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Carla M. Lee
It's all werewolves, the talking dead, and motorcycles around here. (Sometimes politics and the law.)
It's all werewolves, the talking dead, and motorcycles around here. (Sometimes politics and the law.)
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Flagging this to read later.
Good thoughts here on the history of music copyright and intellectual property in the U.S. There's a link to the full download of a paper from 2004, "Stealing the Blues: Does Intellectual Property Appropriation Belong in the Debate Over African-American Reparations?"

"I'm posting it b/c it has the absolutely best explanation I have ever seen about the exploitation of black musicians and artists by the american entertainment industry.

And this exploitation is the reason I have to point, laugh, and then roll on the floor at the idea that hollywood and the music industry are being eviscerated by copyright theft b/c so much of entertainment industry is completely based on theft to begin with. "

Not entirely sure what brought me to watching an 80s cult classic featuring Rowdy Roddy Piper while drinking champagne that I opened with a neat glass trick and writing a YA horror short story, but a) I'm pretty sure I can blame Sarah Canfield and b) my life is awesome.

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Interested in volunteering with the My Name Is Me campaign?

I posted this in the comments on the "nymwars strategy" post but it seems worth putting in a top-level post too:

People have been asking how they can help with My Name Is Me, so here's a summary of things we could actually use help with.

1) Lead generation. We have a spreadsheet of people we're contacting, including many high profile people we'd like to get contributions from (this list includes Lady Gaga, for instance, but also some more accessible ones.) We need people who are able to go through this spreadsheet, reach out to strangers, and ask them to write for us. You need to have the confidence to essentially cold-call quite famous people without freezing up and not knowing what to say. You need to be able to write a persuasive email to each person you contact, ideally customising it to their own interests and background. In our experience so far, we need to send out about 10 emails to get one statement.

2) Editorial. When a solicited statement comes in we need to post it to the site. This involves editing the text, adding links, making the picture look good, etc. You need to be confident with using Wordpress, editing prose, and image editing. You may also need to go back-and-forth with submitters if there are questions about what they've written. Each post will take somewhere between 15 mins to an hour to post, from the time it comes in, depending on how much back and forth is required and how quick you are with Wordpress and your image editing software of choice.

3) Handling inquiries. We get a lot of general comments and unqualified leads, and we need to figure out who to get back to and what to say to them. This requires a lot of tact, as we often have to say to people, "thank you for your support, but we can't take a statement from you at this time" or similar. (Eg: we are over-supplied with sex workers at present, have had offers from people whose writing quality was extremely poor, have had offers from people representing groups who would bring disrepute to the site, etc.)

4) Website. If you are good at Wordpress configuration and tweaking (as in, you can competently edit themes, install and configure plugins, etc) we could use someone to help us with the site layout etc. Your CSS skills should be pretty solid -- better than mine anyway, and mine's moderately decent. You should also be familiar with version control systems (github, specifically, because that's what I use) and, ideally, the Unix command line.

5) Social media outreach. We have a Facebook page but it's pretty simplistic. If anyone has the skills to make this really shine, that would be great.

All this work is coordinated via a mailing list, which currently has ~6-8 people on it. Unfortunately, most people currently on the list haven't been able to devote much time to it (because they have jobs and lives and stuff, which is absolutely understandable). However, because it takes a certain amount of time to bring new volunteers up to speed and manage everything, I am going to say that we can't currently take new volunteers unless you can commit 1-2 hours a day for at least the first week you're involved. Otherwise I'll spend all my time integrating new volunteers and we still won't get the work done.

So, if you've read all that and you want to join the team, drop us a note via the contact form on our site (Or just email me, if you have my address -- it's skud at my domain, unsurprisingly.)

If you are not able to commit to being on the MNIM team but still want to help us out, here's what you can do:

1) Help us contact people who would make great statements. We're especially looking for mainstream-acceptable people, and high profile ones. Note: much as we love Internet geeks and sex activists, we're over-supplied with those, so no more for now please! One area we're particularly lacking in at the moment is mainstream performers -- musicians, actors, etc. People with mainstream name recognition would be fantastic. We'd love to get Lady Gaga and Jon Stewart, but actually, any musicians/actors who use stage names would be great. If you are friends with anyone who'd make a great statement, you can point them at our "make a statement" page at (We'll then review and get back to them. Poor quality leads via this page will just clog up the works, so please don't send everyone and their dog there.)

2) People who are just generally supportive and would like to leave a comment can do so on the supporters page we recently set up ( This is where we tactfully try and send people who aren't appropriate for our front page.

3) Just keep spreading the word, especially to people outside the usual geek circles. Share the MNIM website with your family or high school friends on Facebook or wherever, help people who don't already understand the issues to understand them.

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"No person shall conduct or participate in assemblies or demonstrations or engage in other expressive activities in the paid areas of BART stations, including BART cars and trains and BART station platforms."

In addition to the way BART cut service like this, check out that engaging "in other expressive activities." That's a pretty broad damn restriction.

Killing technology will not stop what's building. It may slow it, but it won't stop.

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'Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)' a cappella tribute medley - Corey Vidal and Moosebutter

I realize I blog, email, or Tweet this every time I see it, but I have never shared it on Google+ before, AND the Jurassic Park bit gives me chills every time I hear it. That seems reason enough to share it here.

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On the one hand, I love Marianne's rants. On the other hand, didn't make it more than a couple comments in before the whole crazy-as-a-pejorative thing appeared. So "health at every size" except, you know, body hate is bad and because it is bad it is ~crazy. (NB: The comment was not Marianne's.)

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Perhaps, Google, I would be more likely to ~save my friends from their non-Google email providers if you didn't do things like this, including that whole government identification bit. Google, you fail.
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