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Carmen Rojas
Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Closed Loop Marketing, Founder and Managing Director of The Rojas Consulting Group
Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Closed Loop Marketing, Founder and Managing Director of The Rojas Consulting Group


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I wrote this a few years ago and I still love it! Happy Holidays to all my entrepreneurs and friends!
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A Holiday Poem from Rojas Consulting LLC
It's the day after Christmas and all through the land, entrepreneurs are quietly reviewing the next years plans.
Decisions are made while looking at charts, 
and businesses are reduced to the sum of their parts.
Numbers being crunched, reviewed, and considered
Analytics are looked at from Facebook and Twitter.
And after all the planning is through, 
Many will sit back and think "There is nothing left to do."
But the wise entrepreneur soon will see, 
That successful business come from inside you and me.
So while you analyze, calculate, forecast, and plan
Do what is good for business and for your fellow man.
Remember to attract the positive by subtracting the bad.
Your life is not just the things you have had.
It's about the good that you do, and the people you change. 
It's about the doing whats needed and expanding your range.
Make your goals out of love, move in faith and not fear
To help more people should be the goal of next year.
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I have been working on some certifications over the past month. Anyone else have any third party certifications they want to share? I just finished Google Analytics, and Google Adwords Fundamentals. Thinking about the Bing certification.... 

Welcome to our new members! Take a sec and introduce yourselves!!

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I am super excited to be discussing a topic that is LONG overdue in the fitness industry. The regulation of personal trainers themselves and the "certifications" they earn/maintain. It's high time that as an industry we put some teeth into the certifications and make sure that every person that uses the title "Personal Trainer" have a basic skill set, is safe, and can offer useful instruction. In this show we are going to talk about the role of certifications in the Personal Training industry and take a deep dive into one of the hot button issues relating to Personal Training. Join my co-host +Denise Lee and I as we discuss "Raising The Bar" on the next Dominate Fitness Podcast show Friday June 5th at 2PM EST
In the Personal Training business there are literally thousands of certifications for you to choose from. Because of this, there is ambiguity as to the base level of competency. There are multiple efforts being made to create standardizations. From the NCCA to proposed legislative change in DC, Let's talk about it!

On Thursday June 5th Denise Lee and I will be joined by two experts on this topic. From +American Council on Exercise  we have Todd Galati, and from +Medical Exercise Trainers  we will be speaking with Philip Godfrey. 

Todd Galati is the senior staff person assisting the Chief Science Officer in providing scientific and technical oversight and consultation in the conceptualization, design, development, and implementation of major educational manuals, materials and courses, certification strategies, and research studies for the American Council on Exercise. He serves as a key technical spokesperson for ACE in national media and as a speaker at national and international educational conferences and events. Galati represents ACE on various Allied Health, fitness, and certification expert committees, including the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Innovation Collaborative on Physical Activity in Youth, and Aspen Institute’s Project Play. 

Phillip has 7+ years of extensive experience working in a fitness facility, physical therapy clinic, and medical exercise training practice. Currently, he is the co-owner of Medical Exercise Trainers in Washington, DC. In addition to practicing, he leads finance, marketing, web design, and strategy. He is also responsible for developing and fostering relationships with the medical industry to bridge the gap for long term wellness and fitness.
From 2011-2013, he served as the president of the trade association American Society of Fitness Professionals. The society developed and proposed a REPSUSA national registration process for the fitness industry until dissolution in 2013. Currently, Phillip continues to work on fitness professional standards and legislation with the DC Coalition on Health and Fitness.

Come and join us for what will surely be an interesting topic to explore! If you have questions, comments, or opinions let's hear about them! Start listing them now so we can make sure they get answered live on the air!

Mark your calendars for June 5th at 2PM EST!!
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Often when marketers hear about optimization techniques the general thought pattern is that it is a choice between the SEO and CRO. Limited resources or limited experiences often force less seasoned marketers to choose between the two. 

