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Oh the life...

The other day, I rediscovered Web Components and Shadow Dom. I come back to read more, so now I have to get a grasp of Shady Dom on/vs Shadow Dom. Learning, and it's never ending! 

Apparently, when I make my sketch-notes public, the reader is also seeing the way I think and remember "stuff". Sorry. (No, I'm not Canadian, but somedays I wish I was.) Sorry, because sometimes it only makes sense to me.

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Hag HVAC BH g had ng egg VBP VBP GBC GB. ?back gag GH. BB buggy Bab. 1207279008258ga.vac NABF ha .subvert HB .back nag GBC.?van . BNSF by MV for BBB nay hh .?
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Rooting for #1000. See you there?
This year, we are aiming for ‪#‎1000StrongFilipinas‬.

Registration for Women Techmakers Manila 2016 is now open!

Celebrate International Women’s Day by participating in a one day event filled with talks by inspiring women leaders and interactions with fellow women techmakers.

Women Techmakers is open to everyone! 
Register now at :

‪#WomenTechMakers #1000StrongFilipinas #GDG #GDGPH
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Great job

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Carmelyne Thompson

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And then, you love Sir David Attenborough even more. Hashtag Flip phone!
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Carmelyne Thompson

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On Blogging: You can see me naked on the web. Well not that kind of naked. It's simply css and layout naked on

I am journaling an adventure that started with Sketch App (v 3.5) forcing me to update to El Capitan. Otherwise, I would have stayed on 10.9 for awhile and stuck with crazy directory permissions I have long forgotten. Now my blog is in working progress as I learn and re-learn old tricks. For example, I haven't used git in 2 years that I have forgotten how to git commit with comments. Apparently, it's not like riding a bike.

Oh what do I use?
It was a long debate on whether I use Blogger (make an MDL blogger template), Medium (cause all the cool kids are using it) or GH-Pages for the Blogging platform. Ultimately, after reading the AMP ( overview, it was a no brainer to just pick GH-Pages using Jekyll. Bonus points (other than being free) that I can have contribution green shit on my Github profile. Finally! IF! If I keep blogging. See, I committed Part 1 without even finishing the article. Oh just because. Keeping it fun.

Look Ma! I got my first successful AMP validation!

P.S. I forgot how Jekyll Front Matter was fun to set up. I remember now. No. I mean really fun to set up with no sarcasm what so ever.

Bonus game: Name my Chrome plugins
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A Exec
carmelyne, kindly contact me. ive messaged you a few times, regarding your work
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Sunday morning music find. Check. Mash up Pop and Classical. 

Here's a link to Lacrimosa (
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cool !!
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Smells heavenly. Imagine if you can make books out of pages and pages of Google Search results. How big of a room would one need?
Meet a retired Professor & his house of books and #Maker curiosity
The life and library of a humanities professor and how his passion for learning relates to makers
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le monde du savoir !!
cool and well !
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Paranoia might get all of them killed.

I feel bad that this is normal in the U.S.  --that you fear the people that's suppose to protect you.

I wonder if the Whitehouse is listening to this live feed.
So, the FBI is raiding the Malheur refuge right now. The militiamen are livestreaming it.

You may not want to listen to this.
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Cool thought
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Carmelyne Thompson

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These existed in the previous UI which I've reverted to. I have no idea why it's called new features. :( I miss the times when I'd wake up to actually see new G+ features. Nowadays, I'd wake up to know features were taken out instead.

Make us feel excited.
G+ Web Preview Update Feb 5
Today we're starting to roll out several fixes and new features on the Google+ Web preview including:

* 101 bug fixes
* View large profile images in a gallery
* Improved people search results
* An updated design for the Following screen
* Ability to see who you've muted and un-mute them in the Activity Log (found under Settings)

As always, keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item. We are continuing to listen and make changes.
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I agree. I really like the Collections feature but not in the way it's given greater emphasis over the elegantly simple and functional simplicity of our "social Circles".
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Hello Netflix. Here's a series you need to make. I'd cast Tristan Wilds or Roshon Fegan or maybe Alfred Enoch for the part.
#BAMF for #BlackHistoryMonth  Now THIS is a cat I'd love to see a biopic about!

From Wikipedia: As a politician, Smalls authored state legislation providing for South Carolina to have the first free and compulsory public school system in the United States, and founded the Republican Party of South Carolina.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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A few hours ago, I started looking into Accelerated Mobile Pages because I feel the pain of slow loading websites here in Southeast Asia. I wanted to check out AMP, so here's my over simplified understanding of how it works.

Keyword: mobile; means only applicable to mobile devices.

Update: (Adding links via desktop)
Check out the AMP Project
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Hahaha that made me feel laugh
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Rocking 1996-internet-speeds in 2016. Thanks +Globe Telecom. I just need to hear the dial-up sound of a modem connecting to another modem and the nostalgic feeling would be oh so complete.

For real, your grade is F. 
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more fun in the Philippines they say 😆✌️
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Carmelyne Thompson

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#13 Creativity allows you to see the beauty in everything, and its potential to transition into something even more beautiful.
Another GREAT chart from KQED Mindshift. Thank you KQED for such wonderful postings
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Heiii... Add
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