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Got #writersblock ? THIS. QUALITY. IS. UNHEARD. OF.
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Perfect, But Simple Wedding Tips And Tricks
If you are planning a wedding in the near future, you may want to incorporate the advice of this article, to get your wedding just right. There are themes, speeches, and even professional services that could be needed, so you want to be sure to have the who...

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Yanis, did you know you were on the front page of CNN? Hurry... Look -->>
Before they take it down - if you didn't see it; 

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Ameen Howrani: A man that was a true professional that made a major impact on my life as an actor/model in Detroit, that helped me get work in Chicago, that sent me on my way to Los Angeles with a great looking head shot.

Ameen was always gracious and kind, and looked out for me; keeping me in mind when he could use me for various shoots that he did. And, I not only did I like and respect him - because that's easy to say because he helped me; he was a GIANT in his field as a photographer. I list him right up there with Annie Liebowitz and Mario Testino.

Detroit Monthly covers were never the same when he stopped shooting them, working with Hair and Makeup artist, Gary Cooney, who he made magazine cover "magic" with for years. Gary passed away too. And, I bet he and Gary are "wow-ing" everyone in Heaven; creating beautiful art through photography like they used to.

Gosh, do I ever miss those two.

Carlo Powe

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A dog is the only animal on earth that loves you more than he loves himself!

Share if you care!!

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Who's down for a Doctor Who party?
The World’s Top 10 Best Doctor Who Party Food Ideas

It is often the sub-characters of films and TV shows that are more memorable rather than the main ones. The minions from Despicable Me, Scrat from Ice Age and various characters from Star Wars. While those are all film characters there is one TV show that is much better known for its sub-characters than the main one, that show is Dr Who. Everyone who watches it has their favourite enemy or part character, so much so in fact that they will often make foods that are inspired by them. So with that in mind I bring you…. #Doctorwho #Partyfood #Whovian
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Carlo Powe

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You are truly an inspirational amazing young woman! You are so brave and so STRONG; coming out, telling your story, staying true to yourself, and surviving life's challenges, making it through everything that you've gone through.

Today, Tuesday May 19th 2015, it's been reported that former Denver Broncos player - 24 year old Adrian Robinson, committed suicide. Sadly, because suicide is the # 1 killer of today's largest generation - Gen Y (, it's the demonic plan of the enemy that exists to stop God's purpose and will to come to pass in the lives of many of the Millennial/Gen Y population.

In the previous generation (Gen X), the "trick" of deception was drugs - crack cocaine, crystal meth, and prescription medication predominately. A lot of people didn't survive the "crack era". In the next generation (Baby Boomers) the trick of the enemy was to snuff out lives through "abortion".

In the 70s, if you get knocked up... Just go get an abortion. As long as you had the money to pay for it, it was there as an easy choice. In 1973, the Roe v. Wade case was overturned when Federal law stated that women had the right to choose to have an abortion. Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff, was an unmarried pregnant Texas woman who sought an abortion, but was denied one under Texas law; this is what started it. Also around that time, prior to 1973, believe it or not genital herpes and HIV-AIDS were basically non-existent. So people were "free as a bird" to sexually experiment like crazy, picking up people in bars (and everywhere else) and having indiscriminate sex with multiple partners. So with the legalization of abortion, people felt like they had finally become sexually liberated to have as much sex as they wanted (without the problem of trying to find a doctor to perform an illegal abortion). And as a result of new-found sexual liberation, there were a lot of unwanted pregnancies, abortion clinics were opening left and right because they were in high demand, and a lot of babies in the womb didn't survive.

Most of us don't think about generational curses because we're focused on living our everyday lives in the "natural" (world), not thinking about things on the other side of natural life, the spiritual side - where both good and evil reign. We all know, both sides do exist.

Keesha, never second guess yourself. You and the message of hope that you deliver are #sonecessary . More than you'll probably ever know, you've done the right thing by recording and uploading this video. Because I believe your videos, and especially this video, will help God knows how many people; because you've reached out and told your story.

I take my hat off to you... I commend you for doing it. Because maybe, just maybe, if Adrian Robinson would have seen this video, it might have given him hope and become the life-affirming game changer that could have kept him alive.

So bravo to you Keesha! You, as a positive-perspective YouTuber, are walking in your purpose and living out your destiny with each and every video that you post. You're a beautiful strong woman that's proving to everyone watching that you're an overcomer who truly loves and cares about people, that is a part of the solution and not a part of the problem, because you're an exemplary awesome person sharing hope.

Trust me, honey. You're saving lives!

And you...
You. Are. My. New. Hero.

God bless you.

Carlo Powe

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Sound check. LOL! Other guitar players WISH THEIR SHOW was this "gangster"... Let alone their sound check. Ha!

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Cutest thing ever!
Smart puppy knows how to stay warm !

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According to Bloomberg, the company will debut on the public markets as early as April.
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Carlo Powe-Crawford: Catering & Event Planning Leader, Activist, Advocate and Party Outlaw
I'm Carlo of Carlo At Your Service Productions & Afford A Luxury Party. 

I'm a
party consumer advocate/outlaw/evangelist who speaks about my rants, ramblings and thoughts on my business blog called Cater-Hater, where the sometimes crazy stuff that I'm saying (thoughts and opinions about catering, event planning, and party production; i..e., Inglorious Food Bastards: The Bastardization of Catering)  are solely my own.
Cater-Hater exists at the intersection of party industry information and the experience of catering and event design concepts, ideas, and thoughts — where passive consumers are welcome to become active participants.
Carlo At Your Service Productions (new site under construction) services clients in the Metro-Detroit area and is building a clientele in Houston, Texas. 

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