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8 Steps To Getting What You Want Without Formal Credentials

Shared this in  The Parlay Society​
(join us here ==>>  if you like to talk about the more exciting, sexy and darker sides of marketing and being successful in the INFORMAL economy)

I have a bachelor's and I honestly don't think it would have made one lick of a difference in my work choice, now that I know what I know.

If you think you need a piece of paper to validate your worth, please read the article and then let's debate in the comment section below.

You don't need a degree.

You need a viable plan and a good enough skill set.

My biggest takeaway - focus on the INFORMAL job market.

And this bolded quote:

==>> "Your entire multi-year, six-figure education is reduced to a simple check-mark used to get past impatient screeners on the other end of a Craigslist ad."

Oh...and you need to learn how to sell and get your offer to your target market.

What do you think?

Don't like to read?

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

1. Choose Your Field of Learning - as long as its not in law, medicine or accounting, you should be good to go.  The less restrictions the easier it'll be to make this happen for you.

2. Showcase Your Learning - read at least a book a week from active successful practicitioners and detail your you go.

I think I've heard this sort of thing referred to as leading from the middle.

You being just a few steps of your followers is infinitely more valuable than the dude at the top of the mountain who you can clearly see made it to the top but you have no idea what route he took.

3. Learn The Basics of Good Networking - It's about the who you know AND who knows you.  Develop this, as its a critical ingredient for your success.

4. Start Working For Free - within your network, if you have no proof, use those that would hire you to build your proof and show it back to your audience.

5. Develop Case Studies Of Your Work - Isn't this the sort of thing you see me doing here in this group?

It's probably why I take so long to get products out there, lol.

6. Develop Relationships With Mentors - Interview them, study them, praise them and many will reciprocate and help you attain more success.

7. Learn Sales - Self explanatory but no money is made until an idea, product or service gets sold in exchange for money.  There is absolutely no way around this if you want to achieve massive success.

8. Sell and Deliver Your Services Within Your Social Economy - This is otherwise known as the collective of marketing.

Host meeting events to get in front of more than one of your ideal prospects at once while delivering massive value.

Do webinars.

Make videos.

Host local events.

Do lunch and learnss, etc.

Now go out and make shit happen!
(Photo: ElMarto) Michael Ellsberg has been a good friend since 2000.  In the last few years, he has made a study of self-study. How do the best in business do what they do? Using his findings, he has: - Overcome a debilitating case of bipolar II (here's how).
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Carlos Rosario

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[ How To Get Clients Using RSS Feeds]

So, do you think RSS feeds are dead?

I sure hope most people do because I use it as one of my secret ways to get clients that most people aren't very aware of.

Watch the video to learn how I use it and let me know if you think this is smart or if it didn't make any sense in hell?

If you like talking about and learning about this sort of stuff, be sure and join our group, The Parlay Society​ (It's FREE)

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Carlos Rosario

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In terms of marketing, what is priced based on?

Price, as you may or may not be aware, is simply the function of perceived value that something is worth to someone else.

*Before I continue this link is about to expire ==>>

While there are REAL constraints as to WHO something is worth to and WHAT they are willing to pay, remember that there are other emotional ingredients that you must learn how to incorporate into your marketing message, which will help folks to come to their own assessment of worth.

As long as you CAN provide the results you suggest you can provide to folks, you have evidence that you've done it, and you have a few other things that we'll get into in a moment,

There is no reason not to charge a fee that you feel is justifiable, the potential customer or client CAN and is WILLING to pay for your results.

The key ingredients (I suppose there are some other secret ingredients but...this is a good base) are:

1. What is the outcome they can and should expect as a benefit if they pay you...what's in it for them?

2. What makes your solution THE solution that they can't get elsewhere?

3. What sort of training have you had that makes you the expert?

4. What is the unique offer that can't readily be compared that you're offering that makes this a no brainer.

5. What is the process that you use to get them there and why will it work for them?

6. Exclusivity - who is this for and who can't have this?

7. Why do they need to act now...not later.

8. What hardships must they endure if they decide to go with someone else or try this on their own.

Gosh...what else...?

Eh, who cares...I just wanted to post this after closing another $5500 client.

Maybe it's time to start raising my rates?

It's exciting what you know what you say works and other people pay you for it.

If you want to learn how I do it and actually hear a call that demonstrates how I do it,

Go here before it's gone ===>>

Oh and yes...I did it the way most people find hard and grueling, by using those pesky 3rd world platforms.

Have a good day yall!

