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See you in a few weeks!

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What?! You're installing it? How? What?
I need for my CE box to arrive for about a week or so :/
..soo..much..envy! :p
BNet Servers are live at May 15th 12AM PDT, but installers are working now!

+Mike Evans Diablo is the series that Dungeon Siege was born from. Diablo from Blizzard Entertainment may have been the original Isometric, Fantasy Themed, Multiplayer, Hack'n'slash.

D3 is linked via the Battle Net system and allows up to (I believe) 4 players simultaneously. The Auction house was kind of an after thought that they threw in there toward the end of the design period, but Theoretically everyone who plays this game can be a Gold Farmer >.<.
For those of us across the pond, servers go live in Europe at 00:00 CET (23:00 GMT)
It's controversial, but they added $$ Real Money Auction House where you can sell your loot (we will most likely see a lot of epic gear on the that AH).
+Mike Evans You could find random games, not sure how the PvP stuff ended out working up.. and I had BNet friends to play with so I'm unsure if there is a Random Game Finder, but Blizzard would implement something like that if there was a demand.

+Magnus Bjerke Vik The time they launch is based off the HQ time zone which is in Irvine, CA. If you are in a different time zone then you will have to figure out your time offsets. EU Servers may go off a different Zone than US servers as there is a EU HQ. +Chris Whittleston posted the EU times it looks like!
Yes, yes, Deckard Cain, I will stay awhile and listen, as I have for the past 16 years. See you tonight, brother.
Wait, D3 is tonight? AAAAAH. I must have my gorgeous Collectors edition.
+Chris Whittleston Thanks for that update I also know that the AH's aren't live at launch as well.

Any news on the Console releases?
No news - but it's almost certainly coming, I wouldn't hold out though, it'll be 2013 for sure - they need to redesign a lot of the interface etc for consoles
+Roy DePhillip The gold currency AH will be there at go live. The real currency AH is delayed a week.
Nethack - the original hardcore mode! :)
If anyone wants to play, here's my battletag: carmelyne#1217
Still not sure about this one. The responsible adult in me says "Don't waste your time, you have work to do!" But the kid in me says "'s Diablo! You must complete the trilogy"
+Josh Nagato There should be balance. I'd rather be the adult who'll spend some time having fun (diablo or something else) and do other responsible adult stuff too. All work and no play? That'll lead to a burn out. :) Plus, there's always something to pick up from a Blizzard product - from the game design and programming side.
Not to troll; but how do you pick up things for programming from a closed source game?
Midnight release. It teases. I can pick up a copy at 12am tonight, but I can't play it until 3am. And by then, I'll be asleep for work.
Going to do it anyway! XD
If anything, I'll be an excellent Blizzard Community Manager. LOL.
I never understand those "Downloaders" why they make the Downloader.exe ---> Setup.exe ---->Actual Game, i understand the Launchers because they make Binary Patch using Deltas, i guess, i cant confirm if i dont see the code.
Paco, programming is not limited to just "seeing/reading" the code. Use it as something that will inspire you. Here's an example of a closed app. Microsoft Word. How many word processing apps do you see today? Those were developed without seeing a single line of code. They were inspired by a closed app to create open sourced word processing apps. WYSIWYG widgets were born from word processor apps.
+Juan Carlos Paco , +Carmelyne Thompson is absolutely correct and to apply a term here it is known as Reverse Engineering. It is a very popular method for recreating something. It is a skill that many developers use to implement parts of one program into their own projects to create familiar, and often improved feature sets.

I learned programming by bouncing between a reference book and reverse engineering. A feature that could be reverse engineered from Blizzard is the Battle Net system that allows not only cross game communication, but also the ability to invite a friend to play. I'm sure Blizzard implemented by reverse engineering the functionality from either PS3 or XBox that would allow you to invite a friend to your game even if they were in a different game.
According to Blizzard TOS thats illegal
Reverse Engineering is not Illegal. Stealing Artwork or EXACT duplicates of code is. They can not claim something they have already done is illegal. They did not invent the idea of a Social Network within a Game System.

Dreamcast had it, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Steam, Games for Windows Live, and Origin are just a few that have done it first! Blizzards social network is simply limited to Battle.NET, but they can not prevent any other developer from creating a Social Network with their own game library.
Let's play! :) tuanh300000#1515
heh forgot my tag Irrumatio#1371 ... I think I'll go monk
My tag is in a previous comment. I'm playing demon hunter or witch doctor. 3 hours and 20 mins to go.
OK so this game is interesting at least. the auction house is also very interesting, like a meta game (with some improvements over the old WoW AH). wonder how the real money AH (not open yet) will affect things. And if people will be able to mod the game. With no BOE ("bind on equip" for you non-WoWers) evident, I would expect the low end items to flood the AH since you can just auction what you outgrow. My monk is level 7, played with a friend, we seemed to get XP and gold noticeably faster than when soloing. It was also more fun, so win-win. Fairly easy so far, but Blizz is the master of the "easy to start, hard to excel at" game, so hopefully it stays interesting. Certain that Blizz will continue to iterate on the game with improvements over time like they did with WoW. Can't wait to get my party heal, I like being the asskicking lifesaver.
Starting with a Demon Hunter tonight. BattleTag: Maejic#1222
I have to work and/or deal with Error 3003, so all of my toons are half the level of Carmelyne's. #firstworldproblems
Invest in one of these babies next time you have 140 bucks lying around:

In other news, my lvl 14 monk is death on wheels compared to my lvl 11 wizard. Kinda disappointed in the wizard, he's in almost all yellow Int gear and is still killing much slower (and is much more fragile) than my monk, who I should have named TornadoOfDeath. I'm hoping he gets more powerful later on.
OK. Let me give everyone a word of caution. Hell sucks. It just sucks so bad (at least yesterday it did). I can't imagine Inferno now.

Why? The bosses come with a posse of annoying (terribly hard) blues. The bosses came as electrified and something else that denotes hard (forgot the exact word). They also enrage!!!

I don't mind that hell level is challenging. I love that it is. The problem is dying cost a lot of gold for repair and you'd need a lot of 500+ gold potions. I'm lvl 52 (stop judging me.. I enjoy the game!!!). 45 min fights with Hell Act 2 bosses drops 2 lvl 40 blues for 300 gold!? *&^(*58%$^%$! Yup. That's all they drop.

I miss the old Diablo where drops were worth a ton of gold.
I just reported courtney hayes for being a dumb hater lol. also, "google" is not "the internet". also the irony of ranting about being on "google" while on "google". I sometimes wish there was a way to punch dumb people through the screen. +courtney hayes +courtney hayes Oh, poof it already got deleted
In any event, I agree that a 45 minute Hell boss fight (which is already an egregious soaking up of free time) should result in MAD loot. Then again I have not played any Diablo game beyond Nightmare. Maybe report it, Blizz is responsive to stuff like that, or at least they were in WoW.
The 45 mins include learning the fight plus trial and error with decent players at lvl 50+. After better gear, the encounter will be shorter.

I'll be happy if every now and then the boss drops a legendary bag with a LOT of gold. Why didn't they think of a legendary bag with a lot of gold?

One nifty feature: gold and crafting skills are account based. Reroll characters start with your current gold and crafting skills.

Peter, Monks are beefy in the higher modes. Damage is also good. I wish I rolled a monk instead of my Demon Hunter. I feel like paper. I just kite like a mofo if I'm not lagging.
#D3 players, Y U NO SPECIFY BUYOUT PRICE? So dumb on so many levels
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