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My 5 Reasons for Public posts

1. Life is about sharing. Please do share your funny pics and insightful thoughts.
2. Share your experiences. It helps us understand different cultures.
3. We can not share your excellent posts if it is shared to Limited. :)
4. Sharing publicly also allows a bigger audience to participate in your discussions.
5. Publicly sharing your interest and passion helps you connect with like minded individuals.
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Absolutely concur.  The few posts I make that aren't public shares aren't limited because they're personal - they are limited because they are unlikely to be of interest to any save a small group.  I generally post things I feel might be of broad interest.

(I don't generally get "personal" in places like this.  If you know me well enough to care about the details of my life we have others ways to keep in touch.)
The only thing about public posts is you can't make mistakes, because everything you are doing is in full view of employers.
I attract weirdos when I am too public. But I will try harder.
+Nora Qudus I encounter weirdos too. Thankfully Google provides us with tools to make it easier.

You would meet thousands of normal individuals and a handful of weirdos. Just block/ignore the weirdos and keep/maintain the normal ones. :)
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