Special thanks to:

God & His Universe

Colin Theriot, Russell Ruffino, Erik D Stafford, Jack Mize Dan Ardebili, Ben Adkins, Ben Littlefield, Tim Ferriss and Jason Fladlien, Evelyn Falcon (my super woman), my kids...for whom I have to feed

Supportive pep talks by:

Jason Kanigan , Dan Kennedy, Ben Franklin, My Dad, and of course My Clients and those still on the fence but want to hire me...just afraid to pull the trigger

I also want to thank:

Those that are afraid to ask what they're worth, but want to bitch and complain about it.

People that want to tell you "you're doing it the wrong way."

Those that look to me for support and guidance (sorry to lump you in this section but thank you for understanding I don't mean to lump you here).

My computer for not blowing up while trying to do a freakin' webinar or demonstrate some valuable shit to someone.

People that read this and envy me

Haters for reminding me that I'm doing some shit that matters enough to get them agitated at me for not being like them.

Fence riders for reminding me it's more fun to participate than to watch...

Anyone else I missed that I missed...thank you...until next big close.
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Carlos Rosario

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Alright, alright....Webbie replay is up and ready for a little while.

Ready to find out how to find HIGH FEE Clients and STOP Doing the 10 things you're doing right now that scare them away?

Click the link to check it out 
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Carlos Rosario

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That's all I need to do another hangout, lol.  I had like 20 people register and now its time to redo this badboy.

Thanks for the heads up.
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Carlos Rosario

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How To Growth Hack Your List Buidling Lesson

This is an amazing way to grow your list.

Watch this amazing way to grow a big fat list of hyper greedy people.

Feed their selfish greed and you'll feed an insatiable need.

As my buddy Tom Royce​ points out, this is probably one of the most restrictive contests ever created but that doesn't matter because he still makes it easy for you to take part while potentially getting something out of it...

Even if you, most likely, don't get anything out of it.

Super smart list building technique.

Was the video helpful or stupid?

Tell me below.
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Carlos Rosario

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*Originally shared in The Parlay Society*​ (join if you like talking persuasion, sales, growth hacking, dark persuasion...and other cool stuff)  ==>>

Whenever I consult with a client, generally I do it via a recorded conference call.

Typically, I use it as a way to add value by making it a bonus part of the deliverable of our coaching call so that the client has something to reference later in case they'd like to go over possible overlooked details, and I use it for marketing collateral.

Here is the one that I use, and I suggest you play around with, as well.

Sign up for free conference calling now and you can host a conference call when you need for up to 1,000 callers anytime completely free.
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Carlos Rosario

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Agree Or Disagree?

Orginially posted in the Parlay Society (Facebook group)

You ever do a job that you think is too small for you to be dealing with, but you sorta kinda need the money?

Well, the more you say yes to opportunities the more likely you are to create greater opportunities by virtue of making stuff happen.

So...what I recommend you do, especially you folks that offer services to others is start saying yes to projects that you know you can provide services for, and once you're're a lock to let clients know that you can do other things for them as well. 

So, if you offer article writing, but you know you're good at writing email sequences mention that...AFTER you got the article writing job.

If you make lead magnets...tell them AFTER you got the squeeze page gig.

If you can make presentations, do that AFTER you get the Sales Letter gig.

This is relatable in so many ways and is one of my cornerstone tactics for routinely getting 4 figure (recently in the higher four figure) freelance jobs from clients that thought they wanted just one thing, but realized, after we started working together that they needed more and that I could provide it for them.

Get in...don't oversell....give them what they want and then let them know you can do the other stuff they haven't begun thinking about yet.

How many 4 or 5 figure clients do you need to make your month?

I promise it's that simple.

Hope it helps.


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Carlos Rosario

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Hurry - Watch Before It Comes Down

Doors are closing and the relaunch is going to be a bit more so if you haven't jumped on this and want to get the best deal possible on training that could change the way you desktop prospect...get in.

How will this benefit you?

1. Find high fee clients already looking for what you offer.
2. Learn how to blow past perceived competition....most folks are looking for the "low hanging fruit"  stop doing that.
3. What do you say that gets them to choose you are at least gets them to respond so that you can get to know, like and trust each
4. What if you never had to go to another networking event again?  Let's me show you how I do it.
5. Why do you have to apply to their job?  How do you reverse the application process so that they apply to work with you?
6. How can you come in as the highest "bidder" and still win, even when there are folks willing to do more for less?
7. What is the easiest way to position yourself as the one and only person that can help them solve their problem?  I'll show you.
8. How can you tell a serious prospect from someone not to waste your time with?  We'll go over that.

There is definitely more to come, but for those that want to get all this training at the lowest possible price I'll ever charge...your window is closing.
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Carlos Rosario

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Never gets old.

