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[Helpful Mindshift] Got No Money To Test Earning Per Click, Well Earnings Per Offer Might Be Useful To You.

Oiginally posted in the Parlay Society, join us here →

This is A FREE Alternative Perspective to Paid Traffic

Have you ever tried paid advertising?

You know…

Adwords, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, etc.?

It’s a bit scary to make it pay, isn’t it?

So what if you can get 0.01 Cent clicks.

If you can’t turn it into money, who cares?

For this reason, a lot of marketers that are heavily into paid marketing and traffic understand terms like metrics, cost per click, earnings per click, conversion rate, etc.

And maybe you’ve heard of these terms, too.

I’m sure you know what cost per click means, right?

It’s how much it costs you every time someone that sees your ad and clicks on it.

Now, unfortunately, not all of these people that see your ad actually pay you money for anything, unfortunately.

Heck, you can run a Facebook like campaign, whose sole purpose is to simply pay Facebook to show your ad to potential prospects that are most likely to click on the like button for your page or advertisement.

If you’ve never tried pay per click marketing then I can only imagine how scary it might sound to you to try your hand at it, especially if you don’t have a lot of extra money lying around to “test it out.”

Now, a lot of people often try paid traffic directly to some sort of paid offer.
I have not really found that to be the most profitable marketing sequence to my own offers, unless they were low cost offers with tight deadlines.

It could be the niche I primarily promote in, the make money online, biz opp and internet marketing folks (ugh).

Or it could be my offer.

For whatever it’s worth, so far, I’ve found it far easier to get folks onto a list and then start developing trust with them via some sort of automated email sequence or communicating with them in my group, The Parlay Society, than it is to straight sell them right from the ad to the “landing page” (the page they are taken to when they actually click the ad).

The truth is, if you’re starting from a cold stone stand point, it’s far easier to first warm up your relationship with someone else before trying to get them to make a hefty commitment with you.

The old analogy, let’s get to know each other before we date and let’s date before we get married applies.

So, you have to find ways to lubricate this process.

Here are a few ways to do it that still require a bit of elbow grease, but they work just fine:

Get someone else to introduce you to their already trusting audience. This is like when your friend introduces you to his other friends. If you folks are good friends, you and his friends are more likely to get on well than if you were a stranger trying to ingratiate yourself into their group, right?
Get someone else to promote your offer to their audience. This is how join ventures generally work. You have a product, they have a list, you split the profits.
Give before you expect to get. This is the whole ethical bribe thing. Give someone else tremendous value, something that solves a pressing problem for them before you ask them to start paying you for more. This is what you usually find happening on say a Good webinar (I mean a really good one, not the pitch fest blind copy ones). easy go to way to do it, especially when I’ve been a bit lazy to automate the process, is to simply go to the places where people who have problems you can solve, and are asking for your help to solve them are already hanging out asking for help.

Where are these places?

Any freelancing site.




Job Boards

Networking Events


gosh...the list is pretty huge.

These places exist because people are actively looking for help and exchanging value.

Now, sometimes you need to learn how to educate them on what value really is, but that’s a separate post.

My point right now, and to get back to the whole title of this rant…

Earnings per offer is what I like to help folks think about, which is one step removed from earning per click, when they don’t have money to get paid traffic and instead, all they have is the ability to make offers.

With earnings per click, you’re focused not on how much your clicks cost you, but instead on how much you’ve earned in total divided by the amount of clicks you’ve gotten minus the cost per click.

So, for example, if your ads cost 0.20 cents a click and after 100 clicks you’ve earned $100 dollars that means you profited $80 because you had to spend $20 (100 clicks x 0.20 cents a click) but overall your earning per click were 0.80 cents a click ($80 profit / 100 clicks).

So, if you send out 5 offers a day, and you do this 5 days a week, let’s just say for the sake of argument, all you’re able to do is make 1 sale that month for $5,000.

That means you sent out a grand total of 100 offers and let’s just say 1 of them turned into a deal…

That deal you netted for that number means your earnings per offer was a total of $50 per offer ($5,000 / 100).

