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We're preparing for the rainy season with the first Google Crisis Response Summit in Manila on April 30 at SMX MOA. Learn how to use Google tools for crisis response and join us in the discussion on how to respond to crises better. We're opening up to the public 50 seats in the morning for the technical workshop and 100 seats in the afternoon for the panel discussion. Slots are limited so SIGN UP NOW! #crisisresponsesummit    #crisisresponse    #googlecrisisresponse  
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What is this mushroom?
The fungus in this time-lapse gif is called the Veiled Lady Mushroom or scientifically as Phallus indusiatus.

Where does it grow?
It's found in southern Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia, where it grows in woodlands and gardens in rich soil and well-rotted woody materials.

Is it edible?
Yes, it's considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in eastern Asia.

What's the net?
It's the skirt or indusium which makes the fungus look majestic. I'd love to know the evolution story of the skirt. That's a bit hard to research, so for now, let's just enjoy the gif!

(I highly recommend watching the full BBC Video time-lapse.)
✔ ✔  BBC Planet Earth Cordyceps Fungus Finding of the holy mushroom - Diknek lorrie's @ 0:29
Phallus Indusiatus

More Mushroom time-lapse:
(Completely not related; it's fantastic to watch though.)

#scienceeveryday   #nature  
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The etymology of word phallus is interesting. Its origin means a foul odor. These mushrooms may look cool, but they smell terrible. 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Brain exercise time!!! It'll be hard to see one circle moving in a straight line at first. Concentrate by just looking at one dot; imagine the dot as a ping pong ball hitting or bouncing on walls. There's your straight lines. Yup.
There is no rotational movement

Each individual dot is moving in a straight line
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One downside to native apps (e.g. this G+ app on mobile devices), I can't look up my own browsing history on it. /sadface #ThinkingAboutUI
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It's the downside to the simplicity of native apps. It would be great if apps offered ALL of the features we get on desktop.
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Carmelyne Thompson

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What holiday are you celebrating today?
Happy Easter!

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Hey RU on face brook!!!!?
On Apr 21, 2014 2:39 AM, "Rakesh Pandey" <****@**> wrote:

> holiday In hospital with Patients
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Have them in circles
73,054 people
New Twitter profile nav.
- can see everything at first glance.
- comes with stats
- combination of two old navs; neatly simplified & decluttered

No argument here as to with why lists were buried. Twitter lists, to me, is like an achievement badge bestowed on you by users, but  is poorly executed. Actually, that's really not how it works either. List is a list you make! Oh well. #ThinkingAboutUI
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Since I'm sharing this for laughs, I think it's only fair to share one of my dumbest moments too, not to get attention, but to prove that we all have our dumb moments so cut 'em folks some slack. :)

As a developer, there are times where we have to screenshot our entire desktops. I used said screenshot to demo something to a co-worker. It turns out, I accidentally turned the screen shot on full view after I took the screen shot. Before the demo, I end up clicking icons on the full viewed screen shot, and kept saying, "stop taking over the mouse...", to my pair programmer. "Quit it. It's not working." He noticed what I actually did and was just laughing non-stop. Took me awhile to figure out what I did. Ahhhhh moments! I have a few like that story. I embrace my silly dumb moments.
If you're in the mood to chuckle about a bunch of knuckle-heads... click the link below!  
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+Scott Wilson, no way man! This stuff is hilarious. I'm saddened that I don't even have friends on Facebook with that level of ignorance.

A person needs some comedic relief every now and again.
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"Meteor for Front-End Engineers," by Sacha Greif of Discover Meteor -
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Numbers are but the tip of an iceberg. It's a stat that provide significant use for Brands, or for a specific topic. Memes, quotes, funny gifs get a lot of view count, but I don't really consider those as quality numbers. I'm afraid that since the view count became more apparent, you'll see more of the memes, quotes and funny gifs.

My argument on view count when I posted about it was to actually prove a point that G+ is not a ghost town. I would rather see the engagement stat next to followers count. Let's hope they find a way to quantify that engagement stat now.

What exactly is engagement?
The short version: you write a post, then people comment to discuss and the poster actively participates with the commenters. That's how I define engagement. Or a user commenting on other people's post. Those commenters are really what makes Google+ dynamic! We don't give them any credit for it. Too bad.

What does circle count and view count REALLY mean?
here is my discovery
I did a little research last night, and looked at some profiles who have VERY large followings and view counts on G+ compared to mine...and you know what I found? Some of the people who have 1 million plus, with multiple millions of views, % wise have way less engagement than I do. Let me explain...

6,230 people have circled me...I have 1.4 million views. What I figured out is, I get 600X more engagement than many of the profiles I evaluated...

The reason I bring this up? Not to brag, but to make a point about focusing on making these numbers BIGGER...

It is NOT about the counts, it is about the engagement. I am building my following slowly, but organically, and that always results in better, deeper engagement...

So, just be engaging and DO NOT only worry about how many "follow" you. Embrace the ones who do, and be there for THEM! If you just forget about that, and provide great content...people who like your style will come, and trust me they ARE out there. 

Thanks +John Pozadzides for inspiring this post...
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+Juho-Petteri Yliuntinen That's the real challenge here: how do we encourage readers to add comments that'll spin off into a lively discussion. 
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Carmelyne Thompson

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Grit. :)
My latest conversation with Tom Friedman about how to get a job at Google, or any place.
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Have them in circles
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I love learning (anything I can) & developing applications that work on the web or on your mobile device.

I'm a mobile/web developer/user interface designer and entrepreneur. (Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Node/Backbone, Lua, CSS, HTML5).

This is my story app series about the 
little S.T.E.M. princess who loves science, math and the stars:
Princess Niobie and the Wormhole Traveller

I'm a video gamer, a photography enthusiast, and I love Physics. Personality type: INTP

Other hobbies: customizing DIY android figures // scupting/painting designer toys like this Yoda 

(I take commissioned Android orders here:

Hangouts on Air: Mobile Web Dev on Air [Host]

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A mom of three wonderful kids! / Full Scholarship: Iskolar ng Bayan (U.P. Diliman)
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