memory foam: the Worst bed I've ever had. Do NOT recommend Sleep Number beds. Why not? Bed keeps waking me up from super hot mattress, bed keeps changing numbers on its own, among many other small annoyances such as the remote dying in only 1 month. Needless to say the extra expense on the electric bill from having this bed plugged in as well as the foam getting lumps in different places. This is a GLORIFIED AIR MATTRESS and VERY uncomfortable!! Please save yourself the money and if you're buying a new bed do NOT get a +Sleep Number bed! This has been the most miserable 2 months of my life. I'll be shopping for a new bed ASAP.
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: GoodService: Good
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