Doesn’t that put a brand new perspective on how valuable it would be to go out and make offers all day until you landed that one deal?

I would.

I do.

What if you could automate and scale that?

That’s what some of the folks that are niche marketing masters in the Parlay Society are able to do.

That’s what I’m working on.

Did this post help you change your perspective for the better or was this just a long winded asshole rant?

Thanks for telling me below.
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Carlos Rosario

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[A Gift]

Want to learn the secrets and shortcuts to becoming a top copywriter, fast?

Want to skip right to the front of the line to success?

Learn the secret leverage points used by a high paid, top copywriter, Everte Farnell

Discover how he went from down and out and struggling to the fast track of success, raising his business into the millions, lost it all and gained it all back because he knew how.

In this call you will learn:

1. Formula for coming up with a hook and why it's so important.

2. How to quickly cut the line to achieve success fast as a copywriter

3. What to do to stay motivated when you're failing

4. Recommended books to read

5. How to get top paying clients using FREE as a strategy

6. How to price your services properly

7. Synergistic power of the Cache client - what they can do for you is directly proportional to what you can do for them.

Everte leveraged his association with Dan Kennedy, Matt Bacak and Agora to elevate his success, but don't think they didn't get any benefit out of it.

Find out exactly what kind of clout they get by dropping Everte's name in their marketing messages.

8. What you should do if you want to get your best dream clients to work with you without resistance.

9. How to 10X a business, fall back to zero and get back up to the top.

10. Should you or should you not ever do FREE work and why? Very important and controversial topic.

11. Kudos to Colin Theriot - the guy who teaches how to be the Ultimate Slacker Guru!

12. How to get to work for the 800 pound Gorilla in your industry without working for FREE, especially usuful if you're young, single and not alot going for you.

13. The power of Gimmick and how Everte used it to get big copywriting gigs fast.

14. How to master the craft of Copywriting, fast

15. How to maintain motivation when you're feeling the weight of the world

There is so much more to cover and it's all free.

Use it.

Learn from it.

Do it.

To your success.
Carlos Rosario
Niche Marketing Mastery Interview Series Everte Farnell - Top Copywriting Secrets by Carlos Rosario
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Hola. CarloS

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Carlos Rosario

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This is how you can help others to help you help them, lol.

Big shout out to Bill Davis of the Tribe and Russ Ruffino of his Hight Ticket Group.

If you want to join the Parlay Society do so here:

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Carlos Rosario

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Watch this video to see another Facebook advertising sales funnel break down.

This time Kent Clothier shows you how he's building his list of "fortunebuilders" using Facebook newsfeed ads and squeeze pages.

When you setup your foundation the way he does, it's easy to see how effective advertising can be when you use Facebook.

If you want to see the original squeeze page (if it's still available) then click here:

Want to join other strategic later thinkers?

Join the Parlay Society here:

Make sure to also subscribe to this channel and share it with a friend who might be able to make use of this lesson.

Was this video helpful or not really?
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Carlos Rosario

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[Just Get It]

If you haven't figure it out yet...targeted and highly qualified traffic is the key to this Online Marketing thing.

These folks have it figure out.

At least check it out.

Link is the first comment.

Here's what you'll learn if you get this:

Free Traffic Strategies-

1. The Affiliate Grabber Trick

In this powerful trick you'll get a walk through of how to get affiliates to promote your offers no matter what niche you happen to be in. This one trick is worth 10x the entire course.

2. The FB Comment Rider Trick

Hiding right in front of you on every Facebook page is a way to get traffic back to your offers. And no, we're not talking about spamming our links on Facebook walls. This trick is responsible for tons of sales in my business as well as many longterm connections with big name people in multiple industries.

3. The Wordpress Alarm Trick

There are literally thousands of wordpress blogs out there that could help you boost your online sales. In this trick I'll show you the dead simple way that I drive traffic to my offers in about 5 minutes per day.
The John Forum Hancock Trick
Forums are old and not many people talk about them these days, but there are a virtual goldmine of buyer traffic. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, there is usually a forum that you can take advantage of for big traffic. In this trick I'll show you the right way to do it.

