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A Mother's Day Full of Surprises
Yesterday I was lucky enough to celebrate my second Mother's Day since having Molly and it was just as good, if not better than my first. Molly was sick all weekend so my day started earlier than usual, at 5:45 to be exact but this mug was sitting on the co...

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One minute
Last night I completed my final 8 week BodyBack session. I won't know my overall weight and inches lost over the three sessions until next week but I do have my assessments from this session. I tried to look for my numbers from my first two sessions but I d...

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Coffee & Collagen
How do you take your coffee?  As of January I took the plunge into the world of adding collagen peptides into my morning cup and have to say it has changed my world for the better. I am a researcher so after seeing Vital Proteins constantly flooding my Inst...

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Quick, easy meals with BrightFarms!
Meal planning and prepping is an essential part of me being able to stay on track with my eating throughout the week, especially as a full time working momma. This week I partnered with BrightFarms to focus on incorporating more greens into our family meals...

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Moments I want to remember...
Last night I sat on the floor and watched you run around for 45 minutes before bed. You were playing with three items: a small tub of Vaseline, you're little stuffed pig (Kevin Bacon) and my underwear that you pulled out of the clean basket. You carried all...

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Meal Plan: Week of 3/26
On Friday's I map out my meal plan for the coming week. As long as I plan and prep for Sunday-Friday I find that I am able to stay on track. Saturdays are always up in the air because we tend to be out and about or have plans with family and friends so I ju...

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My Happy Space
Do you have a room, spot, corner of your home that is your favorite? I didn't until this past weekend. When we first bought our home last March there was a spot in the kitchen that would make the perfect coffee nook but the builders didn't put an outlet the...

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Finding myself again through BodyBack
I have been trying to find the words to write about my experience with the BodyBack program for the last two weeks but it's hard to sum up something that has changed you, inside and out, in a single blog post.  But I am going to try. Left: September, before...

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Scenes from the weekend #3
Has it really been a month since I shared my last scenes from the weekend post? I did do my fair share of Instagram live videos throughout the course of the weekend, mostly food related but who doesn't love to see what other people are eating or buying at t...

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Osteoarthritis Update
Three weeks ago I went back to my Orthopedic doctor to discuss the results of my MRI I had done on my left knee. For those of you that have been on this journey with me for awhile, this is the knee I had surgery on in June of 2014, which we have since disco...
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