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I did my first ever Facebook LIVE today. If you ever wondered how Miracles Are Brewing came to be, why I'm sober or how I got sober and found my faith - give it a watch.
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As I approach almost 9 years of sobriety, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be sober: to live a life without alcohol or drugs.

I can’t tell you how many of my coaching clients come to me saying they wish they could just be “normal,” with drinking. Or that they didn’t think they had a problem because they weren’t blacking out, falling over, drinking in the morning, having the shakes or hitting some kind of stigmatized rock bottom inclusive of losing their job, becoming homeless or stealing from loved ones to get their fix.

Truth be told: everyone wears their addictions differently. And the thing is: none of that really matters.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It matters what it feels like.

Whether you are drinking wine at night or vodka in the morning, if it doesn’t make you feel good that is the only reason you need to decide that drinking alcohol isn’t for you.

A sober lifestyle is no longer something to be shamed for or to be made to feel guilty for or less than for. There is a movement happening and it’s full of people saying – NO MORE. We are also saying we want MORE for ourselves, our lives and our bodies; and this is reason enough.

“I don’t drink because it doesn’t make me feel good,” is our anthem and we are going to keep singing it loudly so that others may know they can choose this for themselves too.
We do it for the health of it and that is the only reason we need. We certainly didn’t decide to quite drinking so we could put on a label that says: I can’t drink because I’m an alcoholic. No. That doesn’t fly anymore.

We have traded in our drinking days and the consequent shameful mornings for a life of no hangovers, feeling good in our skin and taking a stand for our peace, wellness and the beauty of who we truly are, sans the substances.

Sobriety isn’t about admitting you are weak or have a problem or that you are some kind of outcast who can’t handle their liquor. No.

Sobriety is a call to action. It’s a commitment to living life on your terms, not the terms society tells us we should live by.

If this resonates with you, I urge you to keep reading at the link and not only that, share this message.

#sobriety #addiction #breakthestigma #bethechange
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Exactly 8.5 years ago today I made a decision to quit drinking and using cocaine. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I didn’t want to experience the anxiety, panic, shame, guilt, exhaustion, defeat or self loathing for one minute longer.

I prayed for a miracle that day – not knowing what I was doing and not even sure I was praying in the right way. From that day forward I never drank or did cocaine again. A #miracle had, in fact, been brewing all along.

Today reminds me of what's possible and that deciding to show up for yourself is one of the best decisions you can ever make. #sobriety #recovery #yoga

More inspiration at this link:
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I had the privilege of interviewing on the Needy Helper podcast recently where I talked about finding your purpose, the power of miracles and the battle so many of us face with feeling like we are not enough. #sobriety   #addiction   #recovery  
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Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

In this post I share a powerful story about how I practiced visualization, prayer and surrender to the highest good which resulted in a miracle coming to fruition.

Learn how you can implement the power of visualization into your life and why it can help you in achieving your best life. Read the story here:
The Power Of Visualization
The Power Of Visualization
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I once thought that sobriety meant the end of my social life. The end to feeling alive or being spontaneous. The end to fitting in or being cool.

What I’ve found inside of sobriety, though, is quite the opposite of what my naïve assumptions were trying to convince me of.

I’ve found that I enjoy my sleep and the fact that I never have hangovers. My skin and bank account have never looked better. I don’t feel shameful for what I said or did while the alcohol was flowing through my veins and I also don’t miss the shame of the comedown. I never have to call my friends the next day to find out what embarrassing things I did or how I went into my selfish cocaine mission modes of “she’s just being Carly.”

I still go out to dance and listen to my beloved electronic music, but now the music is all I need to feel to enjoy myself. I’ve been able to help others and pass along what I’ve learned on this sober journey as people look to me as a credible resource nowadays instead of a just reliable party buddy. I’m no longer afraid of looking myself in the mirror and I don’t feel the need to run from my emotions anymore.

And to be honest, I sometimes find myself wondering why sobriety isn’t more of the norm for everyone. Making the jump at first was admittedly scary, but the benefits of being sober far outweigh staying stuck in a life that didn’t feel good to me. Because let’s face it, when you’re living a lie that is the uncoolest of the uncool.

I believe this message holds true for many of us in the sober community who are living out our truths. There are so many of us rising up to show others that being sober is an awesome lifestyle and that you don’t have to live it alone.

We have started a new band of cool kids who face life on the realest terms. Living in my truth has taught me that Sober Is The New Cool. Join us, won’t you?
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"I've realized that walking through where I came from and why I started is such a powerful practice.

Whether you are #sober or not – we all start things, make significant changes and begin new journeys because at some point in time, the pain of remaining the same becomes stronger than the pain or fear of changing.

After taking a trip down memory lane and retelling the stories of my demise, I felt myself reliving them as the words spilled from my lips.

I spoke of a party girl who had transitioned from a case of casually “having fun,” into a habitual addiction full of destruction, depression, anxiety, shame and feeling utterly uncomfortable in my own skin.

I recognized it was sheer luck, or what I now know to be God’s #grace, that kept me alive and here today to share this miracle with others.

As I reminisced about what my former life felt like, I was reminded of all the reasons that brought me to my knees as I begged God for help 8 years ago.

No matter what you are doing, remember why you started and when you do, you will know why you must continue."

From blacking out to overdosing and then being redeemed, READ HERE for the intimate details of why I started down the path of #recovery  

#sobriety   #transformation   #motivation   #inspiration  
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I remember when I was coming into sobriety how many times I said, “I’m never drinking again,” or “I’m never doing coke again,” only to be greeted with another comedown and hangover.

Each time I would fall back into my bad habits, I would stand back up, bruises and all. I’d say it was because of this or that, without readiness to take ownership of my role in the madness.

Until one day, I looked up and realized I had to do it differently this time. I surrendered my ego and asked for help by way of prayer.

Once I admitted I had actively participated in my hot mess of a life, it was then that I was able to choose something new.

If you're trying to change your life and need some inspiration, read here:
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I can remember in my active addictions, I knew how I was living had become a nightmare. I hated waking up and dealing with the voices of shame and guilt in my head for not living a life that I was proud of or happy with. Hangovers and comedowns did NOT feel good. Hiding my anxiety, depression and #addictions felt belittling and wildly inauthentic."

For so long I wasn't living a life I felt happy inside of. Once I got #sober, I realized how important it truly is for us to take a look at the lives we are creating with our decisions every day. Let's all stop every so often and ask ourselves this question as a reflective check-in. Let's pray to be shown where our creations may need some rethinking, extra loving or complete elimination.

It is my hope that you'll take this practice along in your journey and ask yourself: Am I creating a life I love?
Are You Creating A Life You Love?
Are You Creating A Life You Love?
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I learned early on in my sobriety that the more I flexed my sober muscles, the stronger they got.

If you are newly sober, trying it on for size or a well-establish person of sobriety, never forget that just a muscle must be exercised to grow and get stronger, so must your sober muscles.

This can be applicable for anything, not just sobriety. When you begin to work towards something, you better believe roadblocks and hurdles will appear to see how high you are willing to jump.

So, when you feel like you are in the middle of a storm and everything around you seems to be rigged against you, remember this story. Remember that by standing strong from moment-to-moment, situation-to-situation and temptation-to-temptation, you are only becoming more grounded and rooted in your choices.

Sometimes the mountain we are climbing is actually the lesson we need to fuel the rest of the journey.

This is a story that changed the course of my life forever:
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