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The $100 Startup. I'm halfway through the book, and can't seem to finish it because I keep going back to certain chapters. I'd recommend the book to anyone whether they want to work for someone else or if they want to venture into solo entrepreneurship.

Sketchnotes: from the potential profitable idea sources; just one of the topics.
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This is downright better than having a job in the long run. We have an advantage over those in the first world.
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I haven't fully checked this out, but. I wish there was button on Drive to publish videos from Google Drive to YouTube. Just 1-click and instant with no processing wait time. Because, you know, I can't do "instant publish" from any app right now.
Starting today, photos & videos you keep in Google+ Photos will be available in Google Drive.
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Tenho coisas lindas pra publicar mais Não consigo 
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Whoa! A patient zero's perspective of shaming and cyber bullying. Well, that's the phoenix Monica Lewinsky —wisened and have bravely owned up her mistakes on the TED stage. Take back your life! Good for you!

Now, I kind of want to stumble upon a petition that encourages (and even force) advertisers to pull out from sites/articles that shame and cyber bully. /signed. Zero tolerance for cyber bullying.
“As far as our culture of humiliation goes, we need a revolution. Public shaming as a blood sport has to stop.” - Monica Lewinsky at #TED2015
In 1998, says Monica Lewinsky, “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” Today, the kind of online public shaming she went through has become a constant. In a brave talk, she takes a look at our “culture of humiliation,” in which online shame equals dollar signs — and demands a different way.
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Read the transcript. Great read. I like the points about we've all done things we wish we hadn't. I also like the closing comments about, yes we have freedom of expression but it needs to be accompanied by responsibility. Otherwise, it's Lord of the Flies.
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#lollipop  Spin more! #iSculptedThatYay
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For all Google Apps Edu IT Administratrors :D New look on the Control Panel!
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Hey nice complement
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Best performing teams require diversity.
Ever wondered what would happen if you took the...
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Good!!! 😀
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Dreams into sketch notes. It's not one of those lucid dreams, but what's weirder is that moment when you realize that Elon Musk or someone else is probably going to do 'em anyway and soon.

P.S. Quite aware that I have the best dream buddies!
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That's like, the best dream evar!
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Carmelyne Thompson

Tools/Editor/Git/Browsers  - 
I just pushed a big update to Web Fundamentals that includes new content, a new section that highlights our shows, a brand new Showcase section that includes case studies of great web experiences, and RSS feeds so you can stay up to date with all the new content.

New Content
+Matt Gaunt published a primer on Security with HTTPS (
+Paul Lewis added a new section on Rendering Performance (

You can now stay up to date with all of our shows, including #Polycasts , #HTTP203 , the Chrome Dev Summit, and Udacity courses at

Curious how we built the Chrome Dev Summit site? The new Showcase section has you covered with deep technical Case Studies.  We also highlight great sites and apps with Spotlights.

RSS Feeds
We've also added RSS feeds so that you can stay up to date all the time. Use your favorite feed reader to subscribe!
Everything -
Shows -
Web Fundamentals -
Showcase -

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+Carmelyne Thompson you're a mod, you have complete amnesty :)
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This turn over makes me more curious about who'll take charge of G+ after Bradley.

Then there's this.....although stand alone apps makes sense for some -- particularly Facebook (because they have a horrible reputation for securing my data, so naming their apps differently and not branding it as Facebook makes sense since Facebook is synonymous for crap security), peeling away Hangouts and Photos from G+ seem trivial. I'd still need a G+ account to log into their stand alone versions. What's the upside then? Less lag? Less clutter (...that just meant bad UI to begin with. Sorry UI people. You're all still my hero).

#speculate // waiting on the real deal
Bradley Horowitz Is Now Running Google+
More changes afoot at Google+. TechCrunch has learned, and now confirmed with Google, that David Besbris has left his role as the head of the company's..
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I missed you too. #ChronicBronchitisSucksThatsAll

Custom Androids: Chewbaca, Han Solo and Yoda
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So how are you this is anthony we were in group to gether did you finish successfully
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Carmelyne Thompson

Javascript/JS Frameworks  - 
Angular Material 0.7.1 is out
Short update: Our Themes API is solid. We've improved the doc site (with bonus Getting Started section and an example starter app). Many bugfixes small and large, and the groundwork laid for new components -- coming soon in 0.8. 
Material Design. {{}}. {{}} {{(menu.currentPage | humanizeDoc) || 'Angular Material' }}. {{doc | humanizeDoc | directiveBrackets}}. View Demo View on Github.
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I'm retardedly excited about this. We have an angular project that could use a facelift. 
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This is a link to Molly E. Holzschlag's post. It doesn't matter that the post is on Facebook. What really matters is her message. You should know her if you're in web dev. She truly needs all the help she could get.

Let's lend a hand to one of our own. #TeamWeb #TeamDev  #TeamMolly   
Since #TeamMolly members do not seem to have represented me in a way that I was able to edit (my responsibility, I didn't want to look) I'm going to...
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yes infect
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What can I learn today?
I love learning (anything I can) & developing applications that work on the web or on your mobile device.

I'm a mobile/web developer/user interface designer and entrepreneur. (Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Node/Backbone, Lua, CSS, HTML5).

This is my story app series about the 
little S.T.E.M. princess who loves science, math and the stars:
Princess Niobie and the Wormhole Traveller

I'm a video gamer, a photography enthusiast, and I love Physics. Personality type: INTP

Other hobbies: customizing DIY android figures // scupting/painting designer toys like this Yoda 

(I take commissioned Android orders here:

Hangouts on Air: Mobile Web Dev on Air [Host]

My Photo Albums:

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A mom of three wonderful kids! / Full Scholarship: Iskolar ng Bayan (U.P. Diliman)
Let's build stuff!
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