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The Artist Circle!

Sharing it and dedicating the circle to +Samantha Villenave :) She is also hosting French Immersion Hangouts every Friday. She's your key if you want to start a French Circle.

Note: I just checked this circle for inactivity and found 17 artist who never posted. Sorry, I'm still sharing those 17. They need love. <3


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+Carmelyne Thompson My wife is a french teacher and would be interested can you tell mew more about it? is the circle of the french immersion or is a an artist circle?
OK so because it's you Carm, I feel like spreading the <3.
This circle is just about Artists.

Samantha has a totally different set up for the French Immersion Hangouts. She lives in that part of France where it's rich with... I should let her do the description for it. :)
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