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Is your website future ready? This is where I believe the next big pushes will come from and what we should be focusing our efforts on to make a better, more user friendly and effective web.

I've Moved! I'm now based in Farndon! But your after websites so that really makes no difference where I am :)

Hello everyone. I'm Carl, a web designer from Rossett/Chester.

I'm interested helping out businesses and people improve their web presence and knowledge about the web including:
- Website speed
- Accessibility
- Responsive / Mobile design 

Would love to answer any questions anyone has. There are no stupid questions :)

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It's amazing what a little bit of code magic will do. My site is now much faster and more lightweight!

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An article I have written about working more effectively as a front-end designer

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Made a colour tint mixin for Sass. Automagically works out the tint/shade and creates a color map variable for use.
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