The GPL portions of Android Honeycomb are in the AOSP git tree from late January-so for those claiming that Android tablet makers are all going to lose their GPL license, there is not even a lateness in source code release.
If you want to get the code yourself:
Obtain repo (if you don't have it):
curl > ~/bin/repo
make it executable
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
init the repository with the 3.1 branch:
./repo init -u git:// -m 3.1-base.xml
the get the code itself:
./repo sync

Now, some pundit will probably claim that the code is not good enough, that Larry Page must sacrifice some goats to a small shrine devoted to Stallman, or that Google is really messing with the fabric of space-time to backward populate a git tree to make sure that tablet makers can still sell their wares.
Can't wait.
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