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To Google with love -- from the Google+ Community -- 12 Days of G+

We are all thankful for what 2011 brought to us. Google+ is on top of the list of the things we are thankful for. We're not the +The Muppets (we love the muppets!). +We are the G+ Community. This video would not have been possible without the G+ Community. The real people behind Google+. We're not paid actors. We are the users. We're crazy, chaotic and sometimes our timing is not perfect! We've never met any of the participants in real life (only through hangouts). We sang our hearts out to dedicate this song to Google! :)

This video had two clear goals:

#1 To bring the G+ community members together to collaborate via hangouts (because we love hangouts!). We did everything in this video via a hangout collaboration. Brain storming, rewriting songs, scheduling, meeting, recording people and meeting participants who wanted to contribute their time. It was a wondrous experience.

#2 To show our appreciation to the fantastic Google employees who listens to our feedbacks, and Google makes Google+ a place where a community of real people can thrive. At Google+, one can meet new friends with the same hobbies, interests; and other like-minded individuals get together to talk shop in hangouts or just getting together even if we're in different continents.

Thank you Google! We hope that you keep rocking at what you do! We can't wait to spend our 2012 with you!


The Google tools we used to remotely collaborate on this video:
Google+ Hangouts
Google Chat
Google Voice
Google Docs

+Amanda Blain +Baber Afzal +Ben Woods +Bobbi Jo Woods +Carmelyne Thompson +Christopher Biscardi +Dolidh Young +George Rodenbaugh +Gints Romanovskis +Hermine Ngnomire +Jared Mecham +Jesse Vandewal +Jo Anne Thomas +Joe Bolin +Kim Beasley +Lanie deVuch +Linda Dee +Liz ℚuilty +matthew rappaport +Michael Mozart +Mike Searle +Peter McDermott +PJ Rosenberg +Rob Michael +Robert McGee +Russ Catalano +Samantha Villenave +Steven Vargas +thom m & Serena De Marzi +anthony feliciano +Giuliano Tognarelli Buono-core big hugs to +Sarah Hill +Dave Schmidt +Angie Bailey and +KOMU 8 News

Special Thanks to the following:
+Larry Page +Sergey Brin +Eric Schmidt
+Amit Fulay +Adarsh vijay +Andy Bohm +Benson Leung +Bob Cleveland +Bradley Horowitz +Brian Fitzpatrick +Chee Chew +Dave Besbris +David Bennett David Will +Dean Michael Berris +Ed Chi +Jason Mayes +Jenny Murphy +Jeremy Klein +Jonas Lindberg +Josh Armour +Josh Estelle +Katherine Gramann +Kristoffer Sorensen +Louis Gray +Marvin Chow +Matt Cutts +Mike West +Natalie Glance +Natalie Villalobos +Neeta Tolani +Paul Irish +Paul Kinlan +Phil Wagner +Ricardo Lagos +Robert Fischer +Seth Ladd +Tammy McLeod +Tarandeep Singh +Vic Gundotra +Vincent Mo
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This is really awesome! Thanks! :)
Thanks for the shoutout, loving the video! Great efforts all around. It is a pleasure to know you all. :-)
OMG!!! This is epic! I can't believe all the effort that went into it. Thank you guys soo much! +Carmelyne Thompson thanks a ton for the shout out :)
+Jeanne Walkowe it's funny though - by the time I was done filming my part I had all the lyrics memorized. (That's usually the way it works...)
It's for the Googlers, and the G+ Community appreciates all the hard work you're putting into Google. We hope you like our small token of a gift for 2011.
There's so much win in this video, I just can't describe it. Nicely done.
My god, +Carmelyne Thompson. This is truly awesome! I know that the people at +Google+ will definitely be appreciating this. I know it was incredible to be a part of this, and because +We are the G+ Community, I know that I'll continue getting to be part of something awesome every day!
Fantastic! That could not have been easy to pull together! :) congrats everyone involved!
hey wait, what about the people that contributed but you didn't use. they took time out of their days and should be at least mentioned.
Yeah once again a huge thank you to all involved. I''ve shared it with the team :) I know they're appreciating it greatly!
My sincerest apologies +anthony feliciano. I do have some unused material. We tried as much as possible to work with the chaos. I will definitely add you to the credits.
Ha ha ha this was GREAT!!! I was hoping with the sound editing I was going to sound like Bono or someone with talent but I loved it. Keep rocking the G+ in 2012 everyone :)
+Jesse Vandewal We can auto tune it, but that requires delaying the release by another 3 days. Have to make some real tough decisions. We figured that being natural and released earlier was necessary at this point. :)
+Carmelyne Thompson I was just kidding around I love the way it was put together. I think everyone did an awesome job. This put a huge smile on my face this morning :D
I say y'all make a 60 second version and get +Google+ to slap that sucker on a Super Bowl ad
+Brett Bjornsen It's free for them to use in anyway they want. It can be vastly improved or shortened, and if anyone wants to create their version, coordinate with me and I can give you access to the recorded files of all the participants (the real champions in this video!) My only request is to follow Google's lead when creating a different version. Don't be evil. Give Back. Be nice!
Weirdly wonderful and awesome.

