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Osteoarthritis Update
Three weeks ago I went back to my Orthopedic doctor to discuss the results of my MRI I had done on my left knee. For those of you that have been on this journey with me for awhile, this is the knee I had surgery on in June of 2014, which we have since disco...

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January PopSugar Must Have box
Yesterday after my post I went to Stroller Strides and got in a great but very modified workout in. My knee had been really swollen, tight and painful since Friday morning but as always I pushed through the pain and did what I loved to do, workout with my f...

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This is not a sprint, it's a marathon
Tomorrow kicks off week three of BodyBack, which means it has been two full weeks of tracking my food (using MyFitnessPal this time around) and consistent workouts. The past two mornings I have woken up feeling  lighter  and I said to Eddie that no matter w...

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The first step is
Admitting the problem.  I have been living in denial of my choices and I need to reflect on that for a moment. My poor relationship with food came back with vengeance during pregnancy and somehow has stuck with me over the past year. I have done (and ate) t...

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The "befores" and looking for my AH-HA moment
Thursday night was our official BodyBack kick-off meeting. Over 30 moms and 6 coaches sat in a room for close to two hours discussing how we will attack the next 8 weeks, together. We shared stories, took our before pictures and got our measurements done. I...

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This is harder than I thought
On December 15th Molly turned 1 years old.  I am still having difficulties processing where the time went exactly because it certainly doesn't  feel like a year has passed. In other ways 2016 felt long, which I know many people have also expressed feeling t...

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Scenes from the weekend #3
I should really call these posts "Snaps from the weekend" because the majority of the photos are screen shots from my snapchat. Should I change it? Let me know! Friday morning I took my workout to the mall with my Stroller Strides crew and decided to have a...

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Scenes from the Weekend #2
For those of you struggling this morning, repeat after me: Short work week.  Short work week.  Short work week. This weekend was another one with no real plans which we were a-okay with. Eddie spent the majority of his weekend working on an attic project he...

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5 Things I am excited about right now
1. The new Bruno Mars cd that drops tomorrow. I pre-ordered it the minute I heard 24k but really, who doesn't get excited about new Bruno music? This will also give my family a break from listening to the Hamilton soundtrack in its entirety, every day. 2. T...

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New must-have products from Trader Joe's
It seems that we alternate our food store of choice every week, depending on our needs. This week we opted for Trader Joe's which around the Holidays is always dangerous because they bring back old favorites while introducing you to new "must-have" products...
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