What do you think, +Ingrid Rosario ?
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Carlos Rosario

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10 Things You MUST Stop Doing If You Want High Fee Clients

Here's the cliff notes version, and then there is a download to a more in depth explanation...NO OPT IN>> Just download and Enjoy.

1. Trying to be the lowest priced expert
2. Blending in with the rest of the bunch
3. Trying to close just once, and that's it
4. Relying on "The 1" way to get clients
5. Focusing on 1-to-1 Face to face marketing, only
6. Not making enough $hit happen...not throwing enough grenades
7. Generalizing your offer...making it for "everybody"
8. Talking about yourself, your achievements...hint: they don't care...not that much...they just want to be sure you're at least qualified.
9. Being too comparable...think the pink bunny from...What's that company? ;)
10. Giving way too many choices, options and solutions...hint: they just want one.

That's the gist...I'm sure there are more but these are the most common pitfalls every freelancer has been guilty of.

If you want to read more in the link.

What did you think?

Helpful....or not?

Enjoy folks.



Oh, by the way, I'm going to host event about this stuff soon.  

Deets are in the download so I don't come off as a Spam Ham.
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Hi all, I'm Carlos a local marketing expert.  Recently discovered some awesome, yet simple ways to drive traffic with sites like  

Put together the BEST How to get leads prospecting course on the interwebs.

I'm a huge fan of "creative corollary thinking", Guerrilla Marketing, (Local Guerrilla Marketing is kind of my forte) and I love outside of the box thinking.

My primary goal is to help businesses develop lead generation strategies whether for the B2B market or Consumer sales.

With so many different online channels of communication and the proliferation of Social Media, inbound marketing, youtube and such its often difficult for many small businesses to figure out whats the best marketing game plan that they should implement.

That's where I come in.  I design simple creative custom marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses to help them reach their business goals.

I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, but now reside in San Jose, CA, which is a neighboring township right smack in Silicon Valley, the third largest city in California (yes, even bigger than San Francisco).

So what the heck is *"creative corollary thinking,"* you  ask?

It's the pixie dust of innovation that inspires people to create solutions that make you think "well why didn't I think of that?"

I sometimes refer to it as "under your nose" thinking that you can't see for its simplicity.

Most of my creative ideas are founded on adapting and taking further already existent notions and just going a step beyond what most are willing to in order to get ahead of the pack and outdo competition.

No one should run from seeming sophistication because its the key against commoditization.

I work primarily with small agile businesses in helping them develop customized marketing plans to help with branding, lead generation ideas and systems implementation.

I also train other marketers to develop their creative think tanks while providing support in the form of mastermind group membership discussions and frequent workshops.

I'm a lover of books and believe people are a collection of what they read and who they regularly interact with.

I'm amazed at just how many free powerful tools we have at our disposal and yet there are still so many that are not quite sure how to use it to their advantage.

Paradigm shifts and "aha" moments and social engagements are my dopamine release drives that I simply can't explain.

Adding value is at the core of my business propulsion and the secret to building trust and community in any space.

If you're a creative at heart or are looking at ways to get better at "creative thinking" and positive doing then please add me to one of your circles.

I look forward to engaging with you.

Other Resources:

Want To Learn How To Start A Micro Business, build a list of PAID buyers..before they opt in and start making real money on the internet fast?
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Delicious food. Cozy spot to eat. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommend it.
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Alyssa was awesome. She scared the crap out of me, but it's all good. A lot of fun to work with and made this go by smoothly.
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Bad for u but tastes so good
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Ok so I had to get my battery replaced and when I got there he was out to lunch. I waited about 10 min but when he showed up he apologized and thanked me for waiting. He guessed that I needed a quick fix, took the watch talked with me a bit and boom a few minutes (if that) later he gave me my watch. Said it was like $7 and I was just amazed. No upsell, no phony talk. He's just a straight up hardworking, nice guy that knows how to treat his customers and what they want he delivers. What a nice, professional and genuine guy. Thanks Fred.. Highly recommend him.
• • •
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7 reviews
I love their pizza. The place is a pizzeria so its not like I'm expecting fine dining or anything, but...its a pizzeria so decor is probably never gonna be a 3...any pizzeria. The reason why I gave the service 1 is because a few times I went there I noticed on my credit statements that whoever is collecting my signed recipt decides they'll add in their own gratuity. Not happy about that but still recommend the pizza.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Good
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Great selection of authentic chinese cuisine and very affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some good dim sum in the south bay area.
Public - 4 years ago
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Been using these guys for a while. Always less expensive than his competitors. He is very accomodating, caring and easy to work with. doesn'trecommend something if you don't need it. Would HIGHLY recommend these guys (this specific store).
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reviewed 5 years ago