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I love learning and research.

I'm a mobile/web developer/user interface designer and entrepreneur. 

This is my story app series about the 
little S.T.E.M. princess who loves science, math and the stars:
Princess Niobie and the Wormhole Traveller

I'm a video gamer, a photography enthusiast, and I love Physics. Personality type: INTP

Other hobbies: customizing DIY android figures // scupting/painting designer toys like this Yoda 

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Carmelyne Thompson

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1. RIP Cecil the lion

2. Whoever killed you is a complete jackass. (I don't name offenders. They don't deserve a mention and attention.)

3. Trophy hunting is ridiculous. What you're hunting is a defenseless animal roaming in the wild that you shoot with a gun or arrows from miles away. Damn cowards. You should give those animals a fair chance at defending themselves and try to be closer (Well of course, I'm rooting on the wild animals to pounce on the hunters first.) How about saving us the misfortune of losing wonderful and majestic animals and you lunatics just do a trophy hunter vs trophy hunter tournament. Imagine all the adrenaline rush from trying to hunt and kill someone who can absolutely kill you too. That should be legal sports for trophy hunters. Yup. Trophy hunting Games. May the gods be ever in you favor. Jackass.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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Carmelyne Thompson

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I met this amazing woman at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh! Kavya Manyapu is an Flight Test Engineer for Boeing Company. She is working on the launch abort test for #Orion and helping to make #NASA's #journeytomars a reality! She is also aspiring to be an astronaut and will apply in the next selection for the NASA astronaut corps. What an inspiration to meet someone so close to reaching her dream!
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Exelente y bellaa
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Carmelyne Thompson

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I kind of hate deep dream at this point because around 2 o'clock (maybe more 2:30-ish) on the Suns surface registers in my head as dogs eyes and mouth.... and every darn possible eye shape or dog nose. #DeepDreamAllTheThingsEffectSucks
Wow! This image captures the far side of the sun in several wavelengths of light that are invisible to the human eye. Our STEREO-A spacecraft that took the image has just emerged from a three-month safe mode period, where it collected and saved data from its radio instrument to then send to Earth. Learn more: #NASABeyond
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+Carmelyne Thompson​ -- You have the coolest posts!!!!
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Carmelyne Thompson

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My HS batch mates and I have been planning and organizing this event since January, and it's a part of our year long Jubilarian celebration. (Oh gosh old!) One more event done. Yay!
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Carmelyne linda maravilhosa abençoada por jesus cristo amém beijosss
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Carmelyne Thompson

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I was trying out Material Design Lite ( I figured that the best way to test the demo was to use it on Blogger. 

Here it is --> MDL on Blogger : and there weren't any issues with the layout using the hosted MDL links to the js and stylesheets.

I'll go through more of the tags tomorrow ( + widgets, and see how far I can get. 

P.S. Yup, I can combine the Google Font links. Some D.R.Y attention needed. What am I saying. Ignore that. Sorry, an icon and a font. It's the alpha version, eh. I really just wanted to see if it's possible to use MDL on Blogger without the layout breaking and if the components work. The answer so far is yes I can use it!
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Hi carmelyne its nice 2 be ur friend..i love physics a lot and im doing m.s.c in physics..i will try 2 learn more about this..ur other post are very good nd knowlegable...nice:-)
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Carmelyne Thompson

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With the release of MDL, would the team drop/discontinue the development of the WSK?
Introducing Material Design Lite - Material Design components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML & JavaScript 

We've now live at
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YES! I would not have seen this, thanks so much, Carmelyne. I'll try to use this on my next personal project.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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My dog decided to rummage through my green trash can. I think he learned a lesson. 
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You sure are pretty where are you from?
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Carmelyne Thompson

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First of all, Congrats!

Now the problem. You don't see 100 Sexiest Men Alive list, and then see 37 Sexiest Women Alive. You'll also find a 100 Sexiest Women counter list. Ideally, this should just be 15:15. Not 24:6. This is exactly how a tech author contributes to the problem. What problem? Amen.
So honored to be #5 on this Inc. Magazine list put together by John Rampton. As +Rackspace's Futurist I have a lot of advantages others don't (we have 300,000 customers in all sorts of businesses from tractors to sunglasses to TED videos so I get to see lots of stuff before others do).

I try to use my powers to help those building new things. Anyone building the future? Leave a comment!

Anyway today am headed over to Drew Ianni's conference about Internet of Things where I am on stage this afternoon.

Then Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble is taking us on a family vacation to Oregon for 10 days. When we get back I am speaking to the cable industry at CableLabs thanks to Phil McKinney, who runs that.

What a year! Oh, and while we were driving around Yellowstone a couple days ago Shelly Palmer, who has a tech newsletter with millions of subscribers that he's written since the early 1990s, was giving me tips about mine, that I'll put in play. First tip? Make it easier to find how to subscribe. Shelly, that's at But he gave me a ton of other tips, as well, that I'll work on when I get back from vacation.

See ya on Facebook at
Follow these influencers to stay on top of which new devices you won't be able to live without.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Artifical Chemotaxis

Something that explains the attraction found in drops of food colouring.

“ The critical fact was that food colouring is a two-component fluid. In such fluids, two different chemical compounds coexist while retaining separate molecular identities.

The droplets in this experiment consisted of two molecular compounds found naturally in food colouring: water and propylene glycol. The researchers discovered how the dynamic interactions of these two molecular components enabled inanimate droplets to mimic some of the behaviours of living cells.

This complex behavior is something called artificial chemotaxis which Manu Prakash explains in layman’s terms in the video below:

The physical properties of these fluids give rise to this immense complexity of behavior. For example, chasing and sensing each other, and very much what we call artificial chemotaxis.

Chemotaxis is the idea in biology that one single cell can sense where its enemy is, and it brings up all its machinery, and it chases that enemy to try to eat it.”

Source & credit: #scienceeveryday   #sciencesunday  
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Very cool! 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Maraming salamat po
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Just when I gave up gaming this year, and I only played one game for the last 3-4 years. Holy beez. 7M playing video games.
YouTube star PewDiePie made $7 million in 2014
My kid loves this dude. His job: you watch him play video games on YouTube. I don't get it... I think this comment sums it up best, "I can't even being to express the range of emotions that I'm feeling after reading that headline. I think it is mainly an amalgam of rage and jealousy mixed with general malaise and introspection about life decisions. In a nut shell--how does this asshat make $7M in one year while I work myself to death for a minuscule fraction of that sum? That's it. I'm selling everything and living out the rest of my days in a mud hut."
Last year around this time, word got out that Felix Kjellberg, a 24-year-old Swedish bro known online as PewDiePie, made $4 million a year by playing video game...
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je ne connais pas. annuler de mes connaissances cette homme la ou jeune homme la sortie de ma vue.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Time to save up and shop for a new phone with the best camera! Suggestions?

She says it's selfie time.

Daughter #1: Smile...
Me: (10 seconds later....) How much longer do I hold this smile... ???
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Vry cute 
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