4. The Trust Trojan Horse Trick

This one is a little more advanced and it's something that only about 1% of all online marketers know how to do properly. I'll show you the secret to creating "progressive videos" to sell a product like you've seen in big name product launches (this works great for physical and digital products alike).

5. And MORE!

By the time you're through this part of the training you'll have a ton of traffic tricks that you can use that won't cost you anything but a little bit of your time. If you're short of cash, these are all you need to build a business online.

These are so effective that I still use them every week due to how effective they are (even though I have cash to spend now).

Paid Traffic Tricks

6. The Faux Friend Ad Trick

You've seen people rocking out Facebook ads, but you haven't seen this method. This powerful technique uses the power of social proof and a unique psychological trick to get people to pay more attention to you ad than they normally would.

7. The 5 Dollar Alien Trick

In this trick I'll walk you how to use one of the biggest and most misunderstood sites on the planet to drive traffic to your offer. This is something very few people on the planet understand (but you will).

8. The Celebrity Endorsement Trick

Everyone wants a trusted celebrity to promote their product or service. I'll show you how to get a "niche" celebrity to promote your product or service without breaking the bank. (this is so cool and easy you'll be blown away).

9. The FB Ad Robot

One of the worst parts about using FB ads is how long it takes to set up an ad campaign the right way. I'll give you the solution that made it easy for me to setup as many as 100 ad variations in just a few minutes. This makes testing and scaling a breeze. 

10. The Banner or Bust Trick

This trick is something that all big name marketers use, but don't talk about. I'm breaking that trend because I think everyone deserves to have top notch targeted traffic for their offer. You're going to love how simple this is once you get started and see the potential.

11. The Ad Spy and Copy Trick

There are so many people out there that are afraid of using Google Adwords to get their offer in front of people. 


There is more to all of this but you should just go check it out for yourself.
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Carlos Rosario

Tools and Resources  - 
Silent Sales Machine Giveaway Notice

Jim Cockrum is giving away his latest book, which is all about multiple streams of income, on Amazon.

Thought it would be a worthwhile share here for the entrepreneurial minded.

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Carlos Rosario

Resources, Advice & Tools  - 
Silent Sales Machine Giveaway Notice

Jim Cockrum is giving away his latest book, which is all about multiple streams of income, on Amazon.

Thought it would be a worthwhile share here for the entrepreneurial minded.

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Carlos Rosario

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*Mortgage Payment Calculator Lead Generation Strategy*

Have any of you thought about doing something like this or is this a useless strategy that no one in their right mind should ever try? 

Let me know what you think in the comments, please.
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Carlos Rosario

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This is primarily for affiliate marketing and mlm offers and you can get it exclusively on

Have questions? Contact me using the Fiverr contact link.
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[Helpful Riddle] - Originally shared in The Parlay Society​....we think about helpful stuff like this there.  Join us.

Click here to join

I was at the tail end of another 6-in-6 Coaching Call the other day (I can't believe how much stuff they have) when I heard John S. Rhodes talking about something called Google Correlate.

Anyways he mentioned that there was some sort of correlation between beer and diapers and he asked the audience if they knew what it was.

Long and short of it was that he never got around to revealing it, which meant it left an open loop, especially in my mind.

Funny enough, today I'm reading an article and found a little article that spoke about this correlation.

Basically it was A big data thing that was useful to grocery store chains tracking their Rewards Card data.

What they discovered was that when men bought diapers on Thursdays and Fridays, they also bought beer.

Now, before I reveal it, I want to know if any of you know the answer?

If so...leave it in the comment below. 

Big Data is awesome and this little nugget reveals why especially if you're in business.

Hope someone gives me the correct answer and maybe something anecdotal to go along with it.
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[Question]  Line breaks in ad copy.  Read more below


This question is currently being instigated in The Parlay Society​.  Join if you like to chat with other smart folks about stuff like this.

Click here to join ==>>


When you write your headlines, do you make certain that each line is a complete thought / idea or do you prefer to end lines in mid-thought?

I'm going to share with you the 3 headlines that I have been pondering, but before I do let me give you a little background on how and why I even started thinking about this.

Why this question?

