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Oh the life...

The other day, I rediscovered Web Components and Shadow Dom. I come back to read more, so now I have to get a grasp of Shady Dom on/vs Shadow Dom. Learning, and it's never ending! 

Apparently, when I make my sketch-notes public, the reader is also seeing the way I think and remember "stuff". Sorry. (No, I'm not Canadian, but somedays I wish I was.) Sorry, because sometimes it only makes sense to me.

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I miss your posts so much!
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Carmelyne Thompson

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I'll Play. What is Spaces exactly? Group Sharing for? Short Discussions? Long winded discussions? If you want to answer, you'd have to do it on Spaces (obviously) /chuckles.
Small group sharing from Google

Carmelyne Thompson

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como fazer 
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After episode 2 of season 6 Game of Thrones, my eldest daughter's friends convinced her to watch Game of Thrones and catch up. She's doing the marathon starting with season 1 of course. I've been asking her all week long what season and episode she's on. Today during lunch I asked her what she thinks about the series. She replied very quickly. "It's gross. Thriller with lots of porn. Who's your favorite character?" I guess I have to avoid telling her everybody dies.
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I've been wondering about this for weeks. Earth is tiny. The other Earth-like planets that NASA scientists found is always way bigger than Earth; 3 times bigger, 10 times bigger. If those giant wanna be Earths had human-like inhabitants, how big can they be? Giant aliens with super giant spaceships? Who the heck imagined tiny green men or the grays? Oh, wait. Tiny green men/grays could be AI. Welcome to what my brain thinks. Brain farts out load today. Sorry.
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It's a long read, but if you check out what I linked, it talks about dinosaurs being at the extreme of what can grow, and how that wouldn't be possible with a higher gravity.
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Thank goodness. Sometimes I feel I need a PhD in Chrome DevTools to understand what's really going on. The charts, graphs and the way it's ordered makes me nauseous. :(
Chrome DevTools Resources panel has been reordered. Now organised by Service Workers, Storage, Cache and Frames

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Tony A
On Netscape it was view page source
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Excited for the Keynote + streams. I wish I could be there at I/O.
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even in tablets :)
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Ah, Google! Parsey McParseface, eh. Love you all!

Good work with SyntaxNet.

" Parsey McParseface is built on powerful machine learning algorithms that learn to analyze the linguistic structure of language, and that can explain the functional role of each word in a given sentence."
What does one name an English language parsing model, built with an open-source neural network framework implemented in #TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding systems? Parsey McParseface, of course!
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I hope you consider taking some action to lower your carbon footprint. Please commit to even a tiny change. It will make a difference.
Around 10,000 people marched and rallied in the Philippines against coal and for energy transition as part of the global #breakfree  protests. The Philippines has 27 coal fired power stations in planning.
Twenty seven coal power stations are planned for construction in the Philippines. As part of the global #BreakFree protests, around 10000 Filipinos marched in Batangas City on May 4 demanding an end to coal and transition to renewable energy. The protest comes just five days before national ...
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Regex Notes
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Wait. So this is how you take notes?!

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I wish I can personally tell her to just build her own company. Change their hiring process; dump the whiteboard interviews. For me, there are currently two important qualities that a candidate should have. We don't normally measure those qualities during the hiring process. Learning and Grit Quotient. Plus no one will get hurt if you're nice. Just be nice.

Lastly, I think interviews are a big waste of time. I'd replace my HR department with "The Ministry of Friendship". Make a position called Friend Hunter. Ah, silly. :D At the end of the day, you'd rather be really good friends with the people you work with, right?
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I try not to assume discrimination against gender these days. A decade ago it was a much bigger issue, but as a woman, I see more and more companies trying to hire women even if they aren't as competent just so they can show diversity in their workplace. I've had many companies reach out to me asking for references to fill positions and it's quite common for them to say "female or minority preferred". 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Quick Facts:
Philippine Presidential Elections: May 9, 2016
Presidential Candidates: 3 (Males) 2 (Females)
VP Candidates: 1 (Female) 5 (Males)

The Philippine election is held every six years after 1992, on the second Monday of May.

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Six years per term, and no re-election? That's certainly an interesting thought. Carmelyne, do you prefer that term length to the US version? Do you think it has worked well?

The fact that they can vote for VP separately brings on some really interesting possibilities... I'm pretty into that idea now that I think about it!
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