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Carla Fair-Wright
project manager, software engineer, steminist
project manager, software engineer, steminist


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I am excited to announce PMI Northern Nevada now has a Military Outreach Director. We'll be working together to build a strong military outreach program here in Northwestern Nevada

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Good insights on self motivation
Friday, Performance Tip, Impulse Control, Three Types of Will Power

In an earlier Friday Performance Tip, I reported a key insight from Kelly McGonigal’s book “The Willpower Instinct”.
Self-control is:
* a better predictor of academic & professional success then intelligence
* a stronger predictor of leadership than charisma
* more important for marital bliss than empathy

Building on this, the author points out that there are three distinct types of will power, which activate different brain areas and circuits. They are:
1. I Will
2. I Won’t
3. I Want
So from a “better performance” perspective it is optimal to think about and create three perspectives / lists to guide you to your goals and through your impulse control challenges. Clearly think about and articulate what “I Want”, “What I Will Do” and “What I Won’t Do”

1. The Willpower Instinct. Kelly McGonigal
2. Talks at Google, "The Willpower Instinct”, Kelly McGonigal,

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Rashid N. Kapadia, Eloquence Evangelist
Speaker, Engineer, Project Manager, & Author of Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking & Storytelling for Project Managers & Engineers

(16 Performance: Friday March 2, 2018)

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Both projects and organizations rely on #PRINCE2® to propagate successful results. Here are the #PRINCE2® benefits that should keep in mind.

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