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What Is A Mother
She's antiseptic kisses to that boo boo on your knees. She's chocolate cake and ice cream after butterbeans and
peas. She's You have to
clean your room first before going out to play. She's the Go and ask
your father part of What did your
mother say. She's ...

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Walter Pigg ... a work in progress
Some of you have been asking where my next book is. Since
the release of The Night Train in the spring of 2012, I've released one
novel a year, most of them in March or April. So why the wait? Where is
number six? Last year was a very busy year for me at...

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A great tribute to Mississippi.

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It's That Time Again
Yes, I realize this novel, my fifth, has taken longer to complete than all the others (except The Night Train, my first, which took a lifetime), and I thank all of you who have patiently nudged me onward. Knowing I have readers who want that next book is on...

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Cover reveal! I'm excited about the upcoming release of my fifth novel, Temple's Ghost. +Logan Purdon +Mathew Liverett 

What are people talking about when they use the term, "third rock from the sun"?
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