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+Benson Leung I want to buy a USB C car charger but it looks all the ones you reviewed on Amazon can only be shipped within US. Do you mind reviewing the one linked on this post or suggest me a different option?
Thanks a lot!

Hi +Laurence Moroney, I'm having some issues with your course of Google Sign In on Udacity, specially because of the change of the API and API guidelines. I appreciate if you can give me a link or documentation to be able update the code.

1. The revoke button is not working, it works as Sign out.
2. I find very difficult to create a custom Sign In button with the change on guidelines and the assets i downloaded form the site. Now I cannot follow the steps as you indicate on the video.

I guess the videos are a bit outdated now as things are different now.

(I also posted this questions on Udacity's forum, and I'm also waiting for help there)

Thanks a lot for your help and time.

cc +Android Developer +Ian Lake

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A great president, a great ‪#‎HUMAN‬

I want to know if Google Photos identify duplicate pictures and how do you identify them?

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Final version available now!

Please follow this steps to test the Beta version:

1. You will need a Google+ account to play the game.
2. Join this Google+ Group
3. Accept the Beta invitation here:
4. Download the Game from Google Play.

Thanks a lot for your help. I hope you enjoy the game.


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I hate that still get notifications on priority mode on Android Lollipop. Google Please fix this error!!!

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