PS - I can hear the beginning part (Peter's) perfectly via mobile, but not here on the web... and I've got my volume cranked...other YouTube vids play just fine.
I just saw this. Thanks so much +Carmelyne Thompson and everyone who participated in this. Happy Holidays!! As a Googler on Google+ hangouts team, I am looking forward to a very exciting 2012 and making it even more fun for all of you.
rah very nice and well done :D

+Bobbi Jo Woods works well for me on the web, i can hear it fine (you been drinking again? :) )
This is wonderful! (Well not the signing :) Thanks for making this. A wonderful holiday gift.
Yeah, I hope +Vic Gundotra and the rest of the G+ crew are getting a big kick out of this.
I assumed as much. You've all definitely earned it. Thanks for your part in making this happen, +Dave Besbris!
You guys are all awesome. Seriously.
AAHHH! SO AMAZING!!! You guys sounded fantastic! And the lyrics are perfection!! :-)
I vote +Mike Searle MVP Vocalist ;-)
Thank you +Carmelyne Thompson So the amazing video gift to us all!! I hope I get to be in a vid with you in the future!!! <3
Hey now... Thanks for not tagging me, +Carmelyne Thompson ! lol...

Great work to all those in front and behind the camera and all those who organized such chaos. I'm proud to see any film/video project just get done. Proud, just like I was with the +Unofficial Google+ Film Festival, which also was a whirlwind of chaos that just "got it done".

+Mike Searle YES!! I wanted to be in this one... I was on the road! Arg! More collars need to happen! :-)
VARRRG! You could be a pirate!
hahaha...! Funny you mentioned that. After being labeled by +Bobbi Jo Woods I mentioned +Cliff Roth to see if he can sketch a portrait of me with a parrot on my shoulder and a patch on my eye...

You two have people??? I want people! Can my people do lunch with your people?
Hey! They were lucky to get what they got from me... after me doing 8 takes :P
Anyone else have trouble memorizing these lines?

Egads! No matter how much I rehearsed, I kept saying "2 turtle doves..." I've been conditioned since childhood, yo!
+Bobbi Jo Woods Hehe. We respect and appreciate the donated time people put in it regardless if your contribution made it into the video or not. We're lucky enough if you contribute a 1 word video. It's all about the efforts. We welcome them no matter what they are.

I just noticed too that it was 10 epic games! Lol.
I said FIVE but held up both hands ... for emphasis. :(

I'm not that bad at math!
Don't ever say I never gave you anything... Merry Christmahannukwanza!
This video is totally like We are the World...

:) You people are all rockstars to me ♥
super cool! -- i love it .. you guys rock
thom m
Nicely done, everyone. Thanks for letting me play along.
Ed Chi
haha! This is so awesome.
yes hats off to the editors that had to be complicated to sync up. I can't sing my way out of a paper bag! LOL and now there's video proof.
Happy Holidays plusketeers. Look forward to hanging with you all in the new year.
I'm very glad how this turned out. Next step is to bring this out to real life for a massive singalong, horrible out of tune and out of rhythm singing included.
Twas fun & thanks for all of the hard work putting it together guys. <3
Thank you, Thank you everyone! This is great. So appreciated. Would love to know the names of the people in each window - recognize some, but not all.
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