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Carmelyne Thompson

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Oh the life...

The other day, I rediscovered Web Components and Shadow Dom. I come back to read more, so now I have to get a grasp of Shady Dom on/vs Shadow Dom. Learning, and it's never ending! 

Apparently, when I make my sketch-notes public, the reader is also seeing the way I think and remember "stuff". Sorry. (No, I'm not Canadian, but somedays I wish I was.) Sorry, because sometimes it only makes sense to me.

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Carmelyne Thompson

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I'm a bit confused with the main Google App Nav. My main language preference, which is English, isn't supported? (Whaaaat?!) Does it take into consideration my second language preference? My geo location? Curious.
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yes Arabic they didn't under stand language translation mite be a languish issue would I ask to visit peace full I did ask a captain near princess city to board thou a cavalier in well take ing picks Dickis.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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In a way, this matches those programmed sex bots for Ashley Madison. Doesn't it?
VW's Fraud Reveals A Troubling Future: Our Machines Can Now Lie
Volkswagen didn't make a faulty car: they programmed it to cheat intelligently. The difference isn't semantics, it's game-theoretical and it borders...
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Oh boy, see? Now we're going to have machine wars even BEFORE the machines are smart enough to fight us. The bad guys will use machines (and AI) to cheat. The good guys will use them to do good. People will become paralysed or divided because they don't know who to trust.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Appreciating the smartness of the G+ spambot here. I think this can be more accurate if you check if the individual follows more women than men first as a check for false positive. #SaferSpace  thanks!

On a semi related note, I was having this conversation with my daughter yesterday about how she's publicly announcing events she was going to via social networks. I reminded her that our house rule was that she's suppose to only share after she's been to the event (not prior, not during and only after). #beSafe

Back on topic....

What were auto blocked from the same person --->  "I want you body", "you", "hi", "you can write me ant time you want too", "what, "hi"
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Honestly, some social media is just too unsafe to share unless you trust the audience. Like public Twitter/fb/g+ posts. Posting to an audience you trust might be okay but then you have to be careful of future additions to that audience and hold them to the same standard.

That's why some of the people I know agree that people who you trust and talk with in real life should be the only ones with the privilege to stay up to date with your extra curriculars. Everyone one could have an overview but never the minute details. 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Waiting for the Tesla event to start... I'm curious to see if they have something new to say about the home batteries. Nope?
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Live stream here
15 minutes 'til showtime: Tune in at 9am PT to hear all about the latest & greatest Google devices →
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nice +Google you are using live streaming via +YouTube 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Best of luck if you're applying! /Cheers
 Let’s shine a light on female founders. Announcing #GoogleDemoDay ,  featuring top women-led startups from around the world. Apply today:
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Carmelyne Thompson

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In remembrance of the victims of the Oregon college rampage
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U r absolutely right
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Carmelyne Thompson

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See Charon up close with this new video.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Wow just wow with that first minute and a half.

I don't know if this video translates well on a mobile device so you might want to wait to watch it later on your desktop or you can watch it on your mobile and let me know how that works. :)
We've all heard people say "YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES". Well... turns out that they're probably right. Let's investigate the stranger parts of our vision.
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very very nice and i like the information
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Me: Dear me, do you have the patience to moderate the comments for this re-share?

Me: That's too kind of you to ask.

Me: I see you're talking to yourself here.

Me: Obviously... you know....somewhere there's an xkcd for this or just wait for one to come out.
Wow. Guys really talk a lot. They think it's balanced when women talk only 15% of the time and think women are dominating the conversation when they talk 30% of the time...
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Love you
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Carmelyne Thompson

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My friend recently looked into the competition for Google Apps for Work, and found out that Microsoft offered 2TB space while Drive was at a mere 30GB.
Google Apps is now more affordable

Whether you own a boutique in Manila, or a furniture store in Cebu, if you’re running a small business, you don’t have time to manage servers or deal with email downtime. You need to be able to get on with the job, working from anywhere, on any device, when it suits you. 

From today we’re making it easier for you to do just that. Google Apps for Work ( will now cost Filipino customers USD30 per person per year, down from USD50 per person, per year —  a 40% reduction in the price.

Google Apps for Work ( consists of email, online storage, shared calendars and video meeting tools including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Hangouts. With Google Apps business owners get a professional email address, the flexibility to work from any device at any time, and the security and controls they need. There is no need to manage hardware, security updates or software patches. To get started all you need is an internet-connected device like your smartphone. 

Local businesses have the option to  buy Google Apps for Work on an annual or monthly plan. The Annual Plan costs USD30 per person per year, while the Flexible Plan costs USD3 per person per month. 

Find out more about how you can spend more time running your business, not your IT here:
Get email, cloud storage, collaboration tools and other business apps with Google Apps for Work. Try it free for 30 days.
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Ah right. Of course. Thanks. An increase in storage space for the smaller plans wold rock for sure. Will further look on pricing tiers now. 
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