My deep thinking cult leader buddy, Colin  (super in the brain stuff that dude ponders...most of the time) is where I first learned about The Zeigarnik Effect, which is the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts about an objective that was once pursued and left incomplete.  

It's the concept most people usually refer to as "open loops", which is some pretty powerful stuff.

He also introduced me to the Von Restorff effect, which is a psychological prediction that states things that stands out like a sore thumb" (called distinctive encoding) is more likely to be remembered than other items. 

I refer to it as the highlight effect.  

You can call it the pattern interrupt, whatever.

***Side rant: The more important thing is to understand what the hell they are and I don't care what your pet name for them are.

Basically these two things can be pretty powerful when you use them together, and I'm sure some of you might be wondering how.

These two premises are used all the time by the best show writers on T.V.  

It's what keeps you tuning in next week, and why you were all mad when you thought Glenn was killed by zombies on the walking dead, but since you're not sure and you're a die hard fan you'll tune in next time to see if it was true or not.


So what are

the two



Here they


Now-You'll Hit The Ball Off The Tee
Farther and Straighter
Than You Ever Have In Your Life-
Each And Every Time
With "Perfect Swing"


Now-You'll Amaze Your Golf Buddies
When You Hit The Ball
Off The Tee
Farther and Straighter
Than You Ever Have In Your Life-
Each And Every Time
With "Perfect Swing"

One headline offered one key customer focused benefit in four words.

The third variation of the headline to make ego boost even more overt, which is now the hook and now the main over riding reason to buy whatever it is, is:

Now-You'll Be
The Envy Of
Your Amazed Golf Buddies
When You Hit The Ball
Off The Tee
Farther and Straighter 
Than You Ever Have In Your Life-
Each And Every Time
With "Perfect Swing"

By the way, the headlines are all for the same thing, however, the better headlines address the core concerns of the customer and not so much on the product or service they're selling.

Keep that in



Anyways, would you please answer the original 


Let me know would ya?
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Hi all, I'm Carlos a local marketing expert.  Recently discovered some awesome, yet simple ways to drive traffic with sites like  

Put together the BEST How to get leads prospecting course on the interwebs.

I'm a huge fan of "creative corollary thinking", Guerrilla Marketing, (Local Guerrilla Marketing is kind of my forte) and I love outside of the box thinking.

My primary goal is to help businesses develop lead generation strategies whether for the B2B market or Consumer sales.

With so many different online channels of communication and the proliferation of Social Media, inbound marketing, youtube and such its often difficult for many small businesses to figure out whats the best marketing game plan that they should implement.

That's where I come in.  I design simple creative custom marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses to help them reach their business goals.

I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, but now reside in San Jose, CA, which is a neighboring township right smack in Silicon Valley, the third largest city in California (yes, even bigger than San Francisco).

So what the heck is *"creative corollary thinking,"* you  ask?

It's the pixie dust of innovation that inspires people to create solutions that make you think "well why didn't I think of that?"

I sometimes refer to it as "under your nose" thinking that you can't see for its simplicity.

Most of my creative ideas are founded on adapting and taking further already existent notions and just going a step beyond what most are willing to in order to get ahead of the pack and outdo competition.

No one should run from seeming sophistication because its the key against commoditization.

I work primarily with small agile businesses in helping them develop customized marketing plans to help with branding, lead generation ideas and systems implementation.

I also train other marketers to develop their creative think tanks while providing support in the form of mastermind group membership discussions and frequent workshops.

I'm a lover of books and believe people are a collection of what they read and who they regularly interact with.

I'm amazed at just how many free powerful tools we have at our disposal and yet there are still so many that are not quite sure how to use it to their advantage.

Paradigm shifts and "aha" moments and social engagements are my dopamine release drives that I simply can't explain.

Adding value is at the core of my business propulsion and the secret to building trust and community in any space.

If you're a creative at heart or are looking at ways to get better at "creative thinking" and positive doing then please add me to one of your circles.

I look forward to engaging with you.

Other Resources:

Want To Learn How To Start A Micro Business, build a list of PAID buyers..before they opt in and start making real money on the internet fast?
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