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Carlos Ferreira
"Imagination is greater then knowledge" ALBERT EINSTEIN
"Imagination is greater then knowledge" ALBERT EINSTEIN

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And that's how things really are but we remain blind and stupid!

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Mail Art Call: EMOTION

Time: March 4, 2012 to September 30, 2012
Location: Shanghai, China
Organized By: +lazybunny Amo

Event Description:

Involuntary strikes: Mind and Heart.
A lot of things carry emotional resonance, like paintings, music, poetry, and of course, the human face.You can express your fleeting or deepest emotions in a way that is not a self-portrait photograph; texture, color, composition, etc. you can also make it be a poem, stamp, sketch, drawing, collage or anything that can perfect express your emotion, Whether it is sadness, happiness, boredom, or something else completely different, I want to see how you express that feeling. A picture of your face will be too obvious.
we will guess what your emotion is and create something based on what we think your emotion is and send that to you.
You can send your mailart to the address:
Room501, Building83, ShangGang village7,Changqing road Pudong district, Shanghai, China. zipcode:200126
中国,上海市浦东区长清路上钢七村83号501室 邮编:200126
If you want to know more, please send email to:


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Portraits Made Using People as Pixels
American artist Craig Alan ( creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Some of his famous pieces include Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and the Statue of Liberty, but probably the most incredible one is the portrait of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
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Drinking wine like a SIR! "Oh my good man, that glass your holding is soooo exquisite, it brings out the flavor and aroma of this finely aged Merlot"

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Mail Art 366 - Day 77, card 77c
This may be my last post today, moving, painting and all the fun related to that starts for us today.

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I agree!
Children are the flowers of life! Do you think that they understand less than we do? You are wrong, they can feel more than we do, and in some ways feelings are more important than intellect. Maybe sometimes they don’t know what is good and what is bad, but they can always find happiness and joy in simple things. I wish adults could! To stay happy all the time is not that easy for us. But I believe that there is a child inside every adult, do not hide it! Feel deeply, enjoy simply, think freely!♥~♥~♥. ♥~♥~♥

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Scumbag Cupid! :)
ballocks, that's correct! =(

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+Venus and +Jupiter seen on March 3, 2012 from Earth

Image Credit & Copyright: Martin McKenna
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