More experienced marketers realize that its not SEO or CRO, but SEO and CRO. Good marketing does not come from focussing on just one optimization strategy and hanging all your hopes there. It comes from optimizing all the key areas of the customer acquisition, conversion, and retention process. It reminds me of a mixing table that music producers use. It's not base or treble because that would sound awful. It's finding the right mix of base AND treble for each song that makes the lyrics and melody come out just right. 

Check out my blog on combining SEO and CRO.

Pin it to your Pinterest Board to save this for later:

What have you learned about how SEO and CRO are working together on your website? Leave your insights in the comments below and share the wealth!

Shout out to +Ammon Johns  for his info tidbit that appears in this blog!
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If you have read my blogs before you may have noticed that I REALLY like Google Analytics. I think it is one of the most powerful tools on the internet for business owners. It does take some learning and some practice but once you "get it" you can learn so much about your customers, your website, and the internet in general just by paying attention and asking questions of the data. 

One of the really neat things about Google Analytics is that it is highly customizable. But to get it to work there are some default settings that can and should be adjusted so that it is reporting on your site accurately. In this blog I share what these three settings are and give you some links to correct this. Here is a sample:

Not filtering out your own IP address – Anyone that triggers the code in Google Analytics is recorded as a visitor and that visit is recorded as a session. And then everything that happens during that session is recorded as a part of the metrics you are measuring. If you do not filter your own IP address or the other addresses such as a webmaster or store locations you are recording yourself rather than actual customers.

You can pin this blog to your Pinterest board to come back to it later:

I hope this blog helps you to take a second look at your analytics and consider making some adjustments to get higher quality data. 
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Hey Everyone! I am not sure if this is the right place to post this (admins feel free to correct me).

My good friend +Denise Lee and I have started an HOA/Podcast to help women health, wellness, and/or fitness business owners called Dominate Fitness Podcast.  We are finishing up our first round of shows and wanted to let members of this group know that we are looking for guests! Our upcoming topics include: Billing Insurance for Personal Training, NCCA Certifications, and Extreme Fitness. If you have expertise, an opinion, or both about these topics fill out the form and we will contact you with more show information. 

Feel free to send Denise or I any questions! 


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I am really looking forward to this Tuesday's show! I have been a traveling trainer and a studio/gym trainer and I am always interested in how other trainers are structuring their businesses to fit the needs of their clients - without going broke!

It's never a dull moment when you get +Denise Lee and I together! So be prepared for an informative show as we get to the bottom of how Tory Wiley is dominating his Personal Training business! 

See you on Tuesday May 12th at 8:30 am!

#personaltrainer   #fitbiz   #FitnessBuisness  
Are you a personal trainer trying to figure out the right location for your business? Why pick one location, when you could have all of them?! I am talking about being a traveling trainer and on Tuesday May 12th at 8:30 am Denise Lee and I will be joined by traveling trainer extraordinaire to discuss the pro's and con's of having your clients come to you or you going to your clients. Join us so you can make the right chose for your business! #GetReadyToDominate
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In my experience there are two traditional situations that marketing and sales departments often find themselves in. Either they are sworn enemies or kindred brethren. This article will explain how coming together over a cup of coffee and some marketing analytics can lead to a stronger business. If you have the latter of the two arrangements in your organization congratulations! This article will help. If you have the first of the two, congratulations. 

This article gives 3 salient points where sales and marketing can come together and get on the same analytics page. It opens a line of communication for those who may be getting a busy signal, and offers a new topic of discussion for whom the communication flows easily.  Here is an excerpt:

It allows salespeople to test what terminology is causing conversions. Sales people can work with marketing to test which specific phrasing and word choice will connect with potential customers as they move through the sales process. Learning what words are helping and perhaps more importantly which words are hurting, sales people get a better sense of what to say when and to whom. This will reduce the errors in a trial and error approach, and will help sales get moving faster and with better staying power.

Click the link here to read the full article and start a conversation with your favorite marketing or sales person. 

Click here to add the article to your Pinterest board